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October 1, 2019

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Susan Priest to give the invocation.
AG Brad Montgomery reported the attendance: 32 members and 2 visiting Rotarian: Carol Keller from the California Club, also George Evans, husband of our speaker from the Cranberry Township Sunrise Club.
Megan Dunlevy from Domestic Violence Services was also present.


  • John Hopper announced that 14 nominations have been received for the three awards to be given out at the awards luncheon on October 29. The board will determine the awardees at a special meeting after today’s meeting.
  • Angeline East announced that all but two schools have given us a date and time for dictionary deliveries in October. A sign-up sheet is being passed at today’s meeting. 
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg announced that we have received a $4900 grant for the Beds for Bondo project, and along with the $2000 pledged by another club, and an additional $2500 from our club, the complete wish list from Bondo can be fulfilled.
  • Tom Drewitz said that he had received comments that some people were confused by the club website process to enter volunteer hours, so he has revamped the process. Look for the icon on the left of the web page or below!
  • Susan Price asked Megan Dunlevy to remind us of the Domestic Violence Dinner on October 16 from 6 to 8.
  • Susan Priest announced that the club was going to prepare 6 Operation Christmas Child boxes, and asked all members to take a card with items listed to be purchased and brought to meetings this month. Cards will continue to be available next week. She asked for a volunteer or volunteers to help to organize the items.

Happy Dollars

  • John Tecklenburg is happy that the Steelers won this week.
  • Brian Gorman was happy to see the celebration of Steve Blass by the Pirates.
  • Angeline East is happy to see Dorothy Tecklenburg back at a meeting.
  • John Hopper was happy that he missed two days of TV as he worked on the nominations received for the service awards. It was refreshing to replace the negative energy with the reminder of how many people in the community can be celebrated for positive actions.
  • Betsy West was happy to announce a new vendor at the Farmer’s Market, Dock to Table. Fresh seafood every Thursday, saving people a trip to the Strip District.
  • Brandy Miller was happy she had her trip, but may never be allowed to leave again, as both her husband and their dog were sick while she was gone. Also happy to announce that the Scholar’s Bowl on October 12 is almost sold out. Persons still interested in forming a team need to hustle or they will miss out.
  • Joe Piszczor was happy to announce a program: Harvest on Main, a chance to eat your way through some of the best farm-to-table food available in Washington.  If you cannot attend the Scholar’s Bowl, you have the opportunity to support the National Road Heritage and the Greater Washington Food Bank by stuffing your face with great food on October 12thfrom 5 to 9pm. Cost is $75.00 and tickets are available at the Marketplace at Emerald Valley or Ivy Green until October 9th. He was also happy to have had his trip to Colorado, a trip which saw him spending serious time on public land rather than in motels. He says everyone should take advantage of America’s great public lands, and promises to share pictures.
  • Gist Wylie was happy to thank the club for the great get-well card sent by the club.
  • Shirley Moore Swas happy to see Gist back.
  • Carol Keller was happy to be attending our meeting.
  • John Quayle was happy to have received his 2nd anniversary card from the club.
  • Susan Priest confessed that after all the mix-ups over the years between her and Susan Price, she herself goofed in last week’s minutes and typed in Priest instead of Price.
  • Susan Price was happy to have Susan Priest confess.
  • Bill Price used a happy dollar to ask members to send thinking of you cards to Tom Gladden, who is under the weather. The request is for emails or cards, please no calls. He also said he thought that emails or thinking of you cards would be appreciated by Bob and Sally Hillberry. We haven’t seen Bob for a while.

Program: Susan Evans Don’t Write the Obituary Yet

Susan Priest introduced Susan Evans, an ovarian cancer survivor who has been active in promoting ovarian cancer awareness in Pennsylvania, including sparking the State Legislature in declaring September Ovarian Cancer Month for the last three years. She has spoken to over 150 civic groups and is the author of: Don’t Write the Obituary Yet, a book about her experiences written with her oncologist, Dr. Thomas Krivak.  She is also the founder of the Evans-Krivak Gynecological Cancer Research and Education Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation. She and her husband live in Bradford and the North Hills.
Susan started by eschewing the microphone, which was misbehaving, since she said as a retired High School English teacher she could project well without it. She started with a few facts about ovarian cancer. There is no test, and too often by the time it is found patients are in stage 4. Every year there 22,000 cases diagnosed, and 14,000 die. Ovarian Cancer research receives the least amount of research of all cancers.
It all started in 2012 when she had swollen ankles and for 6 months went from doctor to doctor with many diagnoses, but no relief. Finally a chiropractor told her it was not her back, but she did need to get to the hospital to address her real problem. There, in Bradford, at a small rural hospital, at midnight, she was told she had a 25lb tumor and needed to immediately go to the Boswell Cancer Center in Buffalo. Oh no, she replied, she was going to Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh. 
Twenty-four hours later, an ambulance service FINALLY was willing to make the 3 hour trip. There she discovered that the Bradford facility had sent her off with only half of the scan, and she would need another one. Mike the Scan Man conducted another. Her first response was: but we have Steeler season tickets. Mike said: You’ll be there.
Her first meeting with her oncologist led her to ask: are you old enough. Dr. Krivak assured her, and then explained that before surgery, they needed to address her blood clot issues, caused by the tumor, they had been the reason for her swollen ankles. After an “uncomfortable” procedure (the doctor’s choice of words) she then learned that she had kidney stones which needed to be addressed before surgery. 
Finally, the surgery was performed. A 2.5 lb tumor was removed. (The Bradford doctor needed to learn how to divide better.) And then it was chemo time. She said that she had a lucky chemo, the only effect of the aggressive course was that she was tired all the time. 
While the physical effects were relatively easy to tolerate, her time in chemo was complicated by life. First the family dog ran away and was gone for 67 days.
Worse: Dr. Krivak changed from working for McGee to working for Allegheny General. Thanks to a “Do not compete” rule, he could not do medical work for 1 year in Allegheny County. This meant that every three weeks a new location for her chemotherapy needed to be found in another county. After her last treatment, Dr. Krivak said he wanted her to do ANOTHER 15 treatments with a drug which was a preventative measure. While she got ready to say what she thought of this, her husband George said: We’ll do it. 
She did get to the Steelers, and found how many strangers were kind to her. The ticket taker offered the elevator, of which she knew nothing, but she stuck it out and insisted in the usual schlep to their seats. A nearby regular: Dancing Robby (enough beer will get anyone dancing), turned out to be a tennis coach, and his team ended up doing fundraisers for her. 
In every English teacher is a book, and she began work. Her publisher suggested that having a doctor as co-author would be helpful, so she approached the very busy Dr. Krivak, and was surprised at his reaction: He loved it. Too many people consider ovarian cancer a death sentence, and an account of someone who survived would be good for sufferers. So they wrote the book at Starbucks. 
The publisher wanted her to be able to observe an ovarian cancer operation, and Dr. Krivak agreed. Thanks to the “Do not compete” rule, the operation could not take place in Allegheny County, and it was here in Washington that she observed the procedure. It was nothing like TV show operation. Nobody was having an affair with anybody, and there was no loose talk, just a smooth procedure by professionals.
When the book was nearing publication, the publisher told her that there would be no artwork on the cover, too costly. She found a student who produced the artwork. George pointed out that the doctor was wearing a Steeler’s cap, and maybe she needed to get permission to use a trademarked emblem. After lots of calls to the Steelers, she discovered that they would love to help, but the NFL owned the rights. After a reluctant review, including reading the book “when they had time”, she received the permission to use the cap. Then George pointed out the “terrible towel.” After a ton of paperwork and the payment of $1, she had the right to use it. Then there was the Pitt logo, but she got that taken care of easily. 
When Dr. Krivak left McGee, all the money he had gotten for research was kept by McGee. So Susan decided that the funds made from selling the book would go to a dedicated fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation which would be reserved for Dr. Krivak wherever he was working. She continues to be an advocate for ovarian cancer research, and to promote her book.
President Andy thanked her for an interesting presentation.


There was no 50/50 this week, as we continued our raffle for two tickets to the Domestic Violence Dinner on October 16. The first name drawn was Bill Price, who had tickets already.    Lars Lange was the lucky winner in absentia.
Bill led us in the 4-way test.
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