September 4, 2018
Betsy West filling in for Bill Price


Susan Priest


Previous week’s meeting was cancelled, small impromptu meeting upstairs in cafeteria

Guests –

Carol Keller (guest of Tom Drewitz)


Joe Pizscor – Cash Bash ticket sales going well
​​​Sell right up to day of event
​​​Use social media
​​​Have one 52” TV available, could use 1 more

Happy Dollars

  • Dorothy Tecklenburg – $5  a few days in Iceland. Outstaninding!
  • Rich Podgurski –$5?
  • Great Labor Day weekend
  • Permitted to watch grandson for the first time
  • Son in law broke elbow at Ohiopyle over weekend, not so good.
  • Vote for Mary Jo for OR Person of the Year, one of five nominees
  • ​Tom Drewitz – $20   Grandson born! Michael Casey Drewitz- 2lbs, 8 ounces.  All good!
  • Bob Hilberry – son home after 3rd tour in Kuwait
  • Carol Keller – Happy to be here...Health is getting better...Missing Chuck
  • Lars Lange – McMurray Rotary meeting was fun (even with so many raffles)...Father biking through Germany, daily updates with smiles
  • ​Nan Sminsky - $3  for Labor Day weekend 
  • Brandy Butler – sister-in-law home from deployment...Another relative just deployed
  • Joe Pizscor – brother shipped out to a tougher part of Afghanistan, just a bit nervous. Godspeed.
  • Susan Priest – finally found Rotary pin in blouse after 1 year
  • ​​​Excellent informal meeting last week
  • Ken Baker -​Great article by Harry Funk about Washington Jazz Society’s Afterschool Music Program.
  • Jim Uram - $69 for his upcoming birthday on Friday
  • Mike Pecosh – excellent 5 k run at Washington Park this weekend, enjoyed that it was down hill from Stove Pavilion. Betsy is most attractive Pres since Joe P
  • Shirley Moore – met someone new from adjoining neighborhood and he gave her a $70 donation for the pavilion project
  • Dianne from Citizens Library – please vote for CL as best learning in OR contest
  • Thanks for Ken’s nice book on poetry that was donated to library
  • Tripp Kline – support all business and non-profits in OR contest, especially the Whiskey Rebellion Festival....​​Nice to see Carol Keller
  • Added announcement – Susan Price broke her foot in the airport on their way home.  Now en route.

Committee Reports

​Community Service  – Andy Gowdy
​​Dictionary project – 11 schools, will need volunteers to help deliver
Nan Sminsky, Community Service  – so far just 1 nomination so far ...​​Deadline for nominations is 9/14 ...​​9/18 selections made
​​Honorees received gift-back to charity of their choice?
Dorothy T – Int’l service, just getting rolling
Club serviceDiane Ambrose from Citizens
​​Took a quick survey for Christmas Party – flex on dates in December. Probably at Lone Pine Golf Country Club. More later.
Dave Moore – detailed financial update – all good
​​Cash Bash very profitable
Added item – Betsy West proposes tabling discussion of 501(c)(3) will next week.


Born and raised in Kenya in eastern Africa.  Lake Victoria is close by.  Kenya inhabited by over 40 tribes, many languages
She grew up in a polygamist family.  Her father had 2 wives, her uncle had 3.  Viewed all 5 wives equally as the childrens’ moms.  All kids viewed as brothers and sisters.
Girls up at 5-6 AM each day, to fetch water and prepare meals/food.  This included 3-4 mile walk to fetch the water. Also would wash laundry in the river and gather firewood starting in the fall.  It was fun, each kid wanted to collect ‘best’ firewood.
Little boys mainly employed with milking and tending to cws.
School was a 6 mile walk.
After 7th grade took a standardized test to evaluate for high school.  If one passed they could enroll in any high school in the country.
Angeline met her husband at the age of 23 when he was there for the Peace Corp
Married at 27 and kids at 31.
Most Kenyans speak at least 3 languages: Tribal, Swahili and English.  Would learn another language is moved to another county.
Lars? She travels to Kenya about every 1.5-2 years.  See many changes.  Nairobi, the capital, is like any Canadian city.  One problem is too much discrepancy between the rich and poor.
Nan? Has she ever seen any of the exotic animals, well, not until her husband took her on a safari at the age of 27.
Jim? Healthcare not so good, consists mainly of clinics and dispensaries.  Not many materials for doctors to utilize.  Malaria is widespread in children 5 years old or younger.  Afflicts about 2 million per year.
Ken B?  The kids
​Ethan is 22 and Trevor is 25.  They we born in America and really like music.  They play multiple instruments and even have learned African drums.  One of them works at Citizen’s Bank and the other is in a graduate program for marine biology.  
Nan ?  Pronunciation of “la la salama”?  Yes that’s correct and means “sleep well”
994 – Susan Priest – Winner!
000 – Andy Goudy

Thanks to Lars Lange for the Club notes! 

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