Rotary Meeting July 9
  • Reenactors wield their muskets in a street theater performance honoring the Whiskey Rebellion in 2017.
    Reenactors wield their muskets in a street theater performance honoring the Whiskey Rebellion in 2017.

Death and taxes and whiskey on WESA 

Western Pennsylvania's whiskey rebellion ended 225 years ago this summer. The revolt, sparked by whiskey distillers over an excise tax on the beverage, was one of the first major conflicts to occur inside the fledgling United States after it became a new republic.
To mark the occasion, Washington County is hosting its 10th annual Whiskey Rebellion Festival Thursday through Sunday. The celebration features reenactors portraying scenes and significant figures from the rebellion, such as U.S. Treasurer Alexander Hamilton, plus visits from 15 local distillers, including Wigle Whiskey, which was named after rebellion leader Philip Wigle. 
“You wonder why anyone would celebrate a rebellion against your own government, but I think the importance is the impact it had on American history, and that’s what we’re celebrating,” festival co-chair Tripp Kline says. “It was the first true test of the young federal government, and it really established a strong federal government, an ability to tax and an ability to enforce the taxes and enforce the laws, so that was a first.”
The whiskey rebellion lasted about four years and fizzled out when then-President George Washington led troops into Pennsylvania. Many of the leaders were convicted of treason, but were eventually pardoned by Washington in the first use of a presidential pardon.

Get Started

President Andy opened the meeting at 12:10
Susan Price gave the invocation and led us in the pledge.
Sergeant at Arms, Brad Montgomery reported attendance:
32 members, 2 guests


 Genevieve Peters, our speaker, guest of Brandi Miller
 Dr. Rick Logue, guest of his son-in law Mike Pecosh


1.The club received a packet of information about the summer programs at the Lemoyne Center from Joyce Ellis, along with a letter of thanks for our recent $500 donation. Among other facts shared: The Center will be providing about 800 meals each day over the next 10 weeks.
2.There will be a board meeting following next week’s regular meeting.
3.Please let Andy know whether you want to attend the opening reception for the Whiskey Rebellion at the George Washington. (see happy dollars for special happenings at this reception.
4.Bob Wicker says we have only two slots open for the Pony Souvenir Stand after last week’s first sign-up chance.

Happy Dollars (and Confessions)

1.Bill Messler: Happy Brandi getting the recognition she deserves after the GREAT front-page story on her and the Literacy Council in the O-R on July 5th.
2.Mike Pecosh: Happy that his wife will be coming home soon, and enjoying time with his father-in-law, Dr. Rich Logue, who attended the meeting as Mike’s guest.
3.John Tecklenburg: Happy for the inauguration of two new events for this year’s Whiskey Rebellion: Whiskey walk with chances to sample rye whiskey from 12 Pennsylvania Distilleries, samplings are spread throughout the town, not just Main Street. Price $25. This is the first year of the availability of bottles of Commemorative Rye Whiskey, a unique blend of ryes from each of the 12 distilleries, $85. Both of these are intended to provide a continuing revenue stream for the festival, which only can spend what it can raise each year.
4.Dorothy Tecklenburg; Happy for the coming premier of the Whiskey Rag, a new musical experience which will be performed for the first time ever at the opening Whiskey Rebellion reception on Thursday.
5.Kathy Sabol: Happy for the premier of an original play: The Trial of David Bradford, which will also be offered as a dramatic reading at the Thursday reception.
6.John Hopper: Happy that the Harmony Life Church on Main Street will be open throughout the festival to offer recovery meetings.
7.Brandi Miller: Happy for: a. the August 21 Patio Party sponsored by the United Way for the Literacy Council. b. the Literacy Council trivia event coming on October 12, for which she had flyers. c. a thank you to the Observer-Reporter for the article on the council in Monday’s paper.
8.Betsy West: Happy that the Mercantile Area for the Whiskey Rebellion festival has doubled from last year. Come to Strawberry Alley and see a great selection of items.
9.Bill West: Happy for being able to golf with his grandson, who shot an 88, and also for the Historical Church Service at the Main Street Pavilion at 10:30 on Sunday.
10.Dave Moore: Happy to present a check for $1,500 from the club towards the cost of the Whiskey Rebellion Festival.
11.Lars Lange: Thanks to Joe Piszczor and Tripp Kline for arranging for a wooden dance floor for the festival, and also for being able to spend a week with his father in Colorado.
12.Joe Manning: Happy to see the article on Brandi in the O-R, and also for all the contributions in time and money from the club to the Whiskey Rebellion festival over the years. He pointed out that almost every member present had been involved over the years in making the festival work.
13.Joe Piszczor: Happy for the Whiskey Rebellion festival, saying that with all the happy dollars, there was nothing left to say.
14.Susan Priest: Happy that the OR published a picture of Brandi from the front, and (today) one of Joe Piszczor from the back, and that that had not been reversed. Also happy for the great series on the Rebellion on Facebook posted by Tripp Kline.


Dress for Success

Genevieve Peters from Dress for Success introduced herself to the club. She is the director for the Washington/Greene branch of the organization which also covers Fayette and Allegheny Counties.   
She is a former corrections officer, and after retiring from that job, she ran a children’s consignment shop with her daughter. She heard about the opening at Dress for Success, and successfully applied for the position.
The organization works to provide appropriate clothing for women for occasions such as court appearances and job interviews. Its motto is: Clothing, Confidence, Connections. Beyond clothing, they provide coaching on how to present oneself and personal branding.
Any non-profit agency can recommend a client to Dress for Success, based on that agency’s sense of the need. They have been asked to assist with the District Attorney’s Victims Advocacy program by providing appropriate clothing for victims who will have to testify, often coming with them to lend personal support for the ordeal of testifying.
Once a client is accepted for a job, Dress for Success can assist in helping the client purchase necessary work clothing. For example: 3 outfits or FR (Fire Rated) clothing cost about $500. Other needs maybe for special slip-resistant shoes.
They are committed to providing more than just clothes. Purses, and other non-clothing items which make a complete impression are also needed, as well as personal care items. If someone gives you a present of an unfortunate fragrance of body wash, it may be just the scent that speaks to a client. 
Dress for Success is funded mainly by fund raising activities: Fill a Bag, Women Rock. Also by grants from industry. Recently the Washington County Community Foundation helped them find funders for a mobile unit for Washington and Greene Counties, so that women do not have to get to the office here in Washington. A state program: Work Ware provides funding for a few clients which meet its requirements, but that is a small number of the client base. 
They have several opportunities for volunteers: sorting donations, helping women choose clothing which meets their needs, data entry and other office work, and of course help at fund-raising events.
For women looking for work, Dress for Success provides one interview outfit, and when the job is obtained, three outfits, tailored to the needs of the job.
They ask that people make appointments to drop off donations, in order that they can provide privacy for clients who will be trying on clothing, and also so that they can immediately get the donation into inventory. They served 800 clients last year, and average about 60-100 a month.
Ms. Peters provided handout information to be included with this newsletter, including a wish list detailing item needed beyond just clothing. 
Contact for Dress for Success: 724-228-8327


Winner: Betsy West
Looser: Karen Reese
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