December 17, 2019

Getting Started

The meeting began with the invocation by Susan Priest.
Brad Montgomery reported that there were 32 members in attendance and two guests. One guest was our speaker, Dave Papak. The other was a guest of Lisa Hannum, Alex Reagle.


 President Andy presented the slate of officers for the 2020-2021 Rotary year from the nominating committee:
     President: Brad Montgomery
     President Elect: Brandi Miller
     Vice President: John Hopper
     Treasurer: Dave Moore
     Asst. Treasurer: Bob Wicker
     Secretary: Lars Lange
     Asst. Secretary: Susan Priest
     Club Service: Diane Ambrose
     Community Service: Angeline East
     International Service: Dorothy Tecklenburg
     New Generations: Jay Helmer
     Vocational Service: John Hopper
     Membership Chair: Bill Messler
     Susan Price moved that nominations be closed, and Dave Hart seconded.
     Andy spoke of the loss of Tom Gladden, who will be sorely missed by all, and shared that he had received a letter from John Rodgers saying he was going to be resigning from the club. 
     There will be no meeting on December 24 or December 31. We will next meet on Tuesday, January 7.
He also said that he thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Party last week and was sure that everyone who attended had a wonderful time.
     He turned the mic over to Jim Uram, who began by thanking everyone who helped with the bell ringing last Saturday. Jim also shared the sad news that Bob Hillberry has suffered a stroke and is in rehab at Presbyterian Medical Center on South Main Street.
  Jim also renewed the Uram’s invitation to their annual Christmas Open House: 4 to 7 on Sunday, December 29th at the Uram house 60 Wilmont Avenue.
     Dave Moore announced that the Super Bowl grid is being filled in. He reminded members that the $50 per square can be paid by cash, check, or can be added to a member’s quarterly bill. Don’t forget that friends and family are welcome to purchase squares as well as members.

Happy Dollars

  • Susan Priest was happy to have had the chance to know Tom Gladden through their joint membership in Rotary. She remembered that Tom was her successor as President. She was sad to hear of our loss of such a gentle man and gentleman. She was also happy that the Chorale Christmas concert went well this past weekend and to see a few Rotarians in attendance.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski gave $20 dollars and spoke of Tom Gladden, an honorable man, a gentleman, and a kind person. She urged prayers for Rachel and the whole family.
  • Bill Messler was happy that he and his wife, daughter, and grandson will be spending 2 weeks with family in San Jose, Napa, and Tahoe. The club commiserated with him having to go to California.
  • Brian Gorman echoed the sentiments expressed about Judge Gladden, his favorite judge. He was happy to be back from dealing with his Mother who had health issues which are getting better. He was also happy that his favorite son and Steeler fan Sam is turning 9 this Saturday.
  • Rachel Lozosky remembered first meeting Tom Gladden when she was 9 and the Judge swore in her father as school superintendent. She was sorry to have missed the Christmas Party, but attended the Community Foundation event at the Brownlee House. She was also happy to have attended an Adjudicated Equitation Clinic on Sunday and scoring 82%.
  • Joe Piszczor echoed sorrow at the loss of Tom Gladden. Tom and Rotarian Nat Roe co-officiated at his wedding. Tom was an example of a life well lived.
  • John Hopper was happy that both sons will be coming for the holidays.
  • Jim Uram was happy that the Duquesne basketball team is 9-0 for the season, one of only 4 undefeated teams.
  • Shirley Moore was happy that Tom Gladden joined Rotary, giving her and Dave a chance to develop a wonderful friendship.
  • John Quayle was happy to have attended the Pittsburgh Symphony Holiday Concert. There is still another performance and he urged everyone to experience a Wonderful concert.
  • Phil Morrow was happy that his eldest son is back from 3 weeks in Thailand.
  • President Andy was happy to have experienced Mike Pecosh’s virtuoso performance of the invocation last week.
  • Susan Price was happy to experience Mike Pecosh’s “happy socks” today. At which, Mike showed a bit of leg.
  • Dave Papak, our speaker and a retired Marine gave 10 happy dollars in honor of Navy’s victory over Army this weekend.

Program: Travis Manion Foundation

Susan Priest introduced our speaker: Retired Marine Brigadier General Dave Papak. Dave is a native of the countryside around Monongahela who attended the Naval Academy and chose the Marines rather than the Navy on graduation. He retired after 33 years in the Corps and worked for a time in the DC area. He has returned to his old home and is now fully engaged in working for the Travis Manion Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing young people into the future leaders in our communities.
Dave began by flattering us by telling us that we are living the values he wants to talk about. He has spoken to four Rotary Clubs and has been impressed with the Four Way Test and with our culture of Service above Self. His mission is to talk to young people about character, what it is and how to develop a strong character. The foundation is named for the son of an old friend who was killed in Iraq in 2007. His family established the foundation as a lasting legacy for their son, whose mantra: If not me, then who … , has been placed in wrist bands which are distributed to young people at programs. Dave offered them to anyone who wanted to give them to children or grandchildren, an offer which several took up.
The foundation has 4 pillars: transition, service expeditions, character development, and the 911 heroes run.
  1. Transition: The Foundation offers transition assistance for veterans as they return to civilian life.
  2. Service expeditions: the Foundation encourages young people and veterans to join with gold star family members to help in service projects to improve local communities.
  3. The 911 Heroes Run: These runs are held on September 11 throughout the country and have been held on Navy ships. They are held to raise awareness of the debt owed by the nation to our first responders: police, fire and EMTs. Dave told us that less than 1% of Americans wear a uniform: military and first responders. 
  4. Character Development: Dave explained that the Foundation trains veterans to become presenters to youth in every situation: classrooms, locker rooms, church groups, scouting and other organized youth activities. They start by asking young people 1. Who inspires you? 2. Who do you admire? 3. Who do you respect? 
They find that the best way to explain character is to begin with story. The stories which veterans can tell of examples of character they have experienced stick with young people. They have identified 24 aspects of character and discuss them with young people. They challenge them to think about their own strengths and weaknesses, and give examples of courage (moral and ethical, not just physical), leadership, and service. 
Young people are challenged to “be bigger that what you are.” The foundation offers scholarships for service which is done in honor of a member of the fallen. Dave gave the example of Ryan Kovacieck, whose mother Judi spoke to us in November, and Scott Bashioum, the Canonsburg Police officer who killed responding to a domestic dispute in 2016. 
What can we do? Dave is always looking for veterans who would like to be trained to give presentations to young people, and for groups of young people to make presentations to. He donated a book, Brother’s Forever, to the club. It is the story of Travis Manion and his friend and fellow Navy Academy graduate, Brendan Looney, who also lost his life in service as a Navy Seal. 
For more information:
To reach Dave: or 703-473-6447


Winner: Phil Morrow
Non-Winner: Andy Goudy
President Andy led us in the 4-Way Test
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