JANARY 23, 2018


Dave Hart


Susan Priest …congratulations
Ken Baker….sorry Ken


Chris Solvesky, Sam’s Club Manager Guest of Dave Hart
Melanie Ostrander, Deana Stephens guests of Kathy Sabol  Chris Silvestri, Speaker and Director of Education for Junior Achievement Program

INDUCTION:  lars lange

Past District Governor Tom Drewitz officially inducted Lars Lange into Rotary. Lars is sponsored by Kathy Sabol and Lars credits John Tecklenburg for encouraging him to join the Club and continue his involvement in the Community Affairs.  PDG Tom spoke about use of personal talents, the importance of the Foundation and most important “to have fun” while involvement in community and global issues. A special “Thank You” to Dorothy Tecklenburg for sustituting for Kathy today.

HAPPY $$$:

  • Tom Drewitz had a fun weekend with family at Bedford Springs and enjoyed Ellie sitting, some people would call it babysitting but this was different!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg is happy to have Lars as the newest member of our Club.
  • Bill Mesler happy to have spent two weeks with his son and grandchildren over the Holidays and we know that involves a trip to the West Coast.
  • Susan Priest thrilled, not just happy, for the oncology report “Total Remission”.
  • Lars Lange happy to be a Rotarian and happy the weather is still going to allow him additional ski time.
  • Tripp Kline supports the Empty Bowls event to be held on February 11 and has tickets for sale if anyone is interested.
  • Jim Uram gave $2.00 to announce tickets for a $600 Coach purse. The tickets will be available next week for $5 each and if you purchase 4 you get an extra one for “free”. This fundraiser is for the benefit of the Alzheimer Association. Jim doesn’t know who needs a $600 purse but was informed that is because men just don’t “get it”.


  1. Susan Price promoted the sale of the tickets for Washington’s Got Talent. The Club was asked to again support with the concept of “Paying it Forward” and if not volunteering contribute with tickets to be used for deserving students. Happy to report a check for $100 was donated.
  2. President Rich returns next week when we will have Club Assembly and there is a Board Meeting scheduled. Is that cheering we hear in the background? People are so happy to see Rich again!!


Chris Silvestri from Junior Achievement talked about the need for volunteers for this program. Segments of the program range from Pre-K to grade 12.
A program is scheduled for May 25 for the Washington Park Elementary School and with the help of Leadership Washington representatives Melanie and Deana volunteers will be matched with the curriculum for grades 3, 5 and 6.
New to J.A. is a “Career in Energy” component to the curriculum which has the support of EQT.
A “Thank You” to Rachel Lozosky for introducing today’s program and speakers.
Washington Rotary
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
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