MAY 7, 2019


Susan Priest    


Joe Piszczor(terrific)
Susan Priest and a great 4-Way Test

Great Friend/Guest:  

Carol Keller no longer a “guest” but a great friend always welcome!


President Bill happy to announce the following recognitions received for our Club at the “Last Best District 7330 Conference” event.
The Club was awarded Club of the Year for 2019 and the Governor’s Crystal Citation for our yearlong accomplishments and our three year community pavilion project. 
In addition individuals were recognized by Foundation Chair Dave Hart for Foundation honors:
  • Carol Keller attended and was recognized as an Arch Klumpf Society member reaching a level of $250,000. This was bestowed upon Carol and her late husband Charles Keller. 
  • Brandi Miller will receive a Paul Harris Recognition from the District for all of her support and work within her home club;
  • PDG Tom Drewitz has reached the Major Donor level of giving and we all congratulate him;
The words of Dave Hart were used once again “it’s the little steps and donations, a little here and a little there and they all add up to varying levels of giving”. 
Thank you all.

One Great Rotary Club

President Bill also thanked our members for support every time you are asked for Foundation Giving and for contributions of time, effort and ideas and that’s what makes us a good Club, NO A GREAT Club.
To prove this Bill reminded us that the following years in which we received “Club of the Year” honors:
  • 2002-03: Kathy Sabol and the first female to serve as President
  • 2007-2008: Tripp Kline(with flip charts, no technology for Tripp)
  • 2008-2009: Bill Price (tough act to follow Tripp)
  • 2012-2013: Brad Montgomery (followed with NO technology as it worked for Tripp and it worked for Brad)
  • 2014-2015: Phil Rush
  • 2018-2019: Bill Price (actually that should be Joe P, Rich P, and Bill P)
Our dream of completing the $800,000 Community Pavilion project began under the leadership of President Joe P and everyone thought he was deranged when they heard that amount of $$; President Rich picked up and handled much of the detail and meetings (not his favorite thing) and the wrap-up went to President Bill and all will be acknowledged at President’s Night on June 11 at the Community Pavilion. Be sure to make reservations with Brandi Miller.
How have we accomplished all of this?
Look what we have – GREAT members with GREAT ideas—Positive Leadership at all levels and don’t forget the GREAT example of active leadership provided by our 4 ACTIVE Past District Governors: Andy Uram, Bob Hillberry, Tom Drewitz, and Thomas Uram.

Other announcements:

  1. International Director Dorothy Tecklenburg announced our “Beds for Bondo” project in Kenya is well underway with Brothers-Brothers able to deliver the funds to purchase 14 maternity ward beds as our first phase. Angeline East and Bob will be leaving for Kenya on May 21.
    • Next need is for sheets for the beds. Mattresses were taken care of but cash is needed for the sheets to be purchased in Kenya by Angeline when she gets there. As usual without soliciting members are throwing money at Dorothy and Angeline…sorry I should have said contributing cash. Money will again be accepted at the meeting on May 14.
    • The following response has been communicated:  “As Team Bondo, we are very grateful. We may lack words to express our excitement just know that our hearts are lifted in praise for this act of generosity”
This is REAL FOREIGN POLICY to be admired…Thank you all and more and pictures to come!
  1. Betsy West announced plans for President’s Night are progressing but volunteers for various jobs are needed especially the night of the dinner. Please contact Betsy or Susan Price and taking RSVPs has already been spoken for and THANK YOU Brandi. There will be invitations sent snail mail with further details.
  • We could use someone to put tables and chairs in place and someone wanting to pour “adult beverages”. As I recall Park Burroughs is good at that?? Karen Reese….???
  • Susan Priest: several happy thoughts today as she is wearing sandals, NO cane, and first ice cream cone for the Season at Emerald Valley. Only NON HAPPY thing today was the ceiling coming down in her bathroom….bathtub leak upstairs.
  • John Hopper: out of the doghouse (finally) and the great ZONTA event and his son won the drawing ($1000 in gift cards). John feels Carol Keller  should be designated “treasured” and everyone agreed!
  • Tom Drewitz: acknowledges that everyone in the District “knows we have fun” and “knows who we are”. That could be good news or bad, just take Tom’s $$ and smile! 
  • Susan Price:  happy the District Conference is over and time to move on; please consider a form of volunteerism for June 11. Honestly there is NO heavy lifting just some decorating to do…cover tables and help set up placement for “bar” and buffet table. Thanking you all in advance for your volunteerism!
  • Carol Keller: happy for all of the help given by wonderful Rotarians to get her to the Conference and get around . She also thanked all that our Club has done for her thus far and we say keep it coming!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: Happy for “Club of the Year” and recognizes all of the hours of work that went into winning this award.
  • Lars Lange: enjoyed District Conference and the presentation of the RYLA kids as well as the international exchange students; learning about “Satellite” Clubs; and really happy for the O-R article about the Horseshoe Club at the County Fair Grounds…horseshoes take much more “talent” than corn hole although that is fun too.
  • Joe Piszczor: says we will be expected to continue our good work when this merger takes place…still the Washington Club and although our District will have a new designation 7305, it should not matter, it’s still Rotary!
  • Brandi Miller: Happy for and says thank you for the Paul Harris recognition.
  • Andy Goudy: Happy to have attended the Conference; did not seek to have his photograph on the front page of the OR and says in his old Club in Delaware he would have been fined (and we would have also) and with that Bob Wicker, get his money!
  • Bill Mesler: Happy his wife posted the picture of the road side crew on face book and we have received 300+ likes and many comments thanking us for what was done! See people do read positive comments…keep them coming.
  • Jim Uram: got to see some old friends at the Conference and a chance to get new ideas from other Clubs all good ..and honest 
  • Karen Reese: Happy her nephew Patrick is home after 3 tours in Afghanistan. We’re all happy for that and for your family.
  • Kathy Sabol: Happy Bill Price will deliver things back to the Burgettstown Elementary Center, lots of entries for Law Day and lots from that school. 
  • Dave Hart: Happy to have 43 years in Rotary and it’s been a great ride; remembers the “youth movement” then which included Ken Baker as many of the members then were like their grandfathers! Now that tables have turned but glad to be a part of it…we’re glad you are too Dave!
  • Ken Baker: Happy for and thankful for the total of $1,112 collected for Scouting for Food and support of our Club; also hoping members will help to support the Mother’s Day Brunch at the President’s Pub.


Each district’s (7330 and 7300) RYLA program has been distinctly different. Ours focused on an outdoor challenge camp in the mountains while 7300 has had a program at LaRouche College with the college giving each participant a $5,000 scholarship if they decide to attend LaRouche.
It is forseen that both programs will continue and our club hopes to become more involved in these programs. When we are 7305, students will be given a choice as to which program they will attend. The cost of attendance is $450/student paid by the Clubs.
This year we have no students attending Odyssey in the Woods.

Conference Thoughts

Because there was no speaker, President Bill reviewed the last ever District 7330 Conference. Bill started off by recounting the experience in hosting the Official Representative of RI President, Mike Adkins and his wife Vicki.
These representatives were from El Paso, Texas and it is far from an understatement that they were amazed by the amount of water with which we are blessed. Whether that water was falling from the sky, flowing through the rivers or stored in the super-green vegetation, the guests were astounded. At one point they stood outside watching the sky and watching the rain fall at such a rapid pace. All of this was in such stark contrast to their Rio Grande, which runs dry much of the year. Besides the weather, our guests genuinely had a very good time at the Conference.
The international theme of the current Rotary Year has been
“Be the Inspiration” and our Past President and AG Brad Montgomery gave an inspirational speech at Conference on what Rotary means to him and the people in Rotary who have inspired him.
We all need to be inspired and how has being a Rotarian inspired you??
What members have helped to inspire you?? 
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