JULY 24, 2018


Betsy West  


Andy Uram always a winner
Karen Reese…keep smiling Karen, maybe next week


Ryan Hall guest of Tripp Kline. Ryan is the Manager of the First Commonwealth Bank and we hope is a prospective member.
Alex Peters, CCDC Vista member who will be with Christy for an internship; Will Prince, the new WBDA Manager both guests of Christy Bean Rowing. 


Tyler Cox a member of the Murraysville-Export Club

Club Assembly

Today was Club Assembly and the meeting started with the induction of Angeline Anyango East. PDG Tom Drewitz conducted the ceremony and Angeline was pinned by Brandi Miller.
Angeline came to the United States from Kenya and she took the time to speak of her sons as well as her work in the County Adult Probation Department.
Angeline mentioned that she has always appreciated the work that Rotary does locally and internationally. She looks forward to serving the community as a Rotarian. This is an organization she has watched from a distance, not having time to be a part of but now she is on her journey and we think she is a “force to be reckoned with”. Angeline was accompanied by her husband Bob East and during her induction PDG Tom stressed the power of 1.3 million Rotarians around the world and we have just added one.

Board Action from the Meeting of July 17:

  1. Approved maintaining the standard donations to the Farmer’s Market, Whiskey Rebellion Festival both at $1500; Washington’s Got Talent $500; China Little Flower $2500.
  2. Approved new funding for the Veteran’s Day Parade this November. This is a first and will be $500.
  3. Approved seeking joint Community Grant with the McMurray Club with $500 in the first step to help purchase a freezer. This check will be presented to the LeMoyne Community Center at McMurray meeting on August 22. Other needs will be met with the receipt of the Grant funding.
  4. Approved $150 to Joint Sign Committee to assist with the repairs to the sign on East Maiden Street.
  5. Approved the 2018 version of a Rotary Cash Bash scheduled for September 15. Tickets will be $30 this year in an attempt to involve more people.. As the Club MUST sell-sell-sell!!!! Joe Piszczor is in charge and let’s help Joe feel loved….this is how we repay him for his extreme efforts last year and this year! You WILL receive your tickets and we need to populate the pavilion!

Next Meeting:

July 31 we will be back on the W&J Campus with the PONY Baseball as the program.
Sign up to volunteer for the souvenir stand and if you have never done this, it is fun and another show of support for the Washington Community. Besides, Karen looks good when things go well. August 10-15 and the picnic is scheduled for August 10, details to come next week.

Club Notes

  • Following the meeting next week several members will meet with Maureen Valentine from W&J and representatives from the new catering company. At this point we do not know when/if the cost of the lunches will change but we do anticipate some changes will be coming. There was a question by several members concerning soft drinks and they are available however this would be an additional cost for the member. Any information from this meeting will be in next week’s Washingtonian. Please convey any concerns or questions to Bill Price via email prior to next week’s meeting.
  • CASE of the MISSING BANNER: Following President Bill sending a letter to W&J Facilities Manager W&J has agreed to replace the banner and they have agreed to pay for the new one.
  • FOUNDATION MOMENT: This is the first year the focus is not on water. We will be part of a Global Grant to help mothers and children in Uganda and Tanzania. The grant will center on “Solar Suitcases” to aid in the delivery of babies along with enabling a Doppler Fetal Monitor. In delivery complications the suitcase provides light to enable staff to save lives of babies and mothers. There is a great video on the website explaining and describing the suitcase.
  • ***** The District thanks the Washington Rotary for leading the way and being the first club in the District to contribute to this project and we were followed by Johnstown.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Phil Rush: How about those BUCS! We know what a Pirate fan some members are and especially PHIL!
  • Susan Priest: Always happy especially as she has her last treatment and her functions are at 100%.
  • John Rogers: it’s all about the falls…let’s try not to…John’s daughter fell after cutting grass and shattered her wrist; Carol Keller and her fall but she is home and rehabbing and planning to visit out Club as soon as possible; Nat Roe was outside when John went to visit the other day and Nat is always happy for a visit and cards but having an issue with his hearing so a phone call probably won’t be a good option at this time.
  • Jim Uramhappy for Susan Priest and congratulations for conquering with those drugs….tough ones!
  • Kathy Sabolhappy for Tom Drewitz our website person who has put the newsletter and phone “app” allowing users to access all Rotary information from her phone! Also happy to announce the annual TRIVIA CONTEST is scheduled for Friday, March 8. Dorothy is busy with questions no doubt…
  • Angeline Easthappy to be a Rotary Member not just a guest and she feels “loved” by her new Rotary Family.
  • MaryJo Podgurski: welcomes our lovely newest member and the great fun they had this weekend with their 14month old grandbaby learning to dance! Did PopPa teach him???
  • Tom Drewitz: Happy to have installed the NEWEST Rotarian and just to let Susan Priest know he hasn’t been 100% normal for a long time or never. 
  • Rich Podgurski: $5.00 happy about the Whiskey Dinner and it was great and just to let everyone know, Rachel Gladden’s Apple Pie was auctioned off for $2,000.  Susan Price said she thinks she better start baking pies again…for that she gave a Happy Dollar because she doesn’t bake them and Bill can attest to that.
  • Mike Pecosh: Kitty went to Kitty heaven after 13 years of bringing happiness to he and Lindsay but they are now enjoying little Kitty. Mike also challenged the membership to go out and find a “South” since we have 2 Wests, an East, and 2 NORTH(rups).
  • Bill Allison: a penance dollar for insulting PDG Tom over his “normal”
  • Betsy West: happy for the 7thWard Playground again proving how much can be accomplished with people working together…only good things can happen.
  • Bill Mesler:his son will be on the floor of the NYSE tomorrow as his company goes public and then to celebrate it’s all off to Disney on Saturday. What a great time for all of the Meslers.
  • We need to thank BETSY WEST for arranging our off-site experience. This was a GREAT venue, with GREAT food, and GREAT service. President Bill, behind the scenes, presented John (the chef) with a Rotary binder and coffee mug – After all Tuesday would have been his day off!
  • Be sure to remember the WASHINGTON BREWERY for future lunch - dinner – or Sunday Brunch.


The parking lot across from our meeting place at W&J will be closed for the next few weeks. Please try parking either on the street (don’t forget your quarters) or at the Church of the Covenant or if it’s a nice day try the Library lot where it requires fewer quarters than the street parking.
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