July 2, 2019
President Andy called the meeting to order.


Dave Hart

Sergeant at Arms Report: 

 Brad Montgomery: 35 Members present


Ann Grabik, United Way, guest of Brandi Miller
Doug Bush and Eric Smith, City Mission, guests of Jim Uram


1. President Andy shared a letter from Liz Rogers, President-Elect. She is reluctantly withdrawing from that post due to work pressures since the changes at the O-R. She is grateful for the honor, and regrets that she cannot give the job the time she would need to do it the right way.
2. Whiskey Rebellion has a few seats open for the opening ceremony and reception. Looking for 5-6 at the most. Contact Joe Piszczor.
3. District 7305 has a golf outing on August 12 at Green Oaks Country Club. Cost of $150 per golfer covers lunch, dinner, cart rental. If interested contact Andy for more details.
4. District has opened grant opportunities. Dorothy Tecklenburg shared that as a result of attending district grant workshop and sharing about the Bondo project, we have received a check for $2000 from the president  of one of the clubs she shared with. Great way to start out our Beds for Bondo for this Rotary year!
5. Susan Price was asked to share about a message from Lars Lange. The 15thannual Lange bicycle outing is being held on this continent for the 1sttime. The Langes will be cycling from Washington DC to Washington PA. Since bicycles are hard to bring by air, Lars is looking for people who might have a spare bike to loan, or ideas on where to rent bikes. Look for an email from Lars, which will be forwarded by the club.
6. Bob Wicker announced that he was sending around a sign-up sheet for the souvenir stand, which the club will be staffing for the umpteenth time. (Even HE doesn’t know how long we have been doing this.) 
7. Reminder that the District will be hosting a Racing night at the Meadows on Friday, July 26. This is in our back yard, and it would nice to see a group attending. Cost admittance and a great buffet is $40.00. 
8. President Andy announced that board meetings will be held the third Tuesday (NOT Thursday, that was the Delaware club day) of each month, and a club assembly on the fourth Tuesday. Except for July, when he plans to be away and is requesting a former President (to be named later) to cover for him, and he will hold the club assembly on the fifthTuesday, when he will be back among us.

Happy Dollars (and Confessions)

1.President Andy: happy that he is beginning his year as president, and also confesses that recently he left the meeting STILL WEARING HIS BADGE.(Horrors expressed by all in attendance.)
2.Tom Drewitz: happy for Andy. Confessed that yesterday he locked himself IN his car. Curious persons were asked to request the story after the meeting.
3.Susan Price: back in a boot, happy(?) that because of previous incidents, she does not have to buy another one.
4.Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy that John is better and back with us.
5.John Tecklenburg: happy to be back, and thanked the club for all the messages of good wishes for his recovery. Happy to beat Joe Piszczor in handing out cards with info about next week’s Whiskey Rebellion activities, an event he expects to be 100%better for.  (Yay. Editorial Comment.)
6.Kathy Sabol had $5, so decided to be 5 times happy: Happy to be here. Happy that in 2 weeks the Whiskey Rebellion Festival will be OVER. Happy that John Tecklenburg is better. Happy for President Andy. Happy that the sun is shining.
7.Brandi Miller: Happy to be hosting Ann Grabik today. Happy to announce the date for the 1stAnnual Scholars Bowl to benefit the Literacy Council. Date will be October 12th, and they are looking for 25 teams of up to 8 players. She has brouchers. Happy that the next two Patio Parties will be July 24 for TEC, and August 21 for the Literacy Council.
8.Bill West: Happy that he will be golfing with his grandson at Fort Cherry on Saturday. Gallery welcome.
9.Joe Piszczor: Happy he had a chance to experience Outdoor Odyssey with RYLA kids this past Friday. Happy for the Whiskey Rebellion Festival. Sorry to announce that Bill Allison had a bicycle accident recently.
10.Tom Northrop: Reported that Bill Allison has a hairline fracture of his left hip and is scheduled for surgery. Happy that his youngest daughter is expecting a BOY, not a girl as originally thought. There are lots of baby girls in the extended family, and they are looking forward to the baby, who will NOT be named Han, as the Star Wars geeky father suggested. (nor Jar-Jar, as a member called out as an alternative.)
11.Brian Gorman: Happy for the Patio Party last week, which raised $900 for Legal Services. Happy that his daughter Kelly will be 15 on Saturday. Happy for  the US Women’s Soccer Team.
12. Diane Ambrose: Happy that the Library has been added as a stop on the tasting tour for the Whiskey Rebellion, and the library will be active in the children’s area.
13.John Hopper: Happy to see his “twin brother” Doug Bush. (If he is your twin, how come HE got all the hair?)
14.Ken Baker: Happy that there were 85 at the last Jazz Brunch. Happy for Tom Roberts, who will be the next guest, and for Mark Strickland on July 21.
15.Mike Pecosh: Happy for his wife’s return. Confesses that he slept on HER side of the bed while she was gone.

Washington City Mission

Guest Doug Bush was given a few minutes to speak about the City Mission. He said he first three times he came to Washington it was in the back of a police car. After his third incarceration, he crossed the street and went to the City Mission. He has now been there as resident and then employee for 20 years. He is excited about the Mission and what is doing in the lives of the needy and desperate in our community. He shared two stories:
  1. Michelle came soon after the birth of her child, who is now 8.5 months old. She has been working full-time and will be moving into her own place this week.
  2. Bob: Lived for 7 months in tent along the river at Monessen. He is 67 years old, hard of hearing and has mobility issues. The mission is arranging to get him hearing-aids, and to address his mobility challenges. He is proud of the mission, and calls it amazing.
Dorothy Tecklenburg and Brandi Miller both chimed in. They had recently had a tour of the facility, totally over-hauled since the disastrous fire it suffered a few years ago. Both said the word AMAZING was totally accurate. Other members spoke of the veteran’s facility. President Andy had to cut things off, or the love fest for the mission could have gone on longer. However, President Andy needed to speak about his vision for his year as President.

Vision for Rotary Year 2019-2020

President Andy said he felt lucky to be taking the helm with a club which is doing so well. We got Club of the Year, he has a great board of directors. He wants us to keep moving and to build on success.
Strengths of the Club: 
Fund Raisers. He loves Trivia night and the Cash Bash.
Active Club. We are an active club. He has been impressed with all our local activities. He cited China Little Flower, Beds for Bondo, Dictionary Project, Whiskey Rebellion, Roadside Cleanup.
Operation. He cited the Sergeant at Arms reporting, great speakers, the way everybody pitches in.
Fantastic Website and great Weekly newsletter.
He would like to see more community leaders. At his club in Delaware, officials such as the city mayor were made honorary members, at no cost to themselves. Seeing the club in action made an impression on them.
Rotaract Club: This fell apart when we lost the advisor. Erin Jones has offered to get the club started again this fall when the students come back, but she cannot commit to being the permanent advisor.
As President of the local chapter of the NAACP, President Andy would like to encourage the synergy of BOTH clubs working for improvements in Washington. He proposes to hold a joint meeting of members of both organizations to see where our interests can meet to plan joint projects.
Youth: President Andy wants to find ways to get newer, younger blood into the club.
In short: His vision is to keep doing what we do well, and to step up our game within Washington.


Winner: Diane Ambrose
Loser: Susan Price 
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