August 21, 2018


 Dave Hart


Liz Rogers  needs this…wedding this summer
Ken Baker sorry Ken…next time???


Ulli Lange  guest of Lars


  1. Thank you to Rotarians on making the Pony Baseball World Series a success, in spite of weather, working at the souvenir and the PONY picnic.
  2. Busy times ahead for the dictionary project and the avenue of service awards. Contact Andy Goudy (dictionaries) and Nan Sninsky (service awards)  to volunteer on committees to get projects off on the right track.
  3. A make-up visit is available if you join our group for the presentation of checks to fund the feeding program of the LeMoyne Center. Washington and Rotary Club combine on this great program at 12:10 at Atrias on August 22. (lunch is $15 for the make-up visit.
  4. CASH BASH volunteers needed and if you did not sign up there is still time and also don’t hesitate to show up and work that day…MANY volunteers needed.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$

  • Susan Priest is happy and a bit embarrassed on her scheduling and noted the great article about DG Cherie Sears on her visit to the McMurray Club and we NEED articles like that to help recruit members.
  • Park Burroughshad an epiphany today remembering that 50 years ago he entered W&J as a student and he watched some of the students moving in today.
  • Bob Hillberry happy Park remembered  this and can remember when he entered W&J and as a reminder that volunteerism is the key to Rotary’s success. When you volunteer at the Cash Bash bring a non-Rotarian along with you…then ask them to join.
  • Ulli Langeis happy to have arrived here from Colorado and the car held up during heavy rain and distance and now he is ready to go to Germany for a bike ride! 
  • Betsy West happy to report a call from a woman who attended a reunion at the Community Pavilion and the pavilion already looks great and she knows it will only get better. The group collected $$$ and want to give it to Rotary to help with our project….GREAT and we Thank Betsy for handling this!!
  • Phil Rush happy to “brag about” his granddaughter who tried out for the golf team at Canon MacMillan and as they don’t have a girls’ team the great news is she tried against the boys and came in 3rd. Jamie continues to amaze. This is such great news for this young girl who has faced a huge health battle! GREAT and Congratulations Phil!
  • Jim Uram happy to report he and Thomas attended the Coin Convention in Philadelphia (what coin to be minted next?)
  • Shirley Moore happy for Phil and that the Clark Bar is NOT DEAD!!
  • Ken Baker encourages us to read the September Rotarian Magazine article about Chuck Keller; next week off on vacation; Jazz group looking for used musical instruments to be refurbished and used for lessons offered as  part of the grant given to the Jazz Society. 
  • Kathy Sabol happy for a great Bench Bar event at Bedford Springs and Tom Drewitz proved to be a devotee of Jenga!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg happy Sabrina is home and happier she is cleaning out her “stuff” of stuffed animals and her things from high school and grade school!
  • Mary Jo Podgurski happy for Janelle (our speaker) and happy her grandson said “NONNIE”; sad her classes begin next week and of course they meet when our Rotary Club meets! SAD she will miss us but we will miss her!! See you during the next break!

PROGRAM: Mission Trip

Janelle Mallory presented a program about her church mission to Argentina. Janelle, a former Rotarian, and her group volunteered in Argentina in 2010 and endured extremely cold weather, long distances but best of all found people that were truly “under served”. Even though conditions were somewhat primitive, Janelle fell in love with the children.
Taking over 2000 pictures, Janelle gave us a complete picture of life conditions and the hardships she and her group faced to bring a little positive environment to these needy people. The whole experience taught her humility and she thanks the Life Church but also Rotary for the encouragement and support given to her! Janelle also treated us to a song in Spanish that she sang with the children.
Thank you Janelle and we wish you the best and hope you will come again to visit.


 President-Elect Betsy West will conduct the next two meetings. August 28 will be Club Assembly when Board members can give reports on their upcoming activities. Item to be considered is should we, as a Club, become a 501c-3 non-profit.
There is quite a bit to be considered and please be prepared to offer your opinions both pro and con.  
The Board of Directors will consider your views.  Thank you!!!


Washington Rotarians Invade McMurray Rotary Club

Today, August 22, a group of Rotarians invaded McMurray at their Lunch Meeting at Atrias. We were well behaved in spite of what you might hear BUT shameful in selling CASH BASH tickets and soliciting future activities between the Clubs. Joe Piszczor would have been proud of us…a lot of dollars exchanged hands and of course some tickets, theirs and ours but we sold some!
Joyce Ellis from the LeMoyne Center Feeding Program (Nutri-Fit) happily accepted checks from both Clubs to purchase a new freezer. This initiative reaches far beyond Washington and hopefully this is the first phase of a cooperative effort of both Clubs to help to improve the kitchen at the Center.
Joyce won the “door prize”, a bottle of white wine and graciously donated it to the Washington Club. This will be used “creatively” at a future Washington meeting.
A BIG Shout Out to the Rotarians who did a Make-up Meetig today:
Board Members Dorothy Tecklenburg and Andy Goudy and Lars Lange and Ulli; PDGs Bob Hillberry and Tom Uram; President Bill Price and Secretary Susan Price.
GOOD NEWS: The lunch was advertised to be $15/person but we were such a “presence” they gave us a present and only charged us $10/person!

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