Dave Hart  


John Rodgers 
John Quale…so sorry!


Prof. Robert East (program speaker)


Carol Keller Rotary Club of California


PDG Tom Drewitz inducted Lisa Hannum who was  Lisa will represent Domestic Violence Services of SW PA with a Corporate Membership. Tom spoke about expectations of the Club for membership and asked Lisa to consider her expectations. Lisa is the new Executive Director of the non-profit and will introduce herself further as a Get to Know a New Rotarian and that gives her time to sort through her expectations.


The last Board meeting of 2018 was held and the Club was notified of decisions made and discussions concerning future activities.
  1. $250 donated to the 2000 Turkey Fund
  2. The Dale A Luellen estate has been settled and Rotary, along with other community groups will benefit from this.
  3. International Service Director Dorothy Tecklenburg will work with Angeline East to develop a new project funding hospital beds in Western Kenya (Valentine Day tickets will fund the beginning of this project).
  4. Thomas Northrop will be recognized by the Club for his service to the Washington Community as well as to Rotary. More to come on this next month. 
  5. Election of officers for 2019-2010 presented to the general membership as follows:
President:        Andy Goudy
Pres.Elect:        Liz Rogers
Vice Pres:         Brad Montgomery
Treasurer:        Dave Moore
Asst. Treas:      Bob Wicker
Secretary:         Susan Price
Asst. Sec:          Lars Lange
Directors: Community Service, Angeline East; Vocational Service, Nan Sninsky; International Service, Dorothy Tecklenburg; Club Service, Diane Ambrose; New Generations, Justin Dandoy.
Floor was opened for additional nominations (none). A motion by PDG Tom Drewitz to close nominations and accept the slate as presented. This motion was seconded by Dave Hart.


Foundation Chair Dave Hart recognized Joe Marsh on achieving another level of giving and Joe responded with a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. Speaks volumes about Joe and we thank him for his continued giving.
The District has reported that 7 Solar Suitcases have been funded as of this date, 1 by the Washington Club.

HAPPY $$$$

  • Dave Hart: happy to be back on his feet and back at a meeting.
  • Tom Drewitz: happy to be spending Holidays with “kids” and grandchildren. It’s going to be FUN
  • Carol Keller: grateful for her drivers (Ken and Tom) and happy to be at the meeting today.
  • Jim Uram: happy to report successful Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army; reminder of December 27 Open House beginning at 4:00pm; HAPPY to thank Joe Manning for fixing their street. (Joe gets things done no matter the location or his authority???)
  • Joe Marsh:“happy” to share his birthday with Keith Richards and PDG Tom Drewitz
  • Susan Priest: another GREAT invocation poem by our resident poet Mike Pecosh
  • Brandy Miller: happy to announce she is the new Executive Director of the Literacy Council (GREAT for them and for Brandi)
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy her bad tooth is gone and for a great birthday celebration at a PENS game ---Both winners
  • John Tecklenburg: for the Holiday Season and happy to have hosted Dorothy’s Birthday Party and even to have paid for OverTime to achieve a win.
  • Angeline East: happy to have Bob here with her and have him as the “program”
  • John Hopper: happy to welcome Lisa Hannum
  • MaryJo Podgurski: happy to have time to attend meetings due to the Holiday Break, happy for Birthdays and celebration of, happy to welcome Lisa.
  • Nan Sninsky: happy to welcome Lisa.
  • Susan Price: honored to sponsor Lisaand to welcome her.

PROGRAM: Life in Eastern Africa

Professor Bob East considered this an honor to be able to speak about Eastern Africa and the lives of those who live there. Bob has been with W&J for 18 years and he spoke with knowledge and enthusiasm about the resiliency of the people of Kenya. No one looks for a “handout” but needs a “help up”. The multiplier effect on outside assistance to the people will realize up to $10 for every $1.00 spent on schooling. Hygiene and nutrition along with education of girls and women as this has a huge effect on the growth of the programs. Education is key here as in any community or nation. Women are a 75% factor in the work for the household as well as the agricultural needs.
Members asked some leading questions for clarification about micro lending programs, small business development and safety issues. Bob stressed that Kenya is a geo-political friend to the United States.
This was a great beginning and introduction to our Club’s hospital bed program in Kenya. 
We were thankful for Bob’s presentation and for Angeline’s membership and enthusiasm for Rotary.


In December we welcomed Lisa Hannum as a new member.
In January 2019 we are hoping to welcome Randy Liebig into the Club. Randy is the general manager of Lone Pine Country Club.
Anyone who remembers former member Gretchen Stein (she was with the Doubletree). Gretchen had left the Doubletree but the good news is she is back and has asked the hotel to pick up her membership! Gretchen will make another great corporate member…let’s hope this is approved.
Have a Great Christmas and overall Holiday Season. Let’s all come on January 8 to welcome the New Year with our first meeting of 2019.
Thanks to Bill and Susan Preice for taking notes during the meetings. Without them, this would not be possible.
Washington Rotary
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
W & J College, The Commons
60 S. Lincoln St.
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United States
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