APRIL 3, 2018


Susan Price


Lars Lange WINS
Diane Ambrose, Sorry


Dick Feldstein former member and former Club President
Chris Solvesky guest of David Hart; Chris is the Manager of the local SAM’s Club
Kathy Pienkowski guest of Diane Ambrose and is an integral part of the Citizen’s Library Staff


Ulli Lange Penoia Colorado father of member Lars Lange. Lars returned from Colorado after visiting and taking part in the dedication of a gazebo to honor Inga Lange (wife and mother). This was built near the Library where Inga was very active and it is a quiet place where people can sit and read and enjoy the serenity.

HAPPY $$$$:

  • Kathy Sabol happy to announce the Bar Association will host a meeting on Wednesday April 18 at 4:30 (Redistricting – Anti Gerrymandering) reservations at
  • Ken Baker happy to announce the publication of his niece’s book on poetry
  • Jim Uram happy for Villanova’s victory (could his Duquesne Duke’s be next??)
  • Phil Morrow happy to have gotten a Rotary Card celebrating his five years as a member of the Washington Rotary Club and we let Phil know Mike has been busy.
  • Karen Reese for a great 2 weeks in Florida and we notice Karen must have had good weather as she is sporting a great healthy tan!
  • Susan Priest getting a new car and not only happy but thankful for the help of $5000 gift from her brother to go towards the new car.
  • Shirley Moore happy to have celebrated her 85th Birthday on Easter and we wish her many more Happy/Healthy years
  • Ulli Lange let us know his car has 195K miles on his car and drove it back here from Colorado and found out the car diagnosed with need for an expensive repair when brought back here the garage told him it didn’t need that repair and now the question – Will the car make the return trip to Colorado??? Let’s hope
  • Joe Marsh received a card for his 30th year in Rotary and yes again Mike has been busy!
  • Bill Allison celebrated a birthday yesterday and went to the Pirate home opener – cold and snow the same weather he experienced the last time he went to a Home Opener!
  • Dick Feldstein happy to be visiting his Rotary friends and we miss him!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg has a “visiting horse” (of course she does…she loves those horses) who eats and poops twice as much as her horses and has destroyed things in the barn, helped itself to blankets to make a nest to sleep comfortably, chewed many latches and barn rails….Good news, leaving soon!!


  1. Phil Rush will be taking orders for Rotary Logo long sleeved shirts, Dri-fast golf shirts men’s and women’s at $30; short sleeved oxford cloth shirts and long sleeved shirts. Order forms will be on the tables again next week. Check your Spring and Summer wardrobes for an update
  2. District Governor Steve Arnowitz will be visiting again next Tuesday, April 10.
  3. Remember the following dates:   April 21 Roadside Cleanup
  4. District 7330 seeking nominations for both the Nominating and Financial Committees; Deadline is April15
  5. Scholarship Applications are in and will be reviewed by the Board on April 10. Anyone with a contact at Washington High School is asked to encourage submission of applications as this year there is only one.
June 1,2,3  District Conference at Doubletree on Racetrack Road
June 12 the 100th Anniversary Celebration and President's Night

PROGRAM: 21st Century Libraries

Diane Ambrose and Kathy Pienkowski presented a program on 21st Century Libraries. Diane showed the progress of Citizens Library from its inception in 1870 to the present. Evolving from shelves of books to modern setting of areas developed on the main floor to handle different interests of today’s patrons and how varied they are.
Citizens coordinates the basic needs of 20 libraries in the three counties it serves.
Today you will find 350 online courses for credit, over a 6 week period that is free with your library card. Also there are varied offerings for teachers, children, language courses and audio books along with language courses and other offerings. Geneology is a major attraction for those visiting in the area over the summer months. There were numerous listings of courses and specific interests, it is recommended a visit to
With repurposing the spaces within the Library it will be necessary to purge 33 to 35% of the printed collection, mostly in the fiction area.
Library funding has been cut at all levels and as a result Diane and her team are learning about fundraising and grant submission to add to their “skill set”.
Great Program and We Thank Diane and Kathy for their Presentation!
Washington Rotary
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