APRIL 24, 2018


Bill West 


Phil Morrow….Winner
Tom Northrop….Led the 4-Way Test 


 April Wolfe of 3 Rivers Hospice, today’s speaker


Ulli Lange of Penora CO Club always welcome Ulli
Sandra Castro, President of the McMurray Club along with her daughter Athena Castro, W&J graduate and is preparing to begin her medical residency in Miami (Congratulations and Good Luck)


  1. Sandra Castro invited the club to join the McMurray Club on May 19 at Linwood Club for an evening in white, wine, food and fun. This is a theme of a dinner started internationally in the 1980s where everyone wears white and enjoys an evening grounded in good food, fun and fellowship. Cost is $100 per person and it is hoped some members will be able to enjoy this wonderful event.
  2. Roadside Cleanup and thanks to 10 Rotarians who gather 25 bags of trash and it was fun for all involved. Thank you goes out to Bill Allison for having gone to a Pirate game and gathering coupons for Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast enjoyed that too.
  3. High School Scholarships are due from Board members and must be returned to Bill Price on May 1. Thank you for your assistance in this selection process.
  4. Ken Baker reminds us that April is Scouting for Food Month. Fill a bag with healthy foods and household items and bring it along with cash donations to the next meeting. Thank you in advance for all donations.


Foundation Chair Dave Hart recognized Diane Ambrose upon reaching another level of giving. Dave reminds us that a donation in any amount at any time is accepted and helpful.

HAPPY $$$$

  • Dave Hart happy to tell of experiences in elementary school lessons about the “proper” use of fingers in holding a pencil, NOT using fingers when doing math problems and NOT pointing at words when one reads! Lessons we should all follow! Thank you DAVE…we’re never too old to learn or relearn.
  • Ken Baker will collect items along with cash and checks for the food drive at the next meeting. Can we top last year’s collection? Thank you to all who have remembered.
  • Mike Pecosh: tells a story (as only Mike can tell): Mike left a folder after the last meeting and happy to report as his office manager reported “some older man” brought it in and a big shout out to TRIPP KLINE for another random act of kindness!
  • Karen Reese: happy to report there is yet another Gillespie boy added to the family this past week and came in at eleven, yes eleven pounds! Congratulations to the Gillespie Clan.
  • Jason Dandoy: joined the roadside cleanup for the first time and has been dubbed the “ROC” (Rookie on Cleanup); any thoughts on this experience Jason?
  • Susan Priest: happy and proud the Washington County Community Foundation selected 3 ROTARIANS to be honored. Congratulations to Kathy, MaryJo, and Tripp (the older man).
  • Phil Rush: really happy for the PENS and the Flyers fans got what they deserved! Tell us how you really feel Phil!!
  • Ulle Lange: sorryLars couldn’t make the Jessop Exit but Ulle and Lars cleaned up East Railroad Street…Great Work and totally solo….Service Above Self alive and well.
  • Susan Price: great time off at the Beach with Lepperts and Erv and Paula send a HELLO to all.
  • John Tecklenburg: had tickets to PENS game but stayed outside for the experience of the great crowd. Do you think John took a couch with him? 
  • Sandra Castro: happy to be here and experience our Club and to let us know her first introduction to Rotary was when we awarded her first daughter a scholarship as she was number 1 in her class at W&J and was tied with another and as a Club we made the decision to award 2 scholarships that year. Sandra is the President of the McMurray Club and hopes some of us will do a “make up” meeting as they meet at Atria’s on Wednesday evening for dinner!! Great place and remember IF you do make up a meeting it is to your advantage and it gives you the opportunity to meet other Rotarians.

PROGRAM:  3 Rivers Hospice

April Wolfe of 3 Rivers Hospice explained how hospice programs work and what to consider when the need becomes apparent.
This organization covers 13 counties and 48 locations are available to meet your needs. April reminds us that selection is based on need and all do not provide the same services.
Our concept of hospice as a “last choice” to provide “comfort care” in the final days of a life is only one phase of their services. Care in the home or care in the facility is a decision most common when trying to give comfort to a family member or close friend. 
Something to consider as the need arrives, “patient choice” and “case load of the nurse.” April stressed the experience and caring of the doctor, nurse, aides, social worker, pastoral care, pet therapy and the home volunteers that are all important in this process.
April also shared her story using her experiences as the care giver of her grandfather and it was a compelling and interesting story.
THANK YOU and April emailed thanking for the attentive group. She can be reached through 3Rivers Hospice for further information….it is attached to the “button” she passed out.

In Closing 

we recognize our distinguished Rotarians selected by the Washington County Community Foundation as they truly all reflect “Service Above Self”
Kathy Sabol: Louis Waller Humanitarian Award
Mary Jo Podgurski: Howard Jack Outstanding Educator Award
Tripp Kline: Richard White Excellence for Board Service Award
All 3 to be honored at a Luncheon at Southpointe Golf Club on Thursday, May 10.
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