October 22. 2019

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Betsy West to give the invocation.
Brad Montgomery reported the attendance: 30 members and 1 guest, Jay Helmer.


  • Susan Priest asked everyone who had taken a card for Operation Christmas Child to bring the item or items to the meeting next week, as after the meeting she will be purchasing anything on unchosen cards and also anything not turned in to her. If you have items and cannot make the meeting, PLEASE let her know so that she can arrange a meeting to pick up the items: or 724-222-3184. At the meeting of November 5 we will be assembling the boxes.
  • President Andy reminded us that next week’s meeting is the annual awards luncheon and will be held in the Ballroom. Awardees can bring up to three guests at the club’s expense.

Happy dollars:

  • Susan Price is happy that Dorothy Tecklenburg is coming home, looking at 6 weeks in rehab. She is also happy for the support from the club for the Domestic Violence Dinner last week, and especially happy for the wonderful invocation given by Betsy West. Susan says Bill should rent her out.
  • Susan Priest was happy that her two-year scan shows her to still be clean.
  • Brandi Miller was happy to congratulate Domestic Violence Services for a wonderful dinner.
  • Betsy West was happy to announce that she also does funerals.
  • John Quayle was happy to announce that he has learned that a second grandchild is on the way.
  • Phil Rush was happy to celebrate his 17th anniversary as a Rotarian.
  • Carol Keller was happy to enjoy meeting with us all.
  • Ken Baker was happy to announce that the November 17th Jazz Brunch will be “Dan Baker’s Be-bopping Experience.” Dan’s regular group will be augmented with James Moore, the best trumpeter in West Virginia and Scott Boni, sax wizard.
  • Lisa Hannum was happy to look around the room and see so many Rotarians who helped make the Domestic Violence dinner a success. 

Club Assembly

  • At last week’s board meeting the board voted to make a contribution of $250 to 2000 Turkeys, and a contribution of $1000 to Southmont Memory Care Center, which Mary Murray spoke of last meeting.
  • The club voted to honor Mike Pecosh at the Joint Service Club Luncheon on November 12. That luncheon will be in place of our regular meeting, and will be held at the Elks Club.
  • The board continued to discuss possible fund-raising projects. The flag project discussed at the last Club Assembly was felt to have too many logistical problems, and has been shelved. A project where the club would sell sheets, netting $25 from each $50 set sold is being considered. It would need a chair to organize. The cash bash was very lucrative in its first year, much less so the second time.
  • Jim Uram asked about the possibility of having a Super Bowl Board, with $100 per square. This led to a lively discussion and received a lot of support. The club has done something like this before and the feeling was that it could work again. Joe Piszczor suggested that we might combine it with a Super Bowl party where we could have other money-raising opportunities, 50/50 for instance. 
  • Community Service: Angeline East reported that only three schools remain for the Dictionary Project. November 16 has been chosen for the Highway Pick-up Project. Jim Uram will be contacting the Salvation Army for a bell-ringing date.
  • Club Service: Christmas Party will be held on December 10th.
  • The District Governor’s project for stickers for baby seats was discussed. What was the best way to get them to parents? It was suggest that we set up a table at the pavilion for the Christmas Parade and hand them out to parents there. It is a good occasion to reach families. Brandy Miller said she was still waiting for a response from the District so that she could include them in the Baby Book Bags which go home with every new mother from Washington Hospital. President Andy said that we had a ton of them, and we could provide Brandi with many right away.
  • Dave Hart then explained the Rotary Foundation’s Benefactor program. Every year each Rotary Club is asked to find someone who commits to making a bequest in a will or insurance policy to benefit the Permanent Fund of the Foundation. He called up Mike Pecosh for recognition of his commitment to the Benefactor program.
  • Dave then gave a copy of the latest Rotary Magazine to Jay Helmer, who we hope will be joining the club soon.


Winner: Tom Northrop
Non-Winner: Phil Rush
Phil led us in the 4-way test.
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