Mike Pecosh                                                     


Non-Winner Susan Priest
Winner John Tecklenburg


Steve Robertson and Mick Fylakowski guests of Lynn Galluze
Albert Reith guest of Phil Rush

HAPPY $$$$$: 

  • Ken Baker happy to have been able to find his way to Harrisburg and back to help celebrate his brother’s retirement from Capital Blue Cross. Glad you found your way back Ken as you would definitely be missed.
  • Kathy Sabol:  now that the Trivia Fog has lifted Kathy is happy to report a $13,000 profit and also to move on to another initiative with Diane Ambrose and MaryJo Podgurski that being Sister to Sister Symposium, No Mean Girls to be held April 20-21. More information to come next week…see Diane or Kathy and hopefully MaryJo will be back next week also.
  • Tripp Kline: so happy people were concerned about his not being at the Hospital event on Saturday evening but he was at the Comedy Night sponsored by the Rotary Club of Monongahela and if you’ve never attended one that is the one you need to visit! Does it make up as a “make up meeting”?
  • Joe Manning: $3 Happy Dollars to thank Liz Rogers and Tom Northrop and the O-R for the opportunity of being a part of the Biggest Looser; for the Walk-On opportunity with Steve and Mick and a HAPPY EASTER to all.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: seeing so many  people dressed up and men in tuxedos on Saturday made Dorothy happy but REALLY happy the Meadows has a woman in charge!
  • Gist Wylie: needed some extra runners Trivia Night and he was happy John Rodgers, Lisa Moore and her daughter Masi for stepping in and “running”.
  • Susan Priest: happy for the free blood screening at the Wellness Center and all of her ###s are great! Congratulations.
  • Bill Mesler: when prompted by Bill Price for a Happy $$ he couldn’t remember why he was happy…no charge?
  • Bill West: Bill Mesler needs $2.00 next week to remember why he’s happy THIS week.
  • (Lots of Bills were in on this and one missing….Bill Allison oh yes and then William Kline dba Tripp)
  • Brian Schill: $2.00 as a visitor, always happy to visit our Club, and happy to see Allie as our program speaker this week.
  • John Tecklenburg: happy to have attended an event at the Peters Township Library where the Olympic Speed Skater, John Henry Krueger, shared his story of the persistence as well as the ups and downs while training to achieve his silver medal.
  • Public Service Announcement: Mick Fyalkowski briefly introduced the program marketed by Creative Safety Products and delivered in conjunction with the Washington Police Department as “Officer Phil”. This is an actual in-school program for grades K-4 and they are seeking sponsorship ads in the Activity Book. The entire program is about a 30 minutes and includes a discussion, puppet show and use of the Activity Book to reinforce the dangers they may encounter.


PETS (President Elect Training Symposium) was held this past weekend in Uniontown and Bill Price and Assistant Governor Brad Montgomery attended. The following things items were discussed and should be brought back to the Clubs.
  1. Encouraged participation in RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership, is a 1 week program open to 4-5 high school students and we have always been able to send students from our service area.
  2. Youth Exchange request from an in-bound student from Venezuela wanting to come to Washington PA next school year. This will require a host family preferably 2 host families, one for each semester and preferably in the same school district. This requires board approval
  3. Request from a young woman, Rachel Krofcheck of Amity, for support and a Grant Scholarship to study in Scotland next year. This is a decision that will be pending and will require board approval as well as RI approval should the applicant fulfill all requirements.
  4. Membership is a concern in all service organizations and RI wants to combine Districts should they not be able to hold a certain level of membership. Our district, 7330, presently has 1036 members and RI wants us to be at 1100 by September and then a decision will be made as to whether or not we will be combined with District 7300 (Pittsburgh area). Our Club membership is at 62 and we have 8 new members this year but have also lost members. There will be more of this coming in the near future.

PROGRAM:  General Manager of the Meadows Casino

Allie Evangelista, Vice President and General Manager of the Meadows Casino
Allie opened with comments on how she felt humbled, her word, to be invited to speak with our Club as she doesn’t feel she is that interesting. By the time the meeting was over we found that she is indeed an interesting person and very interested in her company and the people who work there.
Allie played a guessing game asking us to decide where she was raised and none of us got close…she was raised in Brazil but her last name is Italian as her husband is Italian.
Allie came to the United States to do an internship at Disney which is where she met her husband and she joked they were Mickey and Minnie characters but that was not true.
Allie began her journey with the casino properties in St. Charles, Missouri and when hired there she wasn’t sure where Missouri was located but she worked there until relocating to our area in 2016 and in 2017 was named General Manager.
Some interesting facts:
1) Every employee who is hired (and they are hiring if looking for a job) sits and talks with Allie face to face prior to final approval; 2) Team members (employees) at all levels have an opportunity to talk with Allie every Friday morning to air possible problems, suggestions;
3) Team members are designated as Employee of the Week and are honored;
4) there is a Team Member Assistance program to aid any team member who may be encountering problems such as a home fire, family illness, accidents;
5) Light Up The Night program allows those Team members who work all night to have the opportunity to be served a good meal in the middle of the night when they are normally working; 6) Allie spends time with Team members in their departments and works alongside them whether in security, bar tending, table supervision which is all done to encourage Excellence, Care, Innovation and Ownership within the Casino .
MOST INTERESTING:  Of every $1.00 spent in the casino 60 cents goes to the state of Pennsylvania in taxes. Not a surprise to any of us, Pennsylvania has the highest percentage tax levied against gambling/casinos.
All Pinnacle Gaming sites are now connected and all of the wagering a client does is combined throughout the system. This is called the My Choice Rewards Program. The writer is uncertain as to how the Rewards program works or how it is determined but please check the website: for all of the details and perhaps we will see one of you driving that Mercedes Allie mentioned.
PHIL RUSH will be taking shirt orders…long sleeve dress shirts, golf shirts and other Rotary styles….next Tuesday.
Once again we have had a great meeting and hope we are all better acquainted with the Meadows Casino!
Washington Rotary
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
W & J College, The Commons
60 S. Lincoln St.
Washington, PA  15301
United States
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