Betsy West, thank you for such an appropriate message    


Dave Moore…swept the #s


Gretchen Stein, former member who has returned to the area and is employed by the Doubletree, to be inducted into membership, again, soon!
Ben Costello the program speaker and guest of Jim Uram


Ulli Lange and Carol Keller….always welcome and we enjoy their company


  1. TRIVIA wrap-up: another successful event with 44 teams; profits as of now just under $10,000. Congratulations to the Friendly Readers (1st), Cuban Refugees (2nd), Green Hornets and Here to Establish An Alibi (tied for 3rd) and to ALL ROTARIANS who helped and supported in any manner.
  2. Dorothy Tecklenburg promoting March Madness as a FUNraiser. Contact Dorothy to get setup through CBS the $20 fee to participate goes to Dorothy and the winner will benefit but so will our Club…remainder to go to the Club. This could be lot of fun so think about it but not too long as registration will close soon. Click here! 
  3. Susan Price promotion of collecting peanut butter for the Washington and Burgettstown Food Pantries. There seems to be a significant shortage and this easy form of protein needed for families.
  4. Dave Hart had a jar of peanut butter in “his pocket”. Susan brought visuals as an example and hopes many will bring a jar with them to the meeting over the next 2 weeks (cash acceptable for purchase) and thanks to all willing to participate. A program on the County Foodbank will be in the future.
  5. Board meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, March 19.

HAPPY $$$$$$$

  • Ken Baker: more great jazz at the President’s Pub on Sunday and this week the feature performer DAN BAKER!
  • John Quale: very happy and excited that PIAA Baseball starting and working the 1stgame on Monday…come on out and watch John at work and he asked everyone to come but leave their rotten vegetables at home!
  • Phil Rush: glad to see the gasoline price in Washington is $.33 cheaper that in Bethel Park…cause to come to Rotary Phil
  • Mike Pecosh: congrats to Bill Allison “on strong performance” of his Trivia Team ($2.00 based on $1.00 for each of the correct answers)
  • Bill Allison: Thanks Mike --- all team members are fired for next year (does that mean fired up OR fired as in unemployed)
  • Betsy West: excited for the next Winter Market this Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00 at Emerald Valley – New venders and come early because they all sold out before the end of the last market!
  • Ulli Lange: Thanks Tripp for allowing him to pour beer at Trivia Night – was impressed that he is taking Trivia concept back to his club in Colorado
  • Lars Lange: glad to get petitions for Township supervisor race early; look for a bicycle donation for an August bike tour but as a FUNdraiser!
  • Tripp Kline: Luck of the Irish, Friday at Red Pump – come to support the Bradford House
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: Happy that this is the first year there were no angry participants at Trivia complaining about the questions.
  • Tom Drewitz: happy for the great efforts of the high school “runners” and thanks to them all went smoothly 
  • Dave Hart: happy about the positive report on Bill Speakman


Ben Costello gave a very interesting presentation on the gold and silver coins that were lost off of the coast of Florida by the Spanish fleet of ships. The Spanish Fleet Society was founded to help keep alive the history of the treasures off of the coast of Florida and to continue to seek treasures known to be there but not recovered yet.
Spain became a wealthy and powerful nation because of the gold and silver that flowed from the New World colonies.
Large, heavily armed galleons were dispatched from Spain to bring the treasures home. Large amounts of precious metal were also smuggled to avoid taxes on it. The 1715 Spanish Fleet could not avoid a storm that developed into a hurricane.
The Fleet was destroyed in the Florida Straits. Ships sank while others disintegrated on the reefs and beaches of Florida’s coast.
Ben had plenty of silver and gold coins to view and examine as well as photo boards to show examples of various coins and treasures. Where can you see the treasure today? Start with the society website, If you find yourself in Tallahassee, see the Museum of Florida History.
Ben was aided in his presentation by our own PDG Tom Uram and we put Tom to work presenting our “thank you” gifts to Ben.
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