JUNE 19, 2018


Dave Hart


Dave Moore get$$
Bill Allison $orry Bill


Angelina East (potential member) guest of ErinJones
Jai Gough guest of MaryJo Podgurski’s (granddaughter)
Jerry Cypher guest of Jim Uram
Suzanne Ewing, our Speaker 


  1. Dave Hart, Foundation Chair, gave report he referred to a “President’s Night II”
    1. Recognized President Rich on contributing to the Foundation to the next level of giving (Pin+2)
    2. Presented incoming President Bill with a ceremonial gavel
    3. Update club on levels of giving and forms are available and promoted the Solar Suitcases for Tanzania and Uganda. Dave will bill us….
    4. Nat Roe update: Always appreciates hearing from people although his hearing is impaired…Nat still enjoys reading so write him a note or send him a card
  2. Special thanks to Rotarians for covering the Rotary Table at the Farmer’s Market – Mike Minder, Dorothy Tecklenburg and the Prices
  3. PONY Baseball is approaching, and Jim Uram will chair the scheduling for the event.
  4. JULY 3 is the beginning of the new Rotary Year however we cannot meet that day due to the recent change in food service at W&J (today, 6/20). July 10 will be our first meeting of the New Year and will also be the new District Governor’s official visit…JULY 10 come to meet DG Cherie' Sears of the California Club.
  5. July 24 our meeting will be off-site due to a scheduling problem with W&J and more details to come.
  6. Pavilion restrooms have been completed (surprise over budget); tickets available for production of Hair Spray, compliments of the Community Theater Group.


  • Mary Jo Podgurski happy for President’s Night; Liz Rogers daughter’s wedding at the beach; O-R article on Rotary in today’s paper; Jai, her granddaughter joining her today and Juneteenth celebration (great amounts of happiness and giving).
  • MJ also announced an outreach program for children separated from their parents that will be housed at the Holy Family Institute in Pittsburgh and you ask “How can I Help???” See attached flyer for all needs. If you feel you can do something to help ease the pain consult the attachment for details. All information is on this which is the flyer placed on the tables at the meeting. Donate .jpg
  • Tom Drewitz appreciated the Lewis Green Club Service Award and is celebrating by going to the beach with family and extended family and claims “it will be an epic event”.
  • Susan Price happy she has survived the 100th Celebration and could only have done it with the outstanding help from the committee; the hotel contacted her this week to let us all know the revenue from the cash bar was the highest they have realized this year. Was this a compliment OR was it “telling.”
  • Liz Rogers (we know why she’s happy) with the epic wedding week and it was always 5:00pm somewhere(even at 9:00am) and her last daughter graduated from Syracuse. What a bu$y couple of week$ and our Club Congratulations on both.
  • Bob Hillberry can’t believe a 100thBirthday Party and is just happy to have been there and to be here!
  • Gist Wylie great visit from granddaughters and fun on the Ducky Ride in Pittsburgh.
  • Bill Allison thanks many Rotarian volunteers for the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and the Whiskey Dinner on July 20 and for Peacock Keller for hosting the pre-dinner reception
  • Shirley Moore happy for great President’s Night Celebration and asked the committee stand for recognition
  • Jim Uram happy to have helped save a life with his white blood cells.
  • Joe Piszczor happy for all fathers who are great role models
  • Karen Reese very happy her Mom, Rose, had a great time at the dinner and Rose was happy she could join in the fun
  • Jerry Cypher thanks Jim Uram for inviting him to come to the meeting today
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg and John celebrated 31 years of marriage by going to the Aviary and experiencing a virtual “fly over of New York City”. They recommend this experience for everyone and IF you have out of town visitors it is great!
  • Diane Ambrose happy Summer Sampler was a success and appreciated the print of the pavilion from President Rich and it will be framed and hung appropriately in the Library.
  • Tripp Kline happy that in 2 1/2 weeks “it will be over”. Gee, we wonder what he meant???
  • President Rich thanks to all for a great year and this is his last regular meeting as he will be away but will remain active with the Club and the Pavilion Project.

PROGRAM: Farmer's Market - Suzanne Ewing

Suzanne Ewing gave a presentation of the history of the local farmer’s market. Ms Ewing, as a founding member of the market board, also recognized Betsy West as a member of the Market Board as it celebrates its 15thyear.
Our market started in 2004 and has expanded in its mission each year. By definition a farmer’s market is “a public and recurring assembly of farmers selling what they produce directly to customers.” It also creates a “sense of place” for people to come together as a community.  
Our Market was one of the first to accept SNAP cards to benefit the buying power of those in need. The Market has been approached by other Markets from across the state and used ours as a model.
It is also important for the Rotary members to know the Rotary Club has been a consistent financial supporter of the Market.


  JULY 3 no meeting and JULY 24 will be Off-Site, stay tuned for more details.
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