JANUARY 22, 2019



Betsy West


Smiling Bill Allison
NOT Smiling Joe Piszczor


Carole Keller


Linda Lawson, Retired Educator and Chase McClain, Washington County Tourism Promotion and both were guests of Joe Piszczor, ROTARIAN AND PRESENTOR.


President Bill Price has been attempting to pull together Club records/materials to find a home in a central location. After the initial announcement was made to the Club Phil Rush brought in a small collection of “archives”, one being a binder dedicated to recording the events in the Rotary Life of PRIP Charles Keller beginning in 1985 (significant time period) Bill presented this binder to our visiting Rotarian who just happened to be visiting today. It is always a pleasure to have Carole with us as she adds to the mix in the room….always welcome and always encouraged to enter into the fray!


  1. Dorothy Tecklenburg explained the ticket issue on the Valentine’s Day FUNraiser for the beds in the maternity hospital in Bondo, Kenya. Contact has been made with the Bondo Rotary (8 members strong) and Angeline East has made contact with the President of the Monroeville Club who is also from Kenya. This is a worthy project and it is moving along and with support it will continue.
  2. WASHINGTON’S GOT TALENT at Canon-Mac on Sunday, January 27. Volunteers are needed and the idea of “paying it forward” by purchasing student tickets to be given to students can still be purchased. Let’s support this great program – part of the TEEN OUTREACH also known as MaryJo Podgurski’s 4thchild! 
  3. TRIVIA NIGHT on March 8 and again the words VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDas well as auction items, baskets, gift cards see Brandi – Nan – Susan who are gathering things. Thank you Bob Hollickfor you donation items! How can YOU help?? Just ask.Karen Reese has had to surrender her position as bartender having been drafted in the first round to be a TEAM member. A worthy cause and Karen will be missed at “that end” of the room.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$

  • Dorothy Tecklenburg a wonderful trip to Cuba with the Bar Association and the weather, culture, food, and people were all great and surpassed expectations.
  • John Tecklenburg never saw Bill Allison smile so much thanks to the great caravan of old cars…1953 Chevy convertible
  • Bill Mesler happy to see that his wife is not the only one who contradicts him (?) not sure why??
  • John Quale happy his Mother at age 101, yes 101, is resting and rehabbing comfortably at Southmont after falling and breaking her hip. John is also happy that she wasn’t more seriously injured and we are glad John shared this with us.
  • Jim Uram happy $$$ for Thomasbeing invited to Cape Canaveral for the development of a new commemorative coin, one of very few to be included.
  • Jim gave an extra $$ because his phone rang during the last meeting. SEE you can be fined so “silence that phone”.
  • Diane Ambrose:  happy tosupport the program with Dr. James Longo at Citizens Library this evening. If you visit the Library you will discover a very busy place in Washington open and free TO ALL not a Free For All…
  • Phil Rush says “he is a serious cigar smoker” hoping one of our travelers to Cuba brought some back.
  • Susan Priest happy for central heat and honestly when you think about it aren’t we all thankful for that?
  • Joe Piszczor is happy to have Linda and Chase at the meeting today to see his presentation
  • Bill Allison now known as “Smiling Bill” credits fellow Rotarian Kathy Sabolfor organizing a great trip to Cuba even with the political and economic systems in Cuba you could get a “positive feeling” as you enjoyed the culture, food and especially that parade of great old cars.
  • Justin Dandoy is leaving the Club with mixed feelings, excited for a new position as Assistant Director of Student Affairs at Penn State Greater Allegheny Campus in McKeesport and not excited about leaving our Club. Justin hopes to stay in Rotary and will look for a Club to join near to his employment.
We will miss Justin as he has been working to coordinate youth from the college and the local high schools to be an arm of our Club. We wish him the very best and hope he stops by for a visit sometime.

PROGRAM:  Wild Nation

Joe Piszczor is known to many of us as an avid hunter and his presentation entitled, Wild Nation, focused on the history of hunting animals in the USA. When focusing on that history the subject can be broken down into the three subject areas of Exploitation, Conservation and Challenges. Joe informed us that even though some folks are against hunting, he believes that hunting is fine if it leads to no waste of the prey. In other words, don’t kill animals purely with the intent of harvesting certain parts of the animal to satisfy a commercial market.
This is descriptive of the Exploitation that was a large part of our country’s early development, a time period when hunting evolved from the European version that was limited to the wealthy and elite, to something that was easily available to the masses. And even though the initial supply was huge, many species of animals were hunted to near extinction. Joe displayed numerous pictures that revealed scenes in which hunters are shown with a bounty of dead animal carcasses that were harvested for one single part of their bodies, such as bones, hides or pure sport of killing the animal.
As activists and politicians began to understand the negative impact of this exploration, our country evolved in to an era of conservation. The Conservation period is signified largely by efforts to protect species of wild animals and wild lands through laws to limit hunting to the extent that species are allowed to exist and flourish and to also protect the lands that provide habitat for game. An example of this process could be seen as the evolution from the Homestead Act, which promoted the unfettered development of the West, to the establishment of national parks and wilderness areas that protected large swaths of land from development and provided access to the masses. One concept exemplifying this evolution is the Seven Sisters Model that views wild as a public trust resource, outlaws market hunting provides for lawful control of hunting, views wildlife as an international resource, utilizes science as a tool to manage wildlife and promote democracy for hunting evolved to conservation extended from 1842-1950.
Today, the population of many species is growing and is faced with challenges related to the management and ownership of parks and wilderness, furthering responsible hunting, issues related to invasive species. Advocacy related to all of the above is necessary for the evolution of responsible hunting. 
Joe ran out of time but his talk was so interesting that we wanted to stay for more.
Once again, a stellar presentation from one of our own.          
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