DECEMBER 4, 2018


Betsy West


Brandi Miller, always a winner
Betsy West….sorry


 Carol Willison from DVSSP


 Carol Keller from the California Club


  • Salvation Army bell ringing organized by Jim Uram on December 1. This was a successful day in spite of the cold/rainy weather and Jim thanked all of the Rotarians who braved the weather and volunteered.
  • Christmas Parade on December 7; volunteers needed to report and help organize at 5:00 pm.
  • Rotary Christmas Party at Lone Pine on Tuesday, December 11. There is no regular luncheon meeting that day.
  • If you have not registered check with Diane Ambrose or Susan Price by Monday morning perhaps there has been a cancellation. The food will be great and there is great joy in celebrating some Holiday Season with fellow Rotarians.
  • Club Board Meeting scheduled after this meeting. Issues and discussions will be reported to membership on December 18.
  • Lisa Hannum the Executive Director of DVSSP will be inducted into membership on December 18.
  • Dave Hart reported he is having some mobility issues and pain and has not been able to attend meetings. The cause and issues have not been determined and tests are forthcoming this week. Dave reported his Foundation duties are being fulfilled (we knew they would be). Give Dave a call, email or send him a card (724-222-5557 or

HAPPY $$$$$ 

  • Jim Uram gave $$$ to thank the volunteers at the bell ringing on Saturday; rain was not helpful
  • Diane Ambrose: $$ update on Christmas Party and spoke about the Mission-Library partnership to benefit the residents to help train them for jobs. Citizens offers Gale courses for free on-line on professional development and technology.   Donations of used computers or terminals would be greatly appreciated to use at the Domestic Violence Shelter and allow those clients to earn credits or certifications. This appeal for computers was made by Susan Price as a member of the Board of DVSSP. Susan and Diane have been trying to talk this through over the past week and hope to come up with a solution beneficial to the Library as well as the DVSSP clients.
  • Andy Uram: just happy today with a “Merry Christmas” to everyone.
  • Phil Rush: new picture for his driver’s license – what a difference four years can make.
  • Bill West: happy to see Tom Gladden back at the meeting today.
  • Betsy West: wore a red sweater and the Washington Chorale thought she was dressed to sing…no sorry not today!
  • Brandi Miller: helped with a roofing project in Washington over the weekend and why not take advantage of 65degree weather on Sunday.
  • Susan Priest: happy you can still hear great seasonal music on Saturday and over the weekend. Those dates for performances were in last week’s Washingtonian and were in the O-R. There was a good spot on WJPA also.
  • Nan Sninsky: going to Harrisburg right after the meeting and it is for work, not fun but could it become a combination? Safe journey Nan!
  • John Tecklenburg: recognizedTom Gladdenfor 60 years with the Washington Co Bar Association and Tom was honored at the Bar Association dinner over the weekend.
  • John Hopper: just happy to see everyone at the meeting today and so many happy ones.
  • Tom Drewitz: happy to have heard the Washington Chorale promoted on WESA …on air!
  • Susan Price: happy to have NO boot, NO cane and NO more PT needed! Talk about Merry Christmas.
  • Lars Lange: $$ bought a “Rachel” pie at the Bar Association Dinner and invites as many as can find their way to Marianna to come for the Christmas Parade on Saturday at 1:00.
  • Carol Keller: happy that Ken and Tom are getting her to some of our meetings and we hope she enjoys our gatherings.
  • Ken Baker: happy 70 people enjoyed the Christmas Celebration for the Jazz Society and there was great food and of course GREAT Jazz.
  • Shirley Moore: happy and grateful for the life and legend of Bush 41 truly a Life of Service
  • Kathy Sabol: happy for a great Bar Association dinner that raised $10,000 for the Bar Foundation and the honors for Tom Gladden and the late Chuck Keller.


  1. No regular meeting at W&J on December 11; report to Lone Pine for a great party.
  2. December 18 meeting at W&J, last meeting for 2018, induction of a new member and voting on our new leadership team for 2019.
  3. Give Dave Hart a call, card or call as Dave is always the one who reaches out to members who have been missing due to health concerns and now it’s time to return the favor.
ROTARIAN MARY JO PODGURSKI was honored as 2018 Best of the Best Person of the Year. A great article appeared in the latest edition of “Living in Washington County”. We Rotarians always knew “Nonnie” was the best-of-the-best and we are all proud to claim her as a part of our Rotary Club. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
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