AUGUST 7, 2018 


Bill West


Karen Reese told you last week you might win!                                                                                                            Bill Mesler…sorry that $$ wasn’t to be yours


Joann Naser, Director of Development at TRPL guest of Nan Sninsky
Kathy Pienkoski from Citizens Library for member Diane Ambrose
MaryJo Podgurski’s granddaughters, Lily and Jai Gough ….always fun to have them with  us
8 Peer Educatiors from MaryJo’s Teen Outreach Program

In Rembrance of Nat Roe

In recognition of fellow Rotarian Nat Roe of his recent passing, both Bill West and Dave Hart spoke to the service Nat gave to his community, church, world, and his family. During his years of Rotary Service Nat gave about 15 Paul Harris Awards to both family and friends.


Dave recognized Bill Allison on achieving another level of giving to the Rotary Foundation. Dave said of Bill “you never have to ask, he just gives you a check.” Congratulations Bill and Thank you to Dave for all he does for our Foundation Giving.


  1. PONY Baseball begins this Friday, August 10. Volunteer schedule for the souvenir stand are available. If you cannot meet your obligation please arrange for someone to cover your time. PONY PICNIC is on Friday at the Washington Park in the Kiwanis Shelter. All are invited for lunch to talk with some of the players and coaches and yes, have lunch! Some help may be needed to setup and cleanup….it is also fun!!
  2. Rotary Board will meet next week following the regular meeting. This will be important as it will be a review of our Club investments and what action may be taken. Joe Marsh of Station Capital will address this with the Board.
  3. Cash Bash tickets were distributed by JOE P. Next week Joe and Rich will present a program about the CASH BASH and all of the options open to us in selling tickets. One will be the ability to pay on-line with a link to the O-R page. We will need to listen carefully and if you have enjoyed the presentation today on Social Media you know you are able to use Social Media to help SELL-SELL-SELL. To be successful we must use all options available to us.
  4. Washington County Historical Society will hold their annual “Spirits in the Garden”, August 31 from 6:00-10:00 in Madeline’s Garden. The cost for tickets is $40 and combines distilled spirits with the Spirits of Washington County’s past. The “First Lady of Washington”, Madeline LeMoyne Reed, will be celebrating her 175thbirthday!


  • Susan Priest: happy for Boston Crème Pie available with lunch (her favorite); happy to report about a reunion at the Main Pavilion and they reported the new restrooms are great! It is beginning to show Rotary is busy behind the scenes.
  • Bill Mesler: $5.00 Happy Dollar$$$$ for 5 grand kids in Disney and what a great time they all had.
  • John Hopper: happy that today the average age of attendance dropped by 2/3 thanks to all of our guests!
  • John Tecklenburg: happy to report Dorothy does not have mono but rather they found to have black mold and they hope to be back home by Thursday. Be well Dorothy and we know you will feel a lot better when you are home.
  • MaryJo Podgurski: $5.00 due to happiness with her “young people” presenting the program today.
  • John Quale: $2.00 worth of happiness due to quality “face time” with his granddaughter and he was born 61 years ago in Washington Hospital with no clothes and lots more hair than he has now!
  • Joe Piszczor: very happy for the support and with Rich they are ready to make LOTS of $$$ and it will be more real once the program is over next week and everyone will see how easy this will be!
  • Kathy Pienkowsky: happy the Library and the Numismatic Association will have an Isalys  Ice Cream program at the Spring House on August 9 at 7:00; Cost is $15 and naturally ice cream (remember the skyscraper cones?) Learn Islay’s history and have some great treats.
  • Joe Manning: Happy Birthday dollar for John Quale
  • Dave Moore: happy someone reminded him that he was married 64 years ago; HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SHIRLEY AND DAVE.

PROGRAM:  Social Media

MaryJo’s peer educators presented a program about social media and understanding the on-line experience.  An exchange on social media can be fun but can end up in a hurtful and stressful experience that can be embarrassing to you in real life. People need to be cautioned that on-line is NOT necessarily real life. This can and will also affect adult relationships but can be most dangerous for children.
As the Director of Washington Healthy System Teen Outreach Mary Jo and the peer educators have the mission to instill RESPECT and positive ways to use social media when communicating.
The teens joined each table and led a game when each given a card face down…don’t look, place on your forehead and other identify the media without using the actual term…good guessing!
Great reactions at the tables followed by great questions and discussion at the tables but also following the “game” the team members happily fielded questions and even stayed behind with any further discussion!
The Teen Outreach Program is offering two workshops for parents this summer on Making Sense of Social Media.The workshops will deal with best on-line practices along with interactive games will benefit both parents and students. 
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