OCTOBER 23, 2018


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Joe Piszczor introduced Amy Weinstock to us. Amy is from Washington and is an HR software consultant
Justin Dandoy introduced fellow W&J staff member Rachel Stalker and W&J students Grace Aeror and Caitlynn Becker who work with Justin on the Community Engagement initiative at W&J. If you were not in attendance there is more to come.


  1. Dave Hart recognized PDG Bob Hillberry for reaching another level of giving to the Rotary Foundation. Dave emphasized the fact that a little donation here and there from members when put together with the Foundation can achieve wonderful things both locally and internationally. Remember that money put into the Foundation can be used to support ALL efforts by Rotarians…inquire and ask is all it takes. Dave knows ALL of the ins and outs of Foundation giving (and receiving). Thank you both for your amazing efforts.
  2. DISTRICT 7330 FOUNDATION CARRIBEAN CELEBRATION  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 At NEMACOLIN CC in Beallsville, PA. Registration can be on-line OR you have access to “paper” forms at the meetings. Join in the celebration—you will be pleased that you attended. Club support is in the form of an ad in the program, several auction items donated by members as well as one paid for by the Club. Your individual support/ attendance is needed and appreciated. There has been a movement on to combine our District 7330 with District 7300 and should that happen no one seems to know the outcomes.


  • Cell phone use during meetings was brought to the Board and today to an open meeting. President Bill suggested co-operation to silence the ringtone so as to not interrupt the meetings. He also mentioned he realizes that important people meet in the room every Tuesday and they have things going on in their lives but let’s push back from the “screen” for an hour every Tuesday. Fines MAY be in the future!
  • Dictionary update given by Andy and he announced the project is almost completed.
  • Roadside cleanup project was announced again by Andy (he is involved!) and is scheduled for Saturday November 3.Breakfast at Denny’s at 8:00 am (tradition) and gathering at the Jessop Exit Park ‘n Ride about 9:00am. All volunteers are to meet at the Park ‘n Ride and YOUR SERVICE is needed and appreciated.
  • Dave Hart announced a $500 donation to the Pavilion Fund by SAM’s CLUB through Manager Chris Solvesky. Dave made comments during the recent Grand Reopening event last Friday. THANK YOU to Chris and SAM’s for their generosity. This was followed up with a letter from the Club President.
  • Former Rotarian and LONG TIME Rotary GuRu Bill Speakman update: slow progress but improving. Calls appreciated and his number: 724-944-3080. 
  • For the Good of The Club: Joe P announced that we were the BEST represented Club at One Rotary Summit. The vision plan for moving forward with Rotary will be posted on the website and you are asked to please read and understand as Rotary is making important adjustments. Kudos to the one non-Rotarian who participated in the Summit, he was an outstanding participant and SHOULD be a Rotarian.
  • Just wanted to share.


  • October 30: Meeting in the ballroom for the Avenues of Service Awards Luncheon
  • November 3: Roadside cleanup
  • November 10: Foundation Dinner  -- come out and wear your best Island attire (no bathing suits/shorts); also the Veterans Day Parade in Washington and Rotary is an invested participant.
  • November 13: Joint Service Club Luncheon in the Ballroom at our regular meeting time and we will be honoring a Club member. Come and mingle with those Clubs who love to come here for this luncheon meeting.
  • Holiday pie orders are due before November 8 so that we can get the numbers to C-H-S (Canonsburg-Houston-Southpointe) and you can get your pies here at our meeting on November 15. The Club will need to confirm that delivery date as it is a Thursday and as you know we do not meet that day! Delivery date to be clarified and more on that next Tuesday.

PROGRAM: W&J community Engagement program

Justin Dandoy brought some guests who are actively involved in the Community Engagement program at W&J. This is a requirement of first year students but once they are involved and realize the importance to their new “home” as well as to they themselves it becomes a part of them. This program began in 1998 with an outreach program but has exploded and in 2018 the students are involved in 21 projects, 13 community partners and 245 students are involved. Some of the initiatives served with this project are: Washington Health Systems, City Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Domestic Violence Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Literacy Council. Rotarian Diane Ambrose applauded the job they did at Citizens Library making it sparkle like the GEM it is! Students work with the Teen Outreach (MaryJo) program on tutoring and general scheduling and supervision at the Teen Center.
The feedback from the student participants as well community members has been extremely positive. Tom Drewitz congratulates W&J and Justin on the increased engagement by students and expressed how 25 years ago there was no evidence uptown of the students and the college…happily that has changed. Those students who worked with the CASH BASH were outstanding and saved the members a great deal of “pain”. Bob Hillberry asked if this is a year round program and the answer is YES! 
The membership was very receptive to the speakers and to Justin and now that we all know and understand what Justin’s function is at W&J we will all be on board to help him as much as possible to work with Trinity and Wash Hi to develop an Interact Program as well as a Rotaract at the College. This all seems to be a big puzzle we can all help to put together.
Washington Rotary
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