Fr. William Feeney 
Non-traditional Rotary invocation:
Susan Price


Bill Mesler (again) 


The Club was honored to have 18 guests to hear Gene Steratore. Included in that number were visiting Rotarians Roy Zoog from Bridgeville; Brian Schill from the Upper St Clair-Bethel Park Breakfast Club (he went there before joining us); Colleen Arnowitz from the Charleroi Club; Carol Keller and Richard Feldstein.


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  2. Trivia Night Friday March 8 is getting closer. Please remember your responsibilities for that project. This is a tremendous FUNraiser but again involves lots of support from the membership. Gifts, auction items, donations please contact either BRANDI (aka Mandi) Miller or SUSAN Price and don’t forget NAN Sninsky.

HAPPY $$$$$

  • Dick Feldstien happy $5.00  for story about Gene and Brett Farbe
  • Phil Rush happy for the 2ndand 3rdgeneration of family with him today
  • Tom Drewitz happy for all of our visitors and please note “ALL of our meetings are fun” Consider joining in on the FUN…you’re always welcome and we’re always looking for new members. 
  • Colleen Arnowitz just happy to visit Washington again and to be here to see Gene!
  • Susan Priest happy to have E-filed her tax return and got her refund deposited in her checking account within 8 days WOW…Everyone wanted to know who she knew to get such service
  • Jim Uram celebrated his 32 years in Rotary and he paid for his years! Thanks to Mike Pecosh for letting him know.
  • Tom Uram thankful for his 36 years in Rotary and his honor of being named Chairman of the Committee for minting commemorative coins. The last coin minted was the one for the moon landing and Andy got to meet the last man to land on the moon, Charles Duke.
  • Joe Manning left behind flyers for a fundraiser for his campaign and to announce Tripp Kline will come out of retirement to be the auctioneer at said event.
  • Brian Schill $5.00 happy dollars always thankful to be welcomed at our meetings
  • Tripp Kline thankful for 15 years as a member and recalls when Trivia Night was held in the basement of Citizens Library (35 people in attendance)
  • Bill Mesler $2.00 happy dollars because Sandy could join him today and their oldest granddaughter has turned 15 
  • Lisa Hannum enjoyed the information on the Brownlee House program, she stopped to see the House and met with Betsie Trew who helped expedite a wedding at the House.
  • Mike Pecosh gave $4.00 Happy Dollars…$1.00 for the Loveliest Mesler being with us; a second $1.00 for Father Feeney’s presence; third $1.00 for Tim Warco coming today; fourth $1.00 for his wife Lindsey who always says “It’s Gene, It’s Gene” when she hears him on CBS or when he was officiating a game.

PROGRAM: Gene Steratore

Phil Rush was called upon to introduce Gene to the group although he needs little introduction, there were some in the room who have not heard him in person. 
Gene Steratore, former NFL Referee and current rules interpreter for CBS Sports, opened his presentation with comments about visiting our Rotary Club and some of his former visits. Explaining how his retirement from “the field” and how it transitioned to an office in NYC on game days came about. Gene had been talked with ESPN as well as CBS and made the move with the encouragement of his family after spending three decades officiating football as well as NCAA basketball.
Gene realized and hated to recognize his body was not able to keep the pace needed along with hundreds of days traveling…time to give it up. Not much time expired before a formal offer to serve as an analyst came from CBS.
Questions discussed:
  1. When is a catch NOT a catch (Steelers Jesse James NOT a catch)
  2. Pass interference – Saints game against the Rams
  3. A safety issue for officials after games has become a very serious problem especially following the Saints –Rams game. Officials had to be taken from their hotel with security and moved to another hotel as their lives were threatened as were the lives of their families.
  4. Some questions from the audience regarding issues from past visits to the Club.
Following the questions Gene was presented a thank-you gift of appreciation by Club President Bill Price and President-Elect Andy Goudy.
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