AUGUST 20, 2019


Bill West                                               


President Andy welcomed all to the meeting and happy most of the concrete work is completed and access was much easier this week.  Brad Montgomery (our capable AG) reported 30 members in attendance no visiting Rotarians or guests. Today’s speaker will be introduced by Tom Northrop.


  1. President Andy introduced Bob Wicker for a report on Pony Baseball. Bob thanked all volunteers especially those who did double time at the souvenir stand.
  2. Reminder to all that the Service Awards luncheon will be on October 29 in the ballroom. Forms are available online and at the meetings.
  3. President Andy announced the club will be getting prepared for the District Governor Jim Hahn’s visit on September 3. ALL are asked to make a concerted effort to attend the meeting and to have a chance to meet DG Jim.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Bill Allison happy to agree with Bob’s report on coverage at PONY games.
  • Mike Pecosh happy to be a part of the Mental Health Community and sad for the loss of Tripolis in the accident.
  • Brandi Miller
    • supporting United Way/Literacy Council FUNraiser on Wednesday at Atria’s—good food, baskets auctions, 50/50 and dress for the 80s (Brandi admits she is ready to claim the prize for BEST 80s outfit);
    • support for the Scholar’s Bowl Trivia Event being held in October.
  • John Hopper echoed the remembrance for Paul Tripoli and wife as John’s children and theirs grew up together and Paul will be remembered for his sidewalk clients.
  • Karen Reese thanks Rotary for the great support of the PONY tournament and for the great games despite the weather.
  • John Rodgers  gave an update on Bill Speakman, still in rehab facility and not always happy due to physical therapy 3 times a week
  • Joe Manning gave a happy dollar for time spent at Nemacolin Woodlands and when leaving he spotted the arrival of one you cannot miss – Tom Drewitz (difficult to avoid seeing/hearing).
  • Jim Uram  happy that he and his brother Thomas went to Chicago for the Chicago Coin Show (Tom speaks, Jim drives)

PROGRAM: Urbex Photography 

Today’s speaker, Brook Ward, was introduced by Northrop.

Brook is the current, new CEO and President of the Washington Health System. Brook said the program had nothing to do with the hospital but did give a brief update on the expansion of the maternity ward.
Brook’s other interest (passion) is photography and reported with photos about Urbex, photography of abandoned urban buildings including ones at Chernobyl. He also has dome photography for the O.R. on the Pittsburgh Steelers. 
Brook takes all types of photos of abandoned buildings with camera in hand and uses some drone photography.  The abandoned buildings and man-made structures must have some historical interest and be abandoned by the owners. He keeps location of his work secret to protect it from others that may seek to damage the area in some way.
Photos were divided into locations such as Pittsburgh, Detroit, Brownsville, and Chernobyl. This was a very interesting and thought-provoking program followed by numerous questions. We have all seen “urban decay” whether in our own area or in a neighborhood we knew at one time.
Brook has photographed the interior of the former YMCA/TRIPIL building to provide before and after shots of the construction process. This is a great example of reusing or reframing of an old unused structure.
Mike Pecoshwas especially interested in photos of Brownsville. Can you guess why?? If you cannot you haven’t paid attention at our past meetings!! 


Joe Manning was HAPPY
Bill Allison was happy to lead the 4-Way Test
Thank you all for attending and if you didn’t make it, come next week but CONSIDER attending on SEPTEMBER 3. 
District Clubs are meeting in clusters due to the size of the District with the recent merger and DG Hahn requested a singular meeting with the Washington Club…as we are not part of a cluster. Last week there was a “cluster meeting” of all the Clubs in the Mon Valley as an example. With the District now having over 80 Clubs the Clubs have been separated into “clusters”.
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