September 9, 2019

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Dave Hart to give the invocation.
Brad Montgomery  reported the attendance: 30 members and 4 visitors.

Guests were:

Christine Hainer, our speaker,

visiting Rotarians

Carol Keller from the California club
Tyler Cox from the Murraysville-Export club,
and a surprise visitor, former member and past President of the club: J. R. Shaw.


  • President Andy reminded the board that there will be a meeting after next week’s meeting.
  • Susan Price admitted to shameless promotion of the Domestic Violence Services fundraiser on October 16th. As a sponsoring organization this year, Rotary has two tickets (value $120) and she announced that next week everyone will have an opportunity to pay a mere $5.00 for a chance to win those tickets.
  • John Hopper reminded the club that the deadline for nominations for the Annual Service Awards for Community Service, International Service, and Vocational Service is October 1st. He lifted a list of local organizations from the WCCF, and offered the list to any member to use as a chance to spark members to consider persons who are involved in one of them as being worth of nomination. He has only 4 nominations so far. (We Rotarians are inevitably last minute people, but let’s ease his anxiety and get going on nominations
  • Dave Hart said that he had recently spoken with former member Bill Speakman, who is still in rehabilitation, but working towards getting home again.
  • President Andy called attention to the information at every table about a Candidates Forum to  enable us to make informed decisions about county elections in November. It is being sponsored by the NAACP, and will be held on Monday, September 16 at the Court House Square building at 7:00 pm.

Happy Dollars

  • President Andy had a confession dollar. Turns out HE had last week’s winning 50-50 ticket, but never checked his pocket. 
  • Bill Price was happy to welcome Tyler from Murraysville-Export club, where he (Bill) enjoyed their fundraiser of a “Low Country Boil” last week. 
  • J. R. Shaw was happy to be here, and teased us with “will return soon”.
  • Tom Drewitz was happy to see J.R. again
  • John Tecklenburg was happy, first to remind us that Thursday, September 12 is the annual WCCF “Day of Giving” where donations to local non-profits are matched by a foundation fund; and secondly promoted the O-R “Best of the Best” which happens to offer the chance to vote for favorite museum (suggested PERHAPS the Bradford House) and favorite festival (suggested Rotary favorite Whiskey Rebellion Festival) and finally Person of the Year nominee: our own Thomas Northrop.
  • Susan Priest: Happy for a great trip, happy to be back, and happy to see J. R.
  • John Hopper: Happy to be back from Costa Rica, happy for Brandi Butler sending out nomination forms for the service awards, and happy to be able to offer the WCCF cheat sheet.
  • Mike Pecosh: Happy that his friend and last year’s international service award winner Dr. Eliason has been named as pastor of California Presbyterian Church.
  • Joe Piszczor: Happy to see the founder of the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, J. R. Shaw, and happy to join John Tecklenburg in promoting WCCF’s Day of Giving.
  • Brandy Butler: Happy that when proposed MC for the Scholar’s Bowl on October 12 had to bow out, the Literacy Council has signed on Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughn, and happy to announce the deadline for registrations has been extended to October 1. Let’s get a Rotary team together.
  • Guest Tyler Cox was happy to be with us, and that last week’s Low Country Boil was blessed with great weather and a good turn-out.
  • Joe Marsh: Happy to see J. R. Also, as a Wide Receiver for a championship Wittenberg College football team, to see them playing W&J (although W&J did win the game.)
  • Jim Uram: Happy to receive a birthday card from the club.
  • John Quayle: Happy for the plant the club sent and for all the cards, calls, and other condolences received from club members on the loss of his mother.
  • Joe Manning: Happy for out “surprise” guest J. R. Shaw, although he confessed he had known J. R. was coming, but it slipped his mind.
  • Ken Baker was happy about the upcoming series of Jazz brunches, schedules on each table.

District Activities


Program: Operation Christmas Child

Susan Priest introduced Christine Hainer, with Samaritan’s Purse, and local coordinator and advocate for Operation Christmas Child.
OCC started as an idea of Dave Cook of Wales in 1993, who contacted Franklin Graham about the millions of children around the world who had so little. He made it a project for Samaritan’s Purse. In its first year, 28,000 boxes were distributed.  Last year that number distributed was 168,000,000.
This year there is a new box, 25% larger than before, because so many have expressed disappointment that they cannot fit in all they would like to give. Boxes are divided into Boys and Girls. Age ranges are: 2-4, 5-9, 10-14.
She strongly recommended including in each box some school supplies, sometimes a child MUST provide his or her own tablet and pencil to attend school. Deflated soccer balls with a pump are popular gifts for boys, and dolls for girls. 
Due to restrictions: no toothpaste or candy are allowed by some countries. No liquids, since they can leak and ruin a box, and even the whole carton of boxes. Of course, nothing fragile or potentially hazardous should ever be included. 
She stressed the most important item to include is prayer for the recipient. 
All 50 states and 8 countries collect boxes, which come in to collection centers the week before Thanksgiving. Locally the main collection center is the Bible Chapel in McMurray, but Christine has a drop-off center at South Franklin Community Hall, the township generously donating the location. 
Once collected locally, boxes go to 8 processing centers in the US. Nearest one to us is in Maryland. Volunteers check each box, starting the day before Thanksgiving and working 10 to 10 every day for 10 days (excepting Thanksgiving Day itself.) Each box gets a short Gospel of Jesus booklet in one of 82 languages, as well as a 12 lesson Discipleship program. Completion of the Discipleship program earns the person a complete New Testament, again in the local language.
A few years ago, Christine was part of a group which traveled to Kampala, Uganda, to aid in distribution. At security in the Netherlands, where they changed planes, a security guard saw Christine’s shirt with the OCC logo, and thanked her: “You gave my child a box.”
In Uganda, distribution was done as a surprise to the children. At every stop the children performed for the visitors, and then were given their boxed. One told Christine: “We have nothing to give to you.” Her response: “You gave of yourselves.”
The $9.00 cost asked for each box covers the shipping and the local language materials provided with each box.
There is a Full Circle Speakers program which provides speakers who now are in the US, and who were recipients of boxes as children. A speaker who received a box in Romania years ago will be speaking at Abundant Life Baptist Church, on Cameron Road, on October 10th.
President Andy thanked Christine for a great presentation, and presented her with Rotary mug. 


Ken Baker Winner
Karen Reese Non-winner
Karen led us in the 4-way test.
Washington Rotary
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