JANUARY 30, 2018


Bill West                                                                                                         


Bill West the WINNER
Ken Baker was NOT the winner


Mike Minder a potential new member from ARC Human Services

HAPPY $$$$: 

  • John Rogers gave $103 to honor his father’s 103rd birthday in mid-January and to celebrate his life. John’s father passed away on Monday but John feels fortunate to be able to Celebrate his Father’s Outstanding Life.
  • Mike Pecosh happy for “unity” of spirit on this day of the State of the Union address.
  • Justin Dandoy happy his Mom has recovered after a health scare while in Florida…home and doing well, seeing to have bounced back….reason to be happy!
  • Tom Uram happy to celebrate and honor Andy on his 97th birthday and CHEERS to Kentucky for win over WVU.
  • Bob Wicker gave a happy $$ because he didn’t want to be the only person at the table to NOT give one!
  • Susan Price happy to witness that even adults, ie Bob Wicker, can yield to peer pressure!
  • John Hopper happy to find out he does not have a heart problem but rather sleep apnea!
  • Tom Drewitz daughter and husband both with the flu but improving (thankfully) and John, you will be happy with your C-pap.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski happy for a successful Washington’s Got Talent event with 3 great winners and always happy and thankful for the financial and volunteer support.
  • Jim Uram happy to celebrate Dad’s 97th with $100 donation and pushing tickets for a purse raffle (5 for $20)
  • Ken Baker happy to recognize John Roger’s father’s birthday and his life.
  • Joe Manning happy for Mike Minder (ARC) becoming a member and “hope he’s better than the last guy” We all know this was a joke…right?? Really Joe we do understand!!
  • Warren Lemley says “WVU took defeat out of the mouth of victory”. (Tom Uram agrees totally).
  • Betsy West really happy to see that Gene Steratore is the referee for the Super Bowl and while talking about Super Bowl, Besty has tickets for a great fundraiser to benefit the Food Bank and that is the SOUPER BOWL to be held on February 11 (2-5pm) at the Masonic Lodge. This is a great event for a great  cause, those who are food insecure. BUY TIICKETS from any of those Rotarians selling them!
  • Nan Sninsky happy for a great report on the health of her father-in-law.
  • Joe Piszczor happy for the successful Heritage Tourism Summit on Saturday and for the “State of the District”, District 7330 held on Sunday in Latrobe….good things to come.
  • Bill Mesler happy his entire family not touched by flu and they are all going to Disney.
  • Susan Priest  happy for a loss of 7lbs…she just doesn’t stop!
  • Phil Rush recalls need for a root canal on New Years Day and thankfully since Tom Drewitz retired he helped him with a dentist….HAPPY NEW YEAR PHIL!
  • Rich Podgurski gave $3 and happy to be back and all are happy for his return (W&J celebrated by having new carpeting laid in the meeting room).

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With the return of President Rich and serving the purpose of Club Assembly the membership was updated on the following issues/programs.
  1. State of the District report given by PDG Drewitz. Membership, always an issue, may force the blending of Districts 7330 and 7300 to form a new district. Membership trending downward will force the “blending of the two districts over the next two years”.
  • Foundation giving is going well in 7330. A reported anonymous single donation of $85,000 reinforced the membership giving.
  • Public Image of Rotary and what its Clubs are doing is being led by Joe Piszczor for the next 3 years. Joe presents programs on resources/better use of technology in promoting Rotary.
  1. China Little Flower project being led by Diana Ambrose will have its February fund raising raffle and tickets will be available soon…19-20-21 are the dates to watch the Lottery numbers!
  2. Scholarships for high school seniors has been revamped by President-Elect Price. Members of the Board will review and select each school’s recipient. Deadlines for schools returning the applications is March 23 and the awards luncheon will be held on May 29.
  3. Trivia Night changes in the “baskets” were reviewed to include 12-15 with a higher value. Today’s O-R had a great article on Trivia Night and information on organizing teams and fees were discussed. More to come…
  4. Pavilion Project progressing with funding as roof was completed and the restroom work is beginning. With the second $200,000 from LSA and our other funding streams, the goal of $100,000 for the 3 year project will be met. GREAT NEWS
  5. Membership is remaining steady within our Club with new members being approved and more in line for approval by the Board.
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