Rotary Meeting July 30, 2019

Getting Started

Today’s meeting was at the Doubletree, and President Andy summoned the meeting to order with the delicate clink of utensil to water glass, in lieu of a bell.
The invocation and pledge were given by Susan Priest
Brad Montgomery stated that 22 members were in attendance, having successfully remembered where we were meeting today. There were no guests, but we were graced with the presence of two long-time friends of the club and fellow Rotarians:
Ulli Lange from Utah
Carol Keller from the California club.
There was no 50/50, but Brad Montgomery provided a large jug in which members could deposit their would-be purchasing dollars to be ear-marked for the Bondo project.

Foundation Moment

Before going to Announcements, President Andy yielded the floor to Dave Hart, who had a presentation to make. Dr. Andrew Goudy has recently reached the Paul Harris +2 level of support for the foundation, and Dave presented him with a pin signifying this achievement. When offered a chance to speak, the Mr. Goudy stated that this was a great honor, and he was glad that his points had transferred with him when he moved from Delaware back to Washington.

Happy Dollars!

  1. Dorothy Tecklenburg was happy to share that her son and girl friend had been able to obtain tickets to a favorite television show: Task Master. It is taped in England, and the show was floored to discover that the audience members who had come the furthest wer two Americans who had travelled just to attend. They received the royal treatment, being treated to two shows (they had tickets to only one), the props from the shows, access to the green room, and more. 
  2. Susan Priest was happy about the wonderful article about our Beds for Bondo project which appeared in Sunday’s Observer Reporter. Kudos to Dorothy Tecklenburg for writing it, to Liz Rogers for finding a place for it in the paper, and ESPECIALLY to Angeline East for inspiring it.
  3. Susan Price happy to be back from Saint Louis where the heat last week reached 101 (heat index 118)
  4. Tom Drewitz was happy, but also humbled, to announce that his “little girl” is expecting another baby. Time has a way of getting away from all of us. Also happy that the article on Beds for Bondo will be featured in the District Newsletter.
  5. Brandi Miller was happy for two events. The United Way Patio Party to benefit the Literacy Council will be held at Atria’s on August 21 from 5 to 7:30. The theme will be the 80’s and the $20 fee will benefit the Literacy Council. She also had brouchures about the 1stAnnual Scholar’s Bowl Trivia Event, to be held on October 12th.
  6. Betsy West was happy to announce some GREAT Farmers’ Market events for the next two Thursdays. This Thursday, the theme is Beach Party. Anyone wearing a beach shirt will be eligible for a prize. Next week, the theme is built around Digger the Dog, the mascot of Columbia Gas (call before you dig). There will be a special cake, and there will be a police canine demonstration. Dog ears available to all kids.
  7. Angeline was happy for the newspaper article on the Bondo project, and has forwarded it to Kenya.
  8. Ken Baker was happy to be back from Library Story Hours (he was doing grandpa duties) and also to announce a great lineup of Jazz Brunches for the rest of the year.  He distributed copies of the schedule to each table.
  9. Jim Uram was happy to have his left retina back together, thanks to Dr. Salvitti, but is flying half blind for now, relying on right eye only.
  10. Ulli Lange was happy to be starting the family bike tour from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, which starts on Saturday, and for the help from Rotarians in connecting incoming Germans with equipment. (Ever tried to fly with a bicycle?)

Program: Club Assembly

President Andy started by covering somethings brought up at the last board meeting:
Dave Moore reported that Rotary International dues will be raised for the club. We will be charged .50 more per member in twice-yearly bills. We also were distributing previously committed funds to: Whiskey Rebellion Festival, $1,500. Main Street Farmers’ Market, $1,500. Washington Teen Outreach, $500.
Fund Raisers were discussed. The board is not sure about another Cash Bash. It was approved in principle, but we need to work out details on running it.
Bill Price recommended to the board that the club purchase an additional 250 dictionaries during the Dictionary Project, and to donate them to the Literacy Council. This was approved by the board.
John Quayle told the board that the PA system at Pony Field needs to be addressed, but the board felt they needed to know more before making a commitment.

Other Annoucements:

Pony Picnic next Friday at noon at the Kiwanis Pavilion. Kiwanis is running it this year. Main duty is to show up around noon, eat picnic food, and get to know the great kids who are here to challenge themselves on the field. And if anyone wants, the Kiwanis would not object if you were to stay until 1:30 and help in clean-up.


We still have three slots open for the souvenir booth. We have filled 26 of 29 slots.
We still need to fill:
  • August 9 at 5:15 pm
  • August 11 at 6:45 pm
  • August 15 at 6:15 pm
Contact Bob Wicker at if you can help.

Community Service:

Angeline East is getting ready to contact the schools about the Dictionary Project, once they are back in session. A date will be set later for the fall roadside cleanup, and Jim Uram has offered to be the contact person with the Salvation Army for the December bell-ringing.
Vocational Service chair John Hopper was not able to attend the meeting, but Susan Priest informed the club that the Ballroom at the college is booked for October 29 for the Vocational Service Awards.

International Service:

Dorothy Tecklenburg says that another Rotary Club has pledged $2.000 for the Bondo project, and that she is writing a grant application for a District Grant for $5,000. With our own fund-raisers we may be able to complete the project, purchasing all items on the wish list, including baby cots and incubators, as well as additional beds and mattresses. 

Club Service:

Diane Ambrose stated that she will be working on the Christmas Party. A date and location will be forthcoming. Input about this is welcome.
Dave Hart announced that local artist Carolyn Johnson, who has been generous to the club in the past, has, at age 96, moved into senior housing. Dave asked if she had any paintings she might give the club, and she gave us 16. He asks the club to think about the best way, or ways, to turn these paintings, many of which are already framed, into funds, which he would like to dedicate to the Bondo project.
There was no 50/50. Dorothy Tecklenburg offered to act as loser (NON-WINNER, she was reminded was the correct term) and lead us in the four-way test from memory.
President Andy tinged the glass to mark the end of the meeting
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