JANUARY 29,  2019


Susan Priest


Bill Me$ler
John Quale  $orry


Carole Keller  always welcome and she adds to the Joy of the Club.


Andy Uram celebrated his 98thBirthday over the weekend. Andy was present on this very cold day and received a rousing ovation.
Mary Jo Podgurski was having surgery Tuesday. At her Washington’s Got Talent event on Sunday MJ gave Susan Price $20 to donate for Happy Dollars that reflected MJ’s loyalty and strength in spite of her upcoming surgery.  She said that the first $10 is in gratitude to Rotary for support of our fundraiser, Washington’s Got Talent. The second $10 is in gratitude for all the prayers I  know you will send me.
We wish her a speedy and complete recovery.


from Board decisions on January 22.
  1. Board review of the Club events that will take place from not to June 30th2019.
  • TRIVIA NIGHT: preparations are ongoing; Volunteers, Club team and donations of baskets, cards, etc are needed. See Brandi, Susan or Nan with any items or donations you may have.
  • KENYA PROJECT: Valentine’s Day ticket sale continues as Dorothyclarified ticket issues. A total sale of these will net $2,500 for the project. We can do it and it is hoped everyone will go out and sell these…someone HAS to win and how great if you sell a friend or family the winning ticket!
  • STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS: efforts begin in late March, early April; Board members or any Club member wishing to be a part of the selection committee step forward. The Scholarship Luncheon will be held in the Ballroom on May 28.
  • PRESIDENT’S NIGHT: in June hopefully will be scheduled in the Community Pavilion; Betsy West will head the committee to organize. This will be an opportunity to “show off” our accomplishments at the Pavilion. This is the time for Leadership change over and Andy Goudy will be taking over as President and will be looking for volunteers to help achieve those Rotary Goals which will be established for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year.
  1.  Expenditures made on projects
  • Officer Phil booklet for elementary students in co-operation with the City Police $199
  • Approved donations of 180 dictionaries to the Literacy Council now under the able leadership of Brandi Miller; approved participation in the BABY BOOKBAG Program for $1000.
  • Washington’s Got Talent event as part of Teen Outreach program gave our $500 donation and checks of $250 and $50 as part of the “pay it forward” to support tickets sales. (The $50 was collected in cash on January 22)
  • China Little Flower acknowledgement letter of receipt of our $2500 donation. Letter also invited us to visit if we happen to be in Beijing. Thanks to the Tecklenburg’s .


  • Dave Hart: happy for Joe Piszczor’s wonderful presentation last week. The presentation was not only interesting but also educational for many of us.
  • Ken Baker: supporting the Jazz Brunch to be held this coming Sunday at the President’s Pub.
  • Lisa Hannum: looking for help with the Stategic/Long Range Plan at the meeting several weeks ago, was given a name by a Rotarian and has an appointment with them today to get started on this for DVSSP; thank you to Justin Dandoy for all of his help in getting volunteers for DVSSP; Justin will be missed.
  • Justin Dandoy: attending his last meeting before leaving W&J and gave $15 for his 15 months of membership in our Rotary Club and plans to continue with Rotary; Susan gave his contact information to someone who passed it on to the White Oak Club and they have already reached out to him….never let a potential member get away!
  • Bill Mesler: happy to be here today and were we meeting tomorrow he probably wouldn’t have made it.
  • Susan Priest: harassed Joe Manning about picture involving a Russian hat, a freezer and liver. This was all posted on Facebook by Joe’s lovely wife Lynn!
  • Jim Uram: happy Dad here on his 98thBirthday and that Norm Nixon was at the Duquesne game the other night and Norm played for Duquesne and the LA Lakers.
  • Andy Uram: “just happy to be here” and he just got back from a trip to Cape Canaveral with Tom where a commemorative coin was released to honor the Moon Landings and he was honored to sit next to Charles Duke, the last man on the  moon.
  • Brandi Millier: $5.00 to thank Justin for his help and the Literacy Council appreciates the donation of dictionaries and the money to fund the Baby Book Bags.  
  • Carole Keller: so nice to be here and feels welcome but must also thank Tom Drewitz for the rides.
  • John Tecklenburg: promotes the WSO concert on February 17 and the title is “Fire and Ice” and will feature area high school students playing side by side with the WSO musicians.
  • Tom Drewitz: along with Bill and Brad attended the “State of the District” on Sunday. This is held annually mid-way through the Rotary Year. This year there were things to clarify in preparation for the merger of our District 7330 and District 7300 as of July 1 and will become District 7305.


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