October 29, 2019

Rotary Awards Luncheon

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Mike Pecosh to give the invocation.
Brad Montgomery gave the attendance: 35 members and 6 guests:
  • Cheryl Hopper, guest of John Hopper;
  • Robert, Trevor, and Ethan East, guests of Angeline East, Aaron Miller, guests of the Wests,
  • Jay Helmer, soon to be a member.


President Andy informed the club that two members are experiencing health challenges: Tom Gladden was recently released from the hospital and is having home health care. Dorothy Tecklenburg has been readmitted to the hospital following her open heart surgery. He asked members to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. 

Happy dollars:

  • Tom Drewitz is happy that after the meeting he and his wife are off to Maryland to visit children and grandchildren.
  • Susan Price was happy to pass on the news from Tom Northrop that he has his first grandchild, Leighton, who is 3 weeks early and in the Neonatal ICU.
  • Bill Allison was happy to inform us that Tom’s grandchild is now OUT of the NCIU, and that he had seen Tom Gladden, who is weak but in good spirits.
  • Bill West was happy to have his guest Aaron Miller, from the Dreamers Company.
  • Brandi Miller gave one happy dollar for each award recipient, and also for the upcoming second Washington County International Women’s Pot Luck. It will be held at the home of Sally Mounts on November 16. Women from several countries will be bringing familiar dishes from their home countries, and all WOMEN of the club are invited. Sorry, no guys.
  • Ken Baker was happy to announce that the November 17th Jazz Brunch will be “Dan Baker’s Be-bopping Experience.” Dan’s regular group will be augmented with James Moore, the best trumpeter in West Virginia and Scott Boni, sax wizard, Josh Dunleavy, and Greg Thurman from Erie, and a W&J grad.
  • Angeline East was happy for her family’s presence, and said she was praying for Dorothy Tecklenburg.
  • Susan Priest was happy for one more “no coat or jacket Tuesday” this year.
  • Joe Piszczor was happy for to be having a quiet romantic lunch with Kathy Sabol.  

Program: Awards Luncheon

President Andy passed the meeting over to John Hopper, Vocational Service Chair. 
John immediately offered thanks to Brandi Miller and Bill and Susan Price, who pitched in to help when he ended up on a cruise this fall.  He said that there were 14 nominations for the three awards. John also shared two Rotary stories which arose on his cruise: There is a large monument to Rotary in Tenerife, marking the help the local Rotary provided in the expansion of the tourist port. While he was photographing this, and elderly woman asked him if he was a Rotarian and shared her experience with Rotary. As an illegitimate child of a German nurse and a French soldier, in the wake of WWII she was unwanted and discouraged until she was chosen for a Rotary Student Exchange program. Her experiences with her California host family led her to pursue an education, and she is now a retired PhD psychologist, living in California.

The Roy R. Gillespie Community Service Award

The first award was for community service, and John asked Tom Drewitz to introduce the winner: Susan Price. Tom stated he felt embarrassed to offer his nomination to the board, which included Susan, but said if he waited until Susan was not involved with any Rotary committee, the nomination would never happen. As we all know Susan is very active in many community organizations, especially with Domestic Violence of Southwestern Pa. She also is a regular Meals on Wheels driver. 
Susan Accepted the award, stating that the 40 mile round trip from Washington to Burgettstown and back didn’t faze her, but the 36 miles on back country roads in all kinds of conditions for Meals on Wheels was a challenge.
John presented her with award, explaining that Susan had driven to Claysville to pick up all of the plaques, and reported to him that one of them was damaged. Guess which one. John assured all of us that an undamaged plaque for Susan would be forthcoming.

The Andrew G. Uram International Service Award

John then called up Bill Price for the International Service Award presentation. Bill said that one of the highlights of the club was when Angeline East joined us. She was able to identify the need in her native Kenya, and to communicate it the club, energizing us to raise funds for the new maternity wing of the hospital in Bondo. Her co-awardee, Dorothy Tecklenburg used her expertize to find grants and donations from other Rotary Clubs, and to find the best way to translate the funds in the US into the materials in Kenya in the most efficient and expeditious way. 
Angeline said that she thanked the club: “You listened, you trusted, you took action.” She recalled the African saying: It takes a village. She said: “You are my village.”

The John L.S. Northrop Vocational Service Award 

Bill Price was also asked to speak about the Vocational Service Awardees: Bill and Betsy West. Apparently Betsy received several nominations, but Bill Price said that in his opinion, and the boards, Bill and Betsy are a package deal. They both exhibit a commitment to the best of their professions, to the community, and to the club. John reminded the members that the Vocational Service Award includes a donation of $1,000 to the charity of the awardees’ choice. Bill West spoke passionately about the profession of real estate. Realtors meet people in transition, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, often stressful. Practitioners have to be good at hand-holding. He said that he tells clients that they need to consider themselves married for a short period of time, since the relationship will be personal.
Betsy said that she was excited to announce that the award money will be given as seed money to the Dreamers Company, which has recently acquired the old IC convent building. The goal of the charity is to engage young people in seeing needs and working to meet them.
John asked Aaron Miller from the Dreamers Company to share with us what they are doing in the brief time left. Aaron thanked the club and explained that the Company has grown out of local youth groups. They harness young people and adults to help the elderly, veterans, and others in vulnerable housing to remain in that housing after it is improved. They have worked on over 80 homes, three playgrounds, and the park. He invited us to check out their Facebook page for videos of projects. They are partnering members of skilled trades with young people and expect to see several translate the skills learned into life’s work.


Winner: Bill West
Non-Winner: Lisa Moore
Lisa led us in the 4-way test.
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