May 5, 2020

Online Rotary Meeting

Today the Washington Rotary Club met again in a Zoom meeting online. Present were, in no particular order: Andrew Goudy, Joe Piszczor, John Hopper, Tom Drewitz, Dave Hart, Dave Moore, Bill and Susan Price, Dorothy and John Tecklenburg,, Angeline East, Ken Baker, Mary Jo and Rich Podgurski, Carrie Richardson, John Quayle, Tom Northrop, Lars Lange, and Susan Priest
  • The meeting opened with the ringing of a bell by President Andy Goudy, followed by an invocation by Susan and Bill Price. This was followed by the salute to the flag.
  • Dave Moore was asked for an update on Shirley. She broke her humorous close to the shoulder and was told her choices were to get a new shoulder joint, or to wait for nature to heal the break. She will not be able to raise her left arm beyond her shoulder. She chose to go the natural route, and today was resting. 
  • Tom Drewitz asked Tom Northrop about the possibility of him presenting a program about his East Asia trip this winter. Tom said he would be willing, and Susan Priest nailed him down to June 9, the next open speaker slot. 
  • There was only one announcement. President Andy said that he had received notification that the deadline for the Crystal Citation from the District had NOT been extended. He asked for a few details on dates of community activities we had been a part of during his Rotary year. 

Happy Dollars

(donors are on their honor to make good on these in the future)

  • Susan Price said that she and Bill were pleasantly surprised this week when 99-year-old Andy Uram called THEM to check up on how they were doing.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski was a happy for a successful Art Night last week for the Teen Center. There were 36 works of art and 6 original writings.
    • She is also happy to be hosting a Virtual Grand March and Prom for graduating seniors on Monday, May 13. And finally, for her planned Virtual Camps for youngsters aged 12-14. There will be 7 different themed camps.
      Wednesday, May 13th Virtual Grand March and Senior Recognition (also 7 PM) is
    • tJMtcuqhpzMuEtB8bHcxF3qic74nUWg9EPBU
    • Meeting ID is 970-5399-8484 
    • Any high school or college senior may send up to 4 pictures to me at They need only include their name and school. I will send them the zoom link and they may invite any one to join in. I need to pictures by 5/11.
    • She then remembered to promote a program on Virtual Relationships, prepared by her teen staff, which will be held tomorrow at 7:00pm. Tomorrow night's peer educator workshop (7 pm, 5/6)
      Or meeting ID 932-2230-0935
  • Tom Drewitz was happy that he and Mary Lyn will be virtually attending his granddaughter, Ellie's 4th birthday party, for which his son is preparing a seven layer rainbow cake with 7 colors of frosting.
  • John Hopper was glad to hear that Andy Uram was checking up on his elders.
  • Brandi Miller was happy that the Literacy Council has received 55 applications for scholarships.
  • John Tecklenburg was happy that today is Cinco de Mayo. He is also happy that he and Dorothy are enjoying watching old Penguins games. Right now they are watching the 2017 season. Tomorrow is the final game of the 2017 Stanley Cup. They have a good feeling about how it will play out.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg was happy that John had been contacted by his alma mater, Gettysburg College. They are compiling an oral history of graduates who served in Vietnam. She was very interested in listening to the 2-hour interview.
  • Bill Price was happy to share that former member Justin Dandoy has just finished his PhD.
  • Joe Piszczor was happy to recommend a great series of programs from the Washington County Historical Society. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 they are live on Facebook with “Laid Back History”.

    All New "Laid Back History"

    Tonight at 7:00pm
    David Acheson & William Miller of the 140th Pa Regiment at the Battle of Gettysburg
    Tonight Clay will tell the stories of David Acheson & William Miller at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Both were killed during the intense fighting in the Wheatfield, but for both, their stories did not end there.  Tune in to hear the whole story of these heroes from Western Pennsylvania.
    Clay will go live at at 7:00pm
  • Susan Priest, who feels she has a reputation to maintain by being happy at every meeting, was happy for the nice weather yesterday and for the walk she got in then.

Program: Tom Drewitz TRF

President Andy announced that our speaker, Tom Drewitz, needed no introduction, so simply turned the virtual floor to him.
Tom started by telling everyone that he has sent information on the finer points of the Rotary Foundation (hereafter TRF), and about recognition points to everyone in the club who uses email.
He then gave a step by step guide to donors to TRF on how they can find out how many recognition points they have. Recognition points are awarded as follows: For every dollar donated to TRF, the donor gets 1 recognition point. These points can be given to any other person to help them to reach a Paul Harris Fellowship, or to help them move up to the next level of Paul Harris Fellowship. The only rule is that the points must be given in increments of 100. As members of the club we should be aware of these points and take advantage of them to help leverage our fellow Rotarians into Fellowship. We can also donate them to create Paul Harris Fellows who are not Rotarians, but who we wish to honor. 
Tom then used his computer to show us how to access the RI website to learn about our point status as well as much more which is available.
He started at the club website. There is a log in feature which will get members to the member only area. If you do not know how to log in, there is a button for log in help.
From the member area, you can click to access the RI site. There one can click on “My Rotary”. You may have to log in again, although going in through our local site will often let you skip this step. 
From there, click on “My Profile”. There is a button for donor history report. He did not click all the way in, since his history is personal. At that page, every donation made will be listed by amount and date, and available recognition points appear. There are links to what needs to be done to donate points, and you can also see Dave Hart to help with paper work.
Tom went on to say that based on the club site statistics only about 11 members use the RI site. He went on to demonstrate all the other things are available to Rotarians. From the home page there are several drop down menus. Under “Exchange Ideas” are ideas for programs, projects, and helps for running a club.
Under “Take Action” you will find the Grant center, as well as the Rotary Showcase which lists thousands of projects, many offer a club the chance to piggyback on other club’s projects. Also here are links to find how to sponsor a Rotaract or Interact club.
“Learning” offers a wealth of information on all topics Rotary, as well as links to Webinars. 
At this point Joe Piszczor urged people to check out the Brand Center, under “News and Media”. Here are found the Rotary logo and other promotional materials. Many can be downloaded and tweaked with the information for local clubs.
Giving to TRF is done two ways. The one we usually use is the Annual Fund, and Polio Plus. Donations to these are held for 3 years by TRF, and then distributed. Half is returned to the District for District activities and grants. The remaining funds are distributed by TRF for projects and programs. All donations earn recognition points.
Donations can also be made to the Endowment. These funds are never expended, rather they are used to generate income. Donors are encouraged to consider becoming a Benefactor, designating a minimum of $1,000 in a will or insurance policy. Our club is urged to find at least one new Benefactor each year as a part of District guidelines. 
There are pins for each level of Paul Harris a donor receives. They come as each $1,000 level is reached. Persons who contribute $10,000 are called Major Donors. 
As a little fact: TRF was established  in 1917 with a donation of about $26.50, the amount left over from a local conference. The man who got this going was Arch Klumph, and a Rotarian who contributes $250,000 is an Arch Klumph Member.
Tom urged everyone to check out the RI website and take advantage of the riches it offers Rotarians.
The meeting ended with President Andy leading us in the 4-Way test. This was followed by the ringing of a bell.
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