JULY 17, 2018


Mike Pecosh


Rich Podgurski  $$$
Dave Moore….$ORRY DAVE


Angeline East:  last visit as a guest and will be inducted on July 24 at our meeting at the Washington Brewery Cpmpany!


Next week's meeting is at the Washington Brewing Company!

  1. Dave Hart updated us on Nat Roe’s condition. Nat was moved to Southmont for additional care but still enjoys a card or a note. Additional update on Foundation Giving and thanking all for generous support for the water filters and we now shift our efforts to the SOLAR SUITCASES. The Club will continue with the $999 Club and individuals may contribute, individually, $120 as we have done for the previous campaign. You may be billed (thank you Treasurer and Assistant Bob) or see Dave(Hart that is) for any contribution. 
  2. Immediate PastPresident Rich Podgurski recognized Susan Priest, our program chair, for 2 years of providing program speakers with a copy of the Community Pavilion print.  The Club thanks Susan as she continues great work.
  3. Susan Priest announced the Sign Committee for the “Welcome to Washington” sign on East Maiden is in need of major repairs. All Service Clubs will be asked for donations to make the needed repairs. Our Board will consider financial support. 
  4. PONY Baseball (August 10-15) sign-up just completed. The PONY Picnic is scheduled for Friday, August 10, details to follow. This date as you know could change but IF it does everyone will be notified through Club Runner and adjustments will be made as needed. Thank you to both Bob and Jim.
  5. Inter Club Service Organizations luncheon has not been scheduled. This year ZONTA is chairing and more details to follow. Perhaps you could start thinking of who would be the recipient and great “face of Rotary”. Last year’s recipient was Brandi Butler…of course!
  6. Thank you notes received from  PDG Steve to Rich and to Bill from DG Cherie following her visit on July 10.
  7. Upcoming Meetings: July 24 at Washington Brewery will be Club Assembly and the induction of our new member; plenty of parking in the rear along with good food and frocularity.
  8. July 31 back on Campus and the program will be a speaker from PONY Baseball.

HAPPY $$$$$$

  • Susan Priest: Promoting Entrepreneurship Kids selling snacks from 10-noon in Wash Hi Parking Lot (stop and get a snack on your way to the next meeting)
  • Tripp Kline: happy the WRF is over and happy, really happy Bill is President (so he says).
  • Jim Uram: gave $12 for kids rescued from the cave…
  • John Quale: happy for his 35thWedding Anniversary and oh yes, Joe Manning’s 57thBirthday. John is HAPPY for both.
  • Tom Gladden: happy for the many cards and notes over the past weeks and $5.00 because “Thank God he’s NOT married to the real Mrs. Bradford”
  • Bill Mesler: his son’s company (Bloom Engineering) is going public (watch the Stock Exchange) and it makes energy pods to help people go utility independent.
  • Betsy West: happy for the Bradford Dinner on Friday and hopes people come to support a great cause and to support Tom’s real wife, Rachel.
  • Phil Rush: his 14year old granddaughter who is the golfer and diagnosed with Cancer is now 2.5 yrs clean!!! THANKFULLY
  • Nan Sninsky: gave $2.00 HAPPY $$$ but won’t be here next week due to a Conference in D.C. Not sure if NAN is happy to not be here OR because she is here this week and happy for the WRF??? Lots going on and sometimes the “scribe” is heavily distracted…sorry!
  • PDG Bob Hillberry: always happy to be here but especially with another BIRTHDAY…We are all HAPPY Bob is here!
  • Joe Piszczor: happily (?) planning the next CASH BASH (Joe thanks all of you who don’t like selling tickets) and we intend to PROVE HIM WRONG…WE LOVE $ELLING TICKET$. Repeat…We LOVE $ELLING TICKET$
  • Rich Podgurski: celebrated with the entire family (a little crowded) but his 14thmonth old grandson too his first steps and of course MaryJo caught it on her phone for all to enjoy!! Love it…The last week away was an R&R for just MaryJo and Rich, well needed no doubt!
  • Tom Drewitz: went to care for Isabelle (putting POP-POP through the paces) but is happy and blest!!

PROGRAM: GTKR (Get To Know a Rotarian)


Lars was born in Berlin and moved to the United States at a very young age when the family fled due to the Russians entering Germany. The family moved to West Virginia and that was a real culture shock to his Mom having been a “city girl”. Lars went to Penn State and earned a degree in Mining Engineering and actually worked for Consol in a variety of levels…and we mean levels! Under, above, around and under and then earned an MBA at this time. The future led him to earn a Law Degree at PITT (claims that to be a mistake????) and then on to Australia working with a Consol project and he was there for 3 years. Dad started a wood pallet business in Washington and Lars came back to help him with that family business. Lars has great love and faith in the coal industry and stated the Consol Mine in WV is one of the largest in the country and highest producing mine. (I think I got this right and if not, apologies to Lars, the Consol installation in WV and the reader, not necessarily in that order) Certainly qualified to be a man of many talents and so glad he joined our Rotary Club!
PDG Bob: talked about his early days in Greene County having been born in Mt. Morris in an apartment behind his grandfather’s barber shop. At a very early age Bob learned he could shine shoes in the barber shop and earn money and if he didn’t get black polish on the person’s white socks he would get a quarter ($.25) which at that time and at that age seemed like lots of money! In the 3rdgrade Bob’s family moved to Cecil and he was surprised to go to school where not every grade level was in one room….observant too! Bob felt he had moved to a “big city”. Later on and probably not too long ago, Bob went back to Greene County to check some land his brother had purchased and he realized how the topography and scope of that region could cause someone to get lost. He also realized there are no “Google Maps” of the region and in some cases the roads were not much more than a path.
These were a few things about PDG Bob we may not have known but we are all aware of his dedication to family and Sally and how being a Rotarian molded his later life. Bob is dedicated to Rotary and his family but also his community has made him a true example of “Service Above Self”.
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