June 18, 2019
President Bill Price kicked off meeting.


Dave Hart

Attendance Report:

Brad Montgomery reported 29 member and 3 guests


Sabrina Tecklenburg with mom Dorothy
Jane Zupancic – Washington County Children and Youth Services


  • President Bill thanked all for a successful President’s Night on June 11. Gist Wylie was recognized today as having received the Lew Green Club Service Award. 
    As announced on June 11 the City Council officially confirmed that the Community Pavilion will bear the name of Rotary. Thanks to Joe Manning and the officials of the City of Washington. The Washington Rotary Club Community Pavilion is NOW A REALITY!! Job well done everyone!!!
  • Dave Hart is making donations to the Foundation as easy as can be.  And Bill Price appreciates the soft sell.
  • Gist Wiley was granted the Lou Green Service Award
  • Joe Marsh informed the group that Flag Exchange event downtown was successful.  Joe Marsh led the ceremony with the invocation by Dave Hart and PDG Andy Uram presented the colors for the exchange.
  • Bill Price announced the our Rotary Club sponsored the ice cream social that was part of the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Conference  held June 14 on the W&J Campus.  Bill assumed it was ok to make an executive decision on the donation and hopes it will part of next year’s budget.
  • Bill also highlighted the banners that Angeline East brought from Rotary Club of Bondo, Kenya.
  • Angeline reported that her 2 week trip to Kenya went very well.  The main focus of the trip was our donation to the clinic in Bondo that will receive the beds and sheets for its maternity ward.  She repeatedly expressed that the profound gratitude that recipients expressed for the donation.  She highlighted the comment of one ceremony participant that it is profound how complete strangers could make such a significant contribution to their community. Finally, the event was attended by many public officials.  The official opening of the new ward will be attended by the local governor and will be named the “Rotary” wing.  See "Photo Albums" at the right!

Happy Dollars

  • Dave Hart – Donated $43 to commemorate his years of Rotary membership and $55 in honor of his marriage. Congratulations and Dave made his donation directly to the Foundation. THANKS DAVE!
  • Brian Gorman – announced an upcoming fundraiser event on the evening of June 26 at Atria’s in Mt Lebanon. The event will benefit SW Pa Legal Services, TEC (Transitional Employment Consultants) and the Literacy Council of SW Pa.
    • Brian was also very happy the team on which his son, Sam, plays won the 7-8 year old championship by a 15-14 score in the 8thinning.
  • Susan Priest is happy to be back home after 11 days in Harrisburg with a bunch of ulterior motive laden operatives. 
    • Susan is also happy about the number of her books that have been digitized, the names of the Bondo clinic and the Main Pavilion and the fact that Brian G has found his old Rotary badge and won’t need a new one.
  • John Quayle announced the annual Parrish Festival to be held at the IC Church June 21-22.  The new pastor has shortened the festival to 2 days and it will all be held indoors.  The highlights will be the Friday seafood night and the Saturday spaghetti night.
  • Angeline East is happy to be back with all of her best friends!
  • Karen Reese had a great time at President’s night and is very happy that her mother did as well.
  • Bill Mesler’s son, and family, are presently hiking in Peru and Bill will be happy to hear them when they return to an area that has cell phone service.
  • Mike Pecosh last week attended a Domestic Abuse Intervention Program in Duluth, Minnesota.  The Duluth Model is highly respected and Mike is presently the only local counselor with a certificate from the program.  I left it to our imagination to determine what he bought at the Duluth Trading Post.
  • Tripp Kline announced that we have 23 days until the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and the committee is still looking for volunteers, largely to staff information booths.
  • Brandi Miller announced a new fundraiser for the Literacy Council, a Scholars Bowl Trivia Night to be held at the South Strabane Fire Hall on October 12th.  Pat O’Brien will emcee.  
  • Joe Pizszcor paid tribute to Tripp Kline and Joe Manning for their leadership in making the Whiskey Rebellion Festival the success that it is today.  The Committee would be holding its last pre-festival meeting last night.
    • Joe is very grateful about the success of the Rotary Pavilion and very happy to be involved. It holds great sentimental value for him.
  • Susan Price thanked all who made the President’s Dinner event a success.  To which Bill P added that a sign recognizing Rotary will be needed. And Shirley Moore stated that Rotary should feel committed to help maintaining the Pavilion.  Bill stated that the City of Washington is committed to the maintenance.
  • Lars relayed the saga of the bee removal at the West Beth Township building in Marianna.  He is also looking for a few bicycles to rent for the German-American ride from Washington DC to Pittsburgh in early August. Rental fees could be paid to the bicycle owner or to Rotary (as a suggestion).
  • John Hopper announced the International Food Event coming this Friday to the Rossin Center on the W&J campus.  Tickets are $10 and will benefit the Harmony Life Center on Main Street with which John is associated.  Traditional Indian, Greek, Mexican and Polish meals will be served.  
    • John also recommended the article in the recent Rotary Magazine that is entitled “The Grief That Does Not Speak”.  He will donate $1 for everyone that reads it by the next meeting.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg was very happy that her daughter Sabrina is home and attended the meeting.  
    • She also reported that John is slowly recovering from Lyme disease and recommended and a free service from East Stroudsburg University through which ticks can be checked for the disease.
  • Sabrina Tecklenburg is very happy that modern transportation allowed her to be home after just a few hours of travel time.

Program – Washington County Children and Youth Services

Susan Priest introduced Jane Zupancic as speaker.  Jane is with Washington County Children and Youth Services whose mission is “to be committed to the well-being of children and families.  By empowering and engaging families and the community, safety and stability can be achieved and all members thrive.”
Jane has been with the organization for 26 years and reminded us that we can all become stressed from time to time.  This exemplifies that many of us can sympathize with the families that truly need help.   While most families that engage the services of the organization stay together, there exists a large and unmet need for foster care. 
Washington County currently has 28 foster homes and recruitment events will be held with the goal of getting to 60 by October.  The dates and locations are Washington Courthouse Square, 1stFloor, 5-8PM on June 26th; and Charleroi, Human Services Center, 250 Chamber Plaza, 5*8PM on June 27th.
The requirements to be a foster parent are not very demanding and cost reimbursement is provided. It is common for kids to remain with their foster family for 6 months to 1 year, and every so often adoption occurs. 
Sometimes kids end up in homes that are not in their regular school district but plans are made to bus them so that they can remain in those familiar surroundings.  This Is especially important for kids that are abused or autistic.  
The need is sometimes greatest when kids are sent to homes in Emergency situations.  For all these reasons, it is critical to make all aware of the need.  
At the suggestion of Lisa Hahm, electronic versions of the promotional poster were sent to all Rotary members for distribution.


June 25:   New officers and Board members to be installed
July 1: Welcome to District 7305
August 9: PONY Baseball Picnic
September 3: Visit from new District Governor James Hahn


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