NOVEMBER 6, 2018


Bill West 


Phil Rush – Congratulations…
Al Delucia – Sorry Al…come again and bring $$


Jeff Kotula  -- Washington County Tourism
County Commissioners –Larry Maggi, Diana Irey Vaughn, Harlan Shober
Kathy Pienkowski guest of Diana Ambrose– Citizens Library


Al Delucia our DGN (District Governor Nominee) from the McMurray Club


  1. November 10—Foundation Celebration at Nemacolin CC in Beallsville; Registration on-line is easy and quick and they will trust you for the money if you don’t want to use a credit card on-line; 6:00 Social Time and Dinner at 7:00. NOT formal a Caribbean theme, come and enjoy but please no bathing suits.
  2. November 10is also the Veterans Day Parade and Rotarian Joe Manning is once again the KING of PARADES and is lining things up but at least there is less chance of being run over as the parade steps off at 2:00 and it is daylight! Our Club donated start-up funds for the organization of the parade. Contact Joe if you are willing to assist him although the Parade Committee did not ask for us to organize, just JOE….
  3. November 13is the Inter-Club Luncheon in the ballroom with the Zonta Club as host. We will be recognizing one of our own so come and get surprised!
  4. November 27  the Washington Community Chorale will be with us again in the Ballroom to help us ease into the Holiday Spirit. Come and enjoy.
  5. December 4  is our next Board Meeting following the regular lunch meeting
  6. Pie Orders to support C-H-S Rotary Club; Delivery will be November 20; pies will be brought here and money will be due on delivery OR we will be forced to eat your holiday pie!
  7. December 11 Holiday Club Party at Lone Pine and the details will be forthcoming; Diane Ambrose is in charge and she could probably use some assistance.
  8. ROADSIDE CLEANUP: Saturday November 3 and thank you to Bob Wicker and Andy Goudy for organizing the event. The report was there were NO unusual items collected and 10 Rotarians showed up wishing away the rain. The breakfast was even a fun time. The next time you pass the Jessop Exit take a look….lots of trash was collected and disposed of properly.  


Foundation Chair Dave Hart announced the funds have been made available for our Club to purchase one Solar Suitcase. Dave explained the project to our guests and then recognized Brad Montgomery upon reaching another level of giving. This effort is a time when small amounts of money add up to something big and a time when, as President Bill said, “Size really doesn’t matter.”


Club welcomed Tourism Director Jeff Kotula and County Commissioners Larry Maggi, Diana Irey Vaughn, and Harlan Shober to present funding for the project.
Jeff presented a check for $10,000 from tourism.
The County Commissioners presented a check for $200,000 from the LSA funding.
All presenters spoke on the value of the pavilion to the community and expressed appreciation to Rotary and our commitment to the greater Washington community with the projects we have undertaken.


  • Diane Ambrose: Library featured in the Tourism Magazine; Thursday at the Library there will be a program sponsored by the Numismatic Society (coins) and Tom Uramand it is scheduled for 7:00.
  • Al Delucia: just happy to be here for the check presentation as the Washington Club has taken on a huge project; also hoping Rotarians will come to the Foundation Celebration and enjoy the entertainment, Gormant the Magician who is a Rotarian and does presentations with emphasis on the Magic of Rotary.
  • Bill Messler: a happy $5.00 for the Cash Bash in Bentleyville and happy that the Prices came to enjoy dropping money (he didn’t say that I did) and it was to benefit the Agency on Aging Meals Program throughout the county.
  • John Hopper: thanks to Dave Hart for all the $$$$ he gathers for Foundation efforts and he never makes it painful.
  • Harlan Shober: we do take $$ from guests so thank you; Happy $$$ for what Rotary does often without people knowing, it just gets done.
  • John Tecklenburg: Happy to let everyone know the Washington Symphony will be presenting Winter Christmas Show the weekend of December 8, a great program and hoping everyone will put that on their calendars.
  • Tom Drewitz: welcome the visitors into our “midst” or is it “mist”??? We want you to know you are all welcome any time.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: fabulous quick trip to NYC to see Harry Potter on stage and when they got into Pittsburgh decided to detour to the PPG Arena for a Penguins game!

PROGRAM: JOE MARSH and the Patriots Pavilion

Military Support Chairman Joe Marsh gave an update on the funding that supports the Patriots Pavilion and other expenses related to our military support efforts.
Recalling that the idea for the Pavilion was developed by then President Frank Marsh (Joe’s Dad). Joe reminded all of us the efforts put forth in designing the Pavilion and added the hope it would become a gathering place in the center of town. The former Rotarian Scott Russmissle worked the architectural design to coordinate with the architecture of Main Street.
The Frank Marsh Military Support Fund began with an original investment of $17,566 in 2010 from the Frank Marsh memorial gifts and military support projects. A total of $10,195.40 has been distributed to fund new Pavilion flags, Veterans Day activities, Soldier of the Year and NCO of the Year awards. Funds also provided for the repainting as well as maintenance of landscaping.
Prior Rotary Club boards determined the principal investments originating from both the Powelson Estate and the Frank Marsh Military Support funds should be maintained intact to provide income for future club projects and continued military support programs.
REMINDER: Fellow Rotarian Tom Gladden is home and recuperating. Perhaps you could send him a note via email or a card. Not sure if he is ready for lots of company but a message would be appreciated:    Address: 687 Elmhurst Drive Washington    phone: 724-225-8769
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