MAY 14, 2019


Susan  Priest


Andy Goudy
Warren Lemley….GREAT 4-WAY TEST


Harlan Shober and Larry Maggi guests of Joe Manning
Mystery Guest:  Carol Keller
Cheryl Hettman: Speaker and guest of Joe Piszczor


  1. Angeline East and Bob leave for Kenya on May 21 with funds collected to provide sheets for the beds (and mattresses) arranged for by our Club; Dorothy Tecklenburg is collecting funds and Angeline will purchase the sheets when she arrives. President Bill also gave her a banner from our Club to exchange with the Bondo Rotary. A group photo was taken to go along from OUR Club to the BONDO Club.
  2. Awards assembly schedule on tables looking for people to volunteer to go to the high school program, be the face of the Washington Rotary Club and present to the scholarship recipient. Contact Bill to schedule a school and date.                Still needed:  
    • Ft. Cherry for May 22 at 1:00pm 
    • Trinity May 29 at 6:00pm 
    • Avella May 30, dinner at the Avella Fire Hall to be served at 6:00pm
    • Washington June 3 at 8:00am, please report by 7:45 
    • McGuffey  June 5 at 9:00am Burgettstown May 24 at 8:30am (Price)
  3. Peanut butter delivered to the Washington Food Pantry this morning on our way to Rotary
  4. President’s Night invitations to be mailed to all members and guests and PLEASE respond to Brandi in one of the manners listed on the invitation: email, snail mail, voicemail
  5. Brandi will be honored with a Paul Harris Fellow on May 21 by Dave Hart. Should Brandi not be available it will be postponed.


  • Ken Baker: $2.00 as there were 104 at the Jazz Brunch on Mother’s Day and ask for support for the Funky Five Project at Venue 54 on May 17 from 7:00 to 9:30. Tickets are $17 and the profits go to the music program for kids in Washington.
  • Carol Keller: $2.00 for seeing Mary Jo here today and for the Washington Rotary members helping to make the District Conference great….also helped her get where she needed to be….you should have seen her doing “wheelies” on that scooter trying to shame the Harley Davidson people (hundreds of them).
  • Susan Priest: happy to report programs are booked into July and thanks for Joe P’s help for today’s speaker!
  • Joe Piszczor: $5.00 to thank Ken for brunch time for his Mom even though he forgot to make reservations! A HAPPY for Cheryl and her dedication to the mission trips to Jamaica and a HAPPY to Dorothy for her song about the Whiskey Rebellion….stay tuned!
  • Joe Manning: grateful for the Prices arranging to his trip to the Senior Center in Burgettstown and he will be happy as will the other candidates at 8:00pm on Tuesday, May 21.
  • Jim Uram: family went to the McMurray fund raiser over the weekend and the Club raised $30,000,
  • Harlan Shober: thank you to the Rotary Club for beautiful work being done on the Park Pavilion
  • Tom Gladden: happy to go to Miami of Ohio this weekend to see his grandson Thomas graduate and he and Rachel will be there to be sure all goes well!
  • Betsy West: happy to announce the RETURN of the MAIN STREET FARMER’S MARKET on Thursday (3-6pm) and its opening day music by the WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STEEL BAND.
  • Brandi Miller: happy her boss from the Literacy Council was the honored recipient of the Athena Award.
  • Lisa Hannum: Happy to promote Domestic Violence Awareness Night & Father’s Day Pledge Signing Event with the Wild Things on May 24 at 7:05 (game time) with the festivities beginning at 6:40. Hope you can all consider coming.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy to congratulate Brandi’sboss on the Athena Award, great luncheon; preview of the “song” for the festival.
  • John Tecklenburg: promoting the Sunday Morning Bus Tour of the Whiskey Rebellion sites in Washington as a trial run (people have asked about a tour) and there are still seats available.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski: $5.00 HAPPY DOLLARS to be here…chemo on Mondays and Tuesdays are questionable; shout out to Rich for all of his unbelievable help through all of this journey; May 22 (next Wednesday) is Awards Night at Washington Park Elementary Center; young people will be performing, not ready yet but we know by the 22ndit WILL happen; shout out to Ken Baker for his special help to a special young person. Ken is to be applauded for his work with young people.
  • Susan Price: happy Lisa is here and very happyBetsy Westhelped DVSSP find a suitable property for DVSSP to make a move and no longer deal with landlords.
  • Tripp Kline: happy to give a $1.00 and the message “do not disparage landlords”
  • John Hopper: $5.00 worth of happy to see Mary Jo today and helping to “uphold the spirit of young folks”; Harmony Life is averaging 130 drop-ins daily and other mentions…JOHN you will get a free HAPPY $$$ next time!

PROGRAM: Mustard Seed Program

Joe Piszczor introduced Cheryl Hettman and the Mustard Seed Program. Cheryl has spent 16 years in missionary nursing and educator in these communities. The communities are built around the needs of abandoned kids with disabilities, teen HIV, teen pregnancy. This takes place on the island of Jamaica which shows outsiders the luxury of the resorts but not the “unsafe regions.” Mustard Seed communities provide services to this population. Living communities are developed in a “cottage” concept for teens in crisis due to sex trafficking, incest, rape. Community provides service to the teens to learn how to overcome or improve their living conditions. Distant Learning education is beginning to be introduced.
Cheryl told an all-powerful story of the great need that exists and how through Mustard Communities progress can be made to  help improve life of those in extreme need.
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