February 4, 2020

Getting Started

The meeting began with the invocation by Dave Hart.
Brad Montgomery reported that there were 37 members in attendance and three guests.
Mike Burt, with Proudfit Insurance, guest of Stefan Getzik, Carrie Richardson, to be inducted today, and Rachel Gladden.

John Hopper did a "make-up" on vacation at Ala Juela, Costa Rica. Keep this in mind while you are traveling. Roatary is everywhere!


  • Dave Hart gave an update on Bob Hillberry. He had a small setback, and when he was supposed to return to Southmont, he was quarantined out. This got straightened out and he is now back at Southmont.
  • President Andy announced that our own Park Burroughs will be honored at the Historical Society Banquet on March 6th when he will be inducted into the Historical Society Hall of Fame. Ken Baker has order forms for tickets and more information.
  • Our fearless leader then called on Susan Price for information on the Trivia Contest. Susan says that Kathy Sabol reports that sponsorships and registrations are rolling in. Susan said that she and Brandi are hoping for a lot of rolling in of raffle items, too.
  • Dave Moore reported that three of the Super Bowl winners were Rotarians or spouses of same: Mary Lyn Drewitz, Lars Lange, and Erv Leppert (member emeritus).

Happy Dollars

  • Ken Baker was happy to share info on the next Jazz Brunch which will feature Pittsburgh group the Dave Gurwan Trio. He was also happy (without a dollar) that President Andy had him share the Historical Society Banquet information in announcements.
  • Jim Uram was happy to have received his Rotary 33rd anniversary card from the club.
  • John Quayle was happy that Baseball Spring Training starts next Monday.
  • Bill Allison was happy that HIS card from the club celebrated his 41st Rotary anniversary.
  • At this point Jay Helmer got a phone call and paid the fine. However, it WAS work related, involving the blood drive going on at the college today. Pretty good excuse.
  • Phil Morrow was happy, but feeling old. His granddaughter is turning 21.
  • Susan Price was happy to share that at the State of the District meeting on Saturday, our club was recognized for most donations to the Rotary Foundation Polio Plus program.
  • Rachel Gladden was thankful to the club for its recognition of Tom Gladden.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski was happy for the birth of the latest grandchild: Kate Cirelli Mosier. This writer thinks she said it was their 10th. She is also happy to have in her hands an advance copy of her book, about which more on March 10. She said it is MUCH easier having a commercial publisher rather than self-publishing.
  • Bill Price was sad and happy. Sad because if Kansas City had just run out the clock, he would have won the Super Bowl Pool, happy because the winner was Erv Leppert, who we all miss.
  • Tom Drewitz was happy to recommend a History Channel Program called: Kings of Pain. As an undergraduate he was interested in the study of spiders and scorpions. This TV program involves a couple of guys (goes without saying) who search out the ugliest, meanest insects and arachnids and gets them to BITE THEM. On purpose. Then films their own reactions. 
  • Tom Uram was happy for his recent trip to Berlin, where he met friends from the Austrian Mint. He wore his Rotary pin, which produced friendly exchanges.
  • John Hopper was happy to be back. While he was away, he attended the Alejuella Rotary Club in San Jose, Costa Rica. A friendly bi-lingual table partner kept him informed during the meeting.
  • Rich Podgurski was happy to recommend a book: Beneath a Scarlet Sky. He and Tom Drewitz generally do not agree on media choices, if one likes, the other dislikes, but this has the stamp of approval from both of them. (An unsung hero saving Italian Jews from Nazis – a true story soon to be a motion picture)
  • Bill Messler shared that when Tom Drewitz mentioned a show called Kings of Pain, he just assumed it was about dentists.

New Member!

Tom Drewitz inducted the newest Rotarian in the world, Carrie Richardson, who is with CASA for Kids. (If you don’t know what this is, just wait. This writer will be asking her to do a program on it in the future.) Standing in for her sponsor Brandi Miller was Joe Piszczor.
During this, Jim Uram’s phone went off. He paid the fine.

Program: Get to Know a Rotarian... Stefan Getzik

Tom Drewitz introduced Stefan Getzik, Doctor of Chiropractic. Tom was his sponsor when Stefan joined the club. Stefan is 25033 years old, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and of Canevin in Pittsburgh and California University of PA. He grew up in Washington, and met a Jefferson Hills girl, who he married. They have 2 girls and live in South Strabane. His mission is to spread the knowledge of how the body works. “It’s what’s under the hat that controls the body.”
His wife hated Wisconsin, where he used to practice, so they moved back home to  Western Pennsylvania. His new office will be on Main Street, right next to Joe’s Bakery. (Any chance he will prescribe a few donuts to patients?) It will open on March 2. Right now he is busy doing contracting work to get it ready. He is planning to provide seminars to the public and offering Date with the Doc get togethers. He is going to be featured in the Observer-Reporter on Sunday, February 16, and is planning a weekly column. He has 165 patients, who will begin seeing him when his practice opens in March.
He introduced Mike Burt to give a real-world report on the value of chiropractic. Mike is a hockey official who has worked at several levels. He met Stefan when Stefan was doing youth hockey, and says he threw him out of games lots of times. His experience with chiropractic came after he was the meet in a five-person sandwich on the ice. Two from one side and two from the other. Two his lumbar discs were ruptured and his sciatic was affected. Without surgery, but with a lot of intensive work, he is 95% with his leg, and 100% with his back.
As an insurance agent, he has worked with insurance companies to add better coverage for chiropractic in their health policies.
Stefan then took questions:
  • What is the most common reason people consult him?
    • Most prevalent are headaches and neck pain.
  • What is the difference between orthopedics and chiropractic?
    • A different emphasis on patients’ problems.
  • What is the status of insurance coverage?
    • Given the 95% success rate in chiropractic, insurance companies are beginning to be receptive to this kind of care. The effectiveness of necessary maintenance work can still be an issue.
  • Will he do dog chiropractic? ( a question from doggy daddy Tom Uram).
    • This requires a veterinarian on staff, and he does not plan to offer animal services, although chiropractic has been shown to be useful with smaller animals and also with horses.
  • President Andy shared his positive experience when, at age 40, he did himself a significant injury playing basketball. Chiropractic fixed him up.


Winner: Park Burroughs
Non-Winner: Bill Messler
Bill led us in the 4-Way Test
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