Rotary Meeting July 16

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President Andy called the meeting to order at 12:10.
Betsy West offered the invocation and led us in the pledge.
Sergeant at Arms Brad Montgomery reported:
     31 members present
     3 guests: 
            Lynn Manning, guest of Joe Manning
            Jacob Davey and Bob Gregg: speakers


  1. Next week our president will be away, and Brad Montgomery will act in his place.
  2. President Andy gave congratulations on the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, best one (and first one) he has ever attended. Special shout to Dorothy Tecklenburg: “She really has talent.” And to Tripp Kline and next year’s festival co-chair Joe Piszczor.
  3. Dorothy Tecklenburg announced that
    1. The Kings Cross Sydney Rotary Club sent a notice that they had honored us with a toast at their July 4thmeeting;  They meet every Monday for Dinner at the HOLIDAY INN HOTEL .
    2. We received an official governmental thank you letter from Kenya for our Beds for Bondo project. 
  4. Tom Drewitz reminded the club that our new district has an event being held here in our backyard: Off to the Races will be on Friday, July 26 at the Meadows. The $40 buffet dinner offers a chance to meet and greet new and old friends at the Meadows during Adios Week. Deadline for reservations is THIS Friday, July 19. See info on the District webpage.
  5. The annual Pony Picnic, held by Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary, will be on Friday, August 9 at the Kiwanis Pavilion. This year the arrangements are being handled by Kiwanis, so we have a chance to come at noon and meet all the teams, eating hot dogs and hamburgers which Kiwanians will be happy to cook and serve. 
  6. A mysterious bag of zucchini has appeared at the lectern.  It was suggested that they could be a consolation prize for the 50/50 loser.
  7. Former member Irv Leppert has a black Corvette for sale. Located in Durham, North Carolina. 
  8. Bob Wicker stated that the sign-up sheet for the Pony League souvenir stand is rapidly filling up and he is circulating a sign-up sheet. He also suggested that the zucchini would make a nice speaker’s thank you.
  9. Susan Price had to replace her printer and has HP901-506 cartridges free to a good home.

Happy Dollars:

  • Susan Priest is happy that after last week’s minutes and this week’s minutes, she will never have a problem with the spelling of “whiskey”.
  • Bill Price is happy for the upcoming (tomorrow) first year Rotary anniversary of Angeline East, who is an example of how a new Rotarian can jump in and make a difference in the club: inspiring us to a new International Project, and joining the Board as of July 1 as community service chair. Kudos to a great Rotarian.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg is happy to report that her article on “Beds for Bondo” is up on the club website and also the district website. (personal note: READ IT. Then like it on Facebook.) She also is happy to say that at last she can admit that Joe Piszczor is “right”. 
  • Angeline East is happy for her first Rotary year.
  • Susan Price is happy to have survived the Whiskey Rebellion, and anticipates surviving the Pony League Series.
  • Joe Piszczor: Happy to announce that it is clear that the Whiskey Rebellion runs on Rotary!
  • Bill Messler is happy that, due to restraint in the Distillery stops, he can be here today.
  • Mike Pecosh: Happy first for having enjoyed working the festival, even though his co-worker was Bill Allison, and then for the upcoming Pony Picnic. His first event as a Rotarian was 4 years ago at the Pony Picnic and he urges everyone to experience this happy event where it is “kids being kids”.
  • Bill Allison happy that thanks to the 4-way test, he is above commenting on Mike Pecosh, and also that, similar to Mark Twain, happy that reports on surgery following his recent bike incident were greatly exaggerated.
  • Bob Gregg: Happy for the great weather last weekend and happy in advance for what he is SURE will be similar weather August 9-16.
  • Joe Manning: “Happier than hell” for Joe Piszczor and all Rotarians, also happy that his wife is here with him at the meeting. She is many things, but most important: she is a friend of Bill and Susan Price.

Program: PONY World Series

     Karen Reese introduced Bob Gregg to speak to the club about the upcoming Dicks Sporting Goods Pony League World Series.
     Bob started by saying kind words about Rotary. We are changing the community for the better and are greatly appreciated. Rotary and other service clubs provide volunteers who are foundational in why the series has stayed in Washington.
This will be the 36th consecutive year for the series in Washington.
     He recalled how the Lions used to work the old wooden stands as concessionaires, and Kiwanis covered the parking, as well as our work at the souvenir stand. 
     There will be a slight change in the schedule this year. The final game will NOT be on Wednesday, but on Thursday. There was a scheduling conflict for TV coverage with the  Pittsburgh Pirates. (News flash: The Pirates won.) This actually is helpful, since the championship game will NOT be in conflict with the High School Battle of the Bands, which takes place at the Founty Fair on Wednesdays every year. 
     Special nights include Tuesday, which is Military and First Responders Night. Our own Joe Piszczor is involved in this.
     Thanks to the partnership with Washington County Tourism and Dick’s Sporting Goods, all games will be available in HD online video and 6 games will be televised live on ATT Sports Network.(Hence the shift of the Championship Game.) Lanny Frattere will provide the commentary on TV, and also work with Bob on the radio coverage.
     Bob gave a special shout-out to the Observer-Reporter. It was there in 1951 that the organization began, the paper providing meeting space, and providing space for the home office for many years. He is happy that the new ownership continues support, and suspects that Tom Northrop may have something to do with that. Because the paper is now a part of a regional network of newspapers, Bob hopes to see more coverage in the region as well.
     Five of the teams are set:
  • Washington County Team: Founders League players from teams in Canonsburg, Washington, and McGuffey areas. He hopes that more county teams will recognize the value of using the BEST talent from the county to showcase our great kids.
  • Arecibo, Puerto Rico: 1sttime in the series
  • Sinaloa, Mexico: 3rdtime in the series.
  • Chinese Taipei: back again (since 1994, and have won 9 times)
  • London: another newbie representing Europe.
The other four teams are still to be decided. Playoffs are underway and August 4 will see final results. (Which means Dicks Sporting Goods which provided the individualized jerseys has teams on schedule to do the overtime work of preparation.
     He also promoted strongly the Champions Game, held on Saturday at 9:30AM. This game is for kids with special needs. No one can attend this game and see these kids and the interaction with all the visiting players and not be moved. 
     A question was asked: Who is Lew Hays, for whom the field is named?  Bob told of Lew, one of the founding 6 men who saw a need for more than just Little League for youngsters. What happened to them when they aged out of Little League. He spearheaded the start of an organization which would cover more than just pre-teen youth. The field named for him is the ORIGINAL field first used in 1952 for local games. The 1952 series was held on the Washington High School field. In 1953 the series was moved to that field, and that field was named in honor of Lew who died about 20 years ago.
     Bob mentioned the need of finding a Spanish speaker to help with two teams with limited English ability. Brandi Miller offered Literacy Council help with this.
     Jacob Davey, an intern with Pony, distributed two free passes to everyone present, a thank you for the volunteering we do. He also had 2 family 4-packs, good for the whole series. The recipients will be decided by drawing from the 50/50 tickets.
Winner: Susan Priest
Loser: John Rodgers
Winners of the Family 4-packs Pony World Series Passes
John Hopper
John Tecklenburg
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