August 27, 2019


Dave Hart 


Winner was Jazz Man Ken Baker
Non-Winner PONY LADY KarenReese


President Andy Goudy  welcomed all to the meeting today and asked Brad for an attendance report. Brad  reported 28 members in attendance  with no visiting guests or Rotarians. Brad said “word must be out that we’re not cool anymore” Let’s do something about this!!!! Club assembly no speaker – could that be a reason for low attendance???
Board Action Update:  Board meeting was held August 20 and there was action in the following areas:
  1. Treasurer’s Report and the receipt of $3,992 from the Luellen estate. These funds have not been designated for any program at this time.
  2. Board realignment: Brad Montgomery will serve as President-Elect now which leaves a position of Vice-President open. (Time for someone to step-up and become an important part of the Club Leadership.)
  3. Board approved a memorial donation to the Washington County Humane Society.
  4. Board approved a donation of $250 to Titanium Titan Robotics based on the student program on robotics on August 8

Director’s Reports:

  1. Community Service – Angeline  preparing to cover all scheduled events including the distribution of dictionaries
  2. Vocational Service – nomination forms for the avenue of service awards are available on-line and the hard copy forms will be available at the meetings over the next couple of weeks. Luncheon is scheduled for October 29. (Get nominations in as soon as possible)
  3. International Service – Bondo project continues to find funding. Dorothy and Angeline  attended the Zonta Club as speakers and Zonta is willing to help in some manner
  4. Club Service—Diane Ambrose will start the plans for the Christmas gathering to be held the 2nd Tuesday in December, tentative. Club is seeking person to serve in the capacity of membership duties basically organize membership packets. See Diane  Current membership stands at 59 which is down but there are potential inductees in the wings….let’s all work on this.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Kathy Sabol reports the “Bar” will again “read the Constitution” on the Courthouse steps September 17 – volunteers may sign up on the website or just show up.
Brandi Miller: thanked everyone for support of the United Way/Literacy Council event at Atria’s. Looking for support for the Scholars Bowl on October 12 (two great organizations and great leadership)
Betsy West reported a great Farmer’s Market last week with Dan Baker/kid’s activities and with this week’s robotics from the Titans (speakers from the August 8 meeting) and it should be fun for all including they are bringing little robots!
Shirley Moore  asked Dave for a $$ as she was happy to find the car door opener.
Karen Reese happy for a great girl’s golf weekend
Mike Pecosh happy to have become an intern at the courthouse for DVSSP. Realized how much goes on and how important the services are…he enjoyed being an intern again!
Lisa Hannum thanks Rotary for the great support received for the programs offered for DVSSP clients
Dave Hart says life in like 3 stages in the life of a tree 1) plant it; 2) sit under it; 3) cut it down and hoping when you plant that tree that you live long enough …. WOW Thank you Dave!
Joe Marsh  says “man with watch knows time; man with 2 watches not so sure” ( he and Dave were at the same table to perhaps you can figure it out)
Susan Price S happy and unashamed to ask for support for the DVSSP dinner on October 16.
Mary Jo Podgurski happy to announce Teen Outreach program being held after home football games, open to all teens and it is called the 5thQuarter. It is a good place for teens to gather after games and it is a safe place. 


Rich Podgurski  update with the program
  1. Design for electrical update is underway and bids will be sought
  2.  steps project will eventually be completed – a change in management at the park
  3. city will pave the lower road and include additional parking
  4. signage to name the “Rotary Community Pavilion” and a  major donor plaques to be funded by the Club.
Thanks Rich and hopefully all to be completed this Fall.

NEXT MEETING – District Governor's Official Meeting

District Governor James Hahn  will make his Cub visit. Special consideration given to us as we are not part of a “cluster of clubs”. Jim is the first DG of our new District 7305. It is important for our standing as an “outstanding club” to have a great attendance and enthusiasm. Remember he is aware we were Club of the Year….he was at the District Conference at 7-Springs in May. Try to bring a guest or contact a fellow Rotarian to be with us on September 3. If you bring a guest OR have a wandering Rotarian coming notify Susan Price in order to up the count with the food service. It wouldn’t be good to run out of food on September 3.
District Governor Jim  will meet with the Rotary Board at 11:15 am. At the regular meeting our meal will be served as usual and business will be limited to give the DG time to cover his agenda.
It is recommended by Rotary protocol: 
  1. All stand when the DG is introduced
  2. All members wear their name badge
  3. Governor will be introduced by AG Brad
  4. The DG will receive a “token of appreciation” upon his visit
REMEMBER:  Club member attendance is important and will reflect on our Club in a positive manner.
Washington Rotary
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