Mike Pecosh


Dave Moore is a winner
Bill Mesler ...nope


Aliesha Walz guest of Tripp Kiline
Robert East guest of Angeline East
Patrick Cumption guest of Bob Wicker


Carol Keller, always a welcome face in the crowd!


  1. TRIVIA NIGHT on March 8 being chaired by Kathy Sabol and her basket/gift/sponsorship committee are looking for items to add to baskets, that will stand alone or gift cards to be added to other items. PLEASE remember this is a major FUNraiser and you can contact the committee (or volunteer to be a part of said committee) of Brandi, Nan or Susan(Price).
  2. INTERNATIONAL PROJECT in Kenya, raising funds to help place beds in the Maternity Hospital. Dorothy  and  Angeline have made contact with a local Rotary Club in Bondo and a Rotarian from the far off land of Monroeville to speak with us concerning this project. Dorothy began distributing tickets to sell for our Valentine’s Day Lottery. Each Rotarian is to receive 10 tickets to be sold at $5.00 each. These will have 2 numbers winner to be based on the evening lottery number on February 14, 15 and 16. Easy sell... just contact people who sell you tickets for anything and they will reciprocate. Tickets were donated by QUALITY QUICK PRINTING and, of course Bill Mesler…Thank you Bill for all you do for Rotary!
  3. Brandy (Butler) Miller is the new Executive Director of the Literacy Council and with a client base of 200, is in need of dictionaries. The Club will donate our extra dictionaries to the Brandi for her efforts and we wish her Great Success in her new endeavor. 
  4. Mary Jo Podgurski's Teen Outreach Program presents WASHINGTON’S GOT TALENT on Sunday, January 27 at Canon-McMillan High School. Youth Tickets are $5.00 with adults at $20. You may “Pay-It-Forward” by purchasing $5.00 youth tickets. See Susan Price for tickets, sponsorship opportunities OR to VOLUNTEER FOR THAT DAY! Remember that part of our value to our communities is through volunteerism.
  5. Safe Travels to our members going on the trip to CUBA sponsored by the Washington County Bar Association. Do you think they will bring back souvenirs? 


  • Bill Mesler: is just happy to be here even though the President harassed him to get the Happy $$$ started!
  • Phil Rush: happy to be starting back to the gym again and he reports he is feeling MUCH better…for that we are ALL happy.
  • Lars Lange: thanks and happy for all of the clothing donations to the Wounded Warrior Patrol and to a young man who jumped into action with the Ski Patrol last weekend to begin CPR on a heart attack victim that was eventually saved and taken down off of the mountain. LARS commented you can say what you will about “kids” but this one was right on when it came to the CPR and helping save a life….schools must be doing some things right!
  • Susan Priest: happy about her last cholesterol test results that were greatly improved. Congratulations!
  • Lisa Hannum: thanks to LARS for motivating her to clean a closet and donate coats and jackets; looking for anyone willing to donate some time to help with the Strategic Planning for the Domestic Violence Services. Didn’t take LISA long to find out there are lots of reasons to ASK at Rotary and maybe someone is willing to help and there again that word VOLUNTEER.
  • Jim Uram: great family trip to Orland where TOM was elected President of the National Coin Committee. By The Way Jimbring extra $$$$ to the next meeting because nothing was said BUT your cellphone rang during the meeting!
  • Joe Manning: thanks to the Prices for the invitation and visit to Burgettstown for an “everyone needs to get to know JOE”. 
  • Carol Keller: always happy to visit the WASHINGTON ROTARY CLUB.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: thank you to BILL (Mesler) and QUALITY QUICK PRINTING for the donation of the tickets for the Valentine’s Day FUNraisier.
  • Tripp Kline gives thanks, in advance, to those visiting Cuba for rum and cigars that they will be sharing upon their return.
  • Susan Price: always happy to share the information about Washington’s Got Talent and urging volunteers and ALL Rotarians to purchase tickets, come that Sunday and experience the fun and enthusiasm of all of those teenagers and young people in general. The Cupcake Wars defy description…you NEED to at least stop in and take a look!

PROGRAM:  the Samuel T. Brownlee House

Tripp Kline, as a Trustee of the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF), with the technical assistance of Aleshia Walz, described the restoration of the Foundation’s new home, the Samuel T. Brownlee House located near Eighty Four. The WCCF was born largely through the efforts of the late Charles Keller and John Northrop along with a number of Rotarians who have served as trustees since the formation.
The WCCF manages $34 million in funds for various charities and non-profits.
Over the years it has moved from non-descript office space to space provided by the Chapman Corporation, but it always had to rent space for events. Now the Foundation will be able to combine its offices and events in its new home.
The Georgian-Greek Revival style house was constructed by Samuel Brownlee, a descendent of Scottish immigrants, in 1848. Mr. Brownlee, a sheep farmer and wool producer, built the house as a wedding present to his wife, Catherine. Generations later, the house became headquarters of the Atlas Railroad Construction Co. and the company’s owners, William and Dr. Saundra Stout, donated the property to the WCCF in 2013. The restoration was largely completed in 2018. Tripp Kline managed the process and estimates of the project costs to be about $1,000,000.
Presently WCCF uses the second floor for offices and the third floor for educational purposes.
The first floor,, which is open to the public, has been totally restored to reflect various themes related to the history of the Brownlee family that came to Washington County in 1790. The results are rooms that reflect the Federal Period of 1780-1810 the American Empire Period of 1800-1840, the Rococo Revival Period of 1850-1870 and 19thCentury Rural Life.
Great effort was expended in the restoration and its success is owed to the donation of time and materials by various Washington County businesses and families under the supervision of Trustee Alex Paris.
A large portion of the decorations, artwork and furniture were donated by generous citizens and civic groups of our county.
Further information is available by visiting the house on
Sandra Mansmann of the Washington County History and Landmarks Foundation refers to the House as “a jewel in the preservation crown of Washington County.”
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