Mike Pecosh


Tyler Cox from Murrysville Rotary (maybe soon from Washington Rotary?)
Jeff Mallory – Duquesne University - Assistant Vice President Diversity, Inclusion and Student Advancement (guest of Jim Uram)


  • Dave Hart – forms are available for anyone that would like to be billed directly by the Rotary Foundation. See Dave!
  • President’s Night Dinner – will be held next Tuesday, June 11, at the Community Pavilion in Washington Park. 
    •  There will no regular meeting that day.  
    • Susan Price addressed a glitch in the email RSVP system.  She is double checking the list manually.  
    • Right now there are +70 registered.  
    • Volunteers will be needed around 2:30PM on the day of the dinner. 
    • And thanks to Kathy Sabol for providing the programs (even though she’ll be in Florida on the day of the Banquet).
  • High School Scholarships – the lunch went well and the students, families and guests. Thanks to:
    • John Hopper for making the presentation at Washington.
    • Kathy Sabol for making the presentation at Trinity
  • Bill Price has Wild Things tickets available for the night of June 18.
  • Mark Swift, a local resident, recently contacted Bill by email to ask if our club wishes to send a representative to a meeting at which stakeholders interested in the future of Washington Park are invited to join a citizens coalition.  The meeting will be held at the Center on Strawberry Way on June 6th at 7:00PM.

Happy Dollars

  • Diane Ambrose – announced the Citizens Library Summer Sampler, to be held Friday, June 14that 5:30-8:30PM.  Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door.
  • John Hopper, Tyler Cox and Lars Lange were happy to be at the meeting.
  • Susan Price is happy that the programs for President’s Night turned out so well.
  • Joe Piszczor reminded us that the Whiskey Rebellion Festival is only one month away and Rotarians are welcome to volunteer (as we’ve always done in the past).
  • Jim Uram is happy that he got to see The Who for the 8thtime last week in Pittsburgh.

Presentation: Pro Basketball to Assistant Dean 

Jim Uram introduced the 7’ tall Jeff Mallory who used to be a professional basketball player and is now in the administration at Duquesne University as stated above.  He appreciated the opportunity to talk to us about his upbringing and career path.
Jeff was born and raised in the small, western Virginia town of Bedford.  Bedford has about 6,600 residents and is home to the national D-Day Memorial, because it had the largest per capita number of participants in D-Day.  It is your classic blue collar town that used to be home to a tire factory and has a strong work ethic.  As a child he noticed that there wasn’t much aspiration for higher education and that was very evident in the high school athletes that didn’t move on to higher education.  Jeff stated his parents aspired to more for him.  It ended up that his three brothers are a mix of pro athletes and engineers.
A big moment in Jeff’s upbringing occurred in the 10thgrade when his was cut from his JV basketball team.  He had become a bit lazy and weighed 230 lbs.  This event was a real shock to Jeff and resulted in his transfer to a private school in Martinsville, VA.  That was a life changing event.  
Thereafter, Jeff received a full scholarship from St. Vincent University in Latrobe. He remembers the fear he first felt when we saw 5 monks coming toward him on campus.  But they turned out to be very nice, as was the entire experience at St. Vincent and Jeff eventually became Catholic.  
Having completed his Bachelor and Masters degrees, Jeff is presently working on his PhD!
After graduation, Jeff moved to Cordoba, Spain to play in that professional league.  
At first it was tough to master the language, but he eventually became, and still is, fluent.  He said the approach to the game is more methodical in Europe and it’s really about the team.  Big egos are not tolerated very well.  There is a greater appreciation for people.  
Having now moved on to Duquesne, Jeff says that the focus of his job is Recruitment, Retention and Engagement.  He is proud that Duquesne has a retention rate of 87% whereas the national average is 80%.  Duquesne has about 10,000 students and Jeff has about 230 employees under his watch.
He also feels that his humanitarian side was instilled in him by his mother, an educator of special needs kids.  She used to buy extra meals at restaurants and give them to the kids that she tutored. She also often washed their clothes for them.  
At present, Jeff is a proud board member of Tickets for Kids,, a charity that distributes free tickets to underprivileged children for arts, cultural, educational and sporting events. They just passed the 3 million mark.
Jeff wrapped up by stating that he feels happy to be so tall, very happy to be working at Duquesne and also very happy to living in Greensburg.  
He answered questions from Joe P and Mike P by stating that it is key to get kids involved and reiterating that the difference between sports in Europe and the USA is the focus on teamwork.


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