October 8,2019

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Susan Price to give the invocation.
Brad Montgomery reported the attendance: 36 members and 1 visiting Rotarian: Carol Keller from the California Club, also Tom Uram had two guests, our speaker, Mary Murray, and Sandy Ruschel-Bertosh.


  • President Andy announced that this year’s Joint Service Club Luncheon will be held on November 12 at 11:30 at the Elks Club. There will be no meeting at W&J that day.
  • Angeline East announced that the dictionary project has begun with deliveries to Trinity East and Joe Walker Schools. A sign-up sheet is being passed at today’s meeting for the remaining schools.
  • Susan Priest asked for a volunteer to help her purchase items which will be needed to complete the list when members bring in their items. She thanked those who had brought in items, and reminded members that the item purchased needed to fit into a shoebox along with other items, so think SMALL.

Happy Dollars

  • Tom Drewitz was happy for such a beautiful fall day.
  • Kathy Sabol was happy (?)to add another volunteer activity as a new board member of the Trolley Museum, and began her tenure by offering volunteer opportunities for people to help with the Pumpkin and Santa trolleys. She has volunteer forms.
  • Bill Price says he was happy that he asked Lars Lange to join their table.
  • Lars was happy that he has also been asked to join another board: History and Landmarks, and promoted an interesting day on Sunday. There will be a workshop in Richeyville on woodworking by the man who did restoration woodwork on several historic buildings in the county. There will also be a tour of the Old National Pike Hotel on 40 in Beallsville. If Sunday is sunny, these sound like great places for a Sunday drive.
  • Susan Price was happy for laughter, and for reconnecting with Mary Murray, our speaker, whose husband Tom Murray used to teach with her in Burgettstown, and who still has red hair. Our president said she should be happy that she HAS hair.
  • Tom Uram was happy to introduce Rotary to his visitor, and as official “Kennel Help” at home, he encouraged Diane Ambrose, a colleague of his wife, to share HER happy dollar.
  • Diane Ambrose was happy to announce that her 3-year old Sheltie, Reese (after the Reeses Cup) is now a Grand Champion. She also was happy to promote the library’s free program on Genealogical Searching being held on Saturday from 10 to 11:30. 
  • Lisa Hannum was happy for Betsy West who acted as realtor extraordinaire in helping Domestic Violence of SWPA secure a new building for their main office. The 7-month search was a success in the end.
  • Brandi Miller was happy that it was only 6 days til she and her husband leave for their Aruba honeymoon, and that the Trivia Contest on Saturday had a few extra free seats thanks to sponsors who took tables. See her.
  • Bill Mesler is happy that he and Sandy will soon be leaving for a trip to Las Vegas with NO kids, NO dogs, and NO grandchildren. He hopes to return less poor than  in the past.
  • Betsy West gave $7 for the 7 months it took to find Domestic Violence the perfect new building, and $1 for the behind the scenes work on stuff like sewers undertaken by Bill West.
  • Susan Priest was happy:
    • 1. That there was still a open seat on the top seeded team for the Literacy Literacy Contest,
    • 2. That after a long closet search she has FOUND her Rotary Pin, and
    • 3. That she helped clear her fellow Susan, Susan Price from the false charge by Bill Price that Susan had lost the garage-door opener. He had dropped it in a bag of Hot Wheel cars which he and Susan had purchased for her (Susan Priest) for the Trinity Church Operation Christmas Child. (reimbursed by S Priest)
  • Mary Murray has happy to be here and reconnect with the Prices.
  • Mike Pecosh has that Mason Rudolph was recovered from Sunday, and that he and his wife have closed on a new home in Southpointe after many years on Huffman Avenue in the city. Business is still here, so we can continue to delight in his company.
  • Joe Marsh is happy to say he is not a Browns fan, a status he was contemplating after Sunday, but after Monday, he says he has nowhere to go.

Program: Presbyterian Senior Care...New Dementia Unit

Tom Uram introduced Mary Murray, Senior Director for Presbyterian Senior Care of Washington, who he met when he was asked to serve on the Fundraising Committee to raise money for the new Dementia Unit. They were tasked with raising funds and raised 4 million dollars, a success which has landed him on the main Foundation Board. 
Mary was happy to be back in Washington where she started years ago. She joined the team this year and is involved in lauching Woodside Place of Washington.
She began by background on Presbyterian Senior Care, the “village on the hill” which provides various support services for over 500 people, with over 300 staff. Services include Bellemead, 120 senior self care affordable apartments; 4 condominum units which are privately owned, but maintained by PSC; Southminster Place, assisted living private apartments; and Southmont Skilled Nursing Facility which offers long-term care and short-term rehabilitation with intensive therapy to enable persons to return to the community.
The motto is “Making Aging Easy.”
In 2011 Presbyterian Care of Oakmont founded Woodside Place of Oakmont, an award winning facility with specific design and amenities for sufferers from dementia. 
The model was used for Woodside Place of Washington with the same goals of centering on the patient and emphasizing a connection with nature; combining old traditions with new technology to tap into older memories and support physical and cognitive needs.
There will be 4 “neighborhoods” on two levels for in-patient residents, and they plan to offer day services to make “respite care” available for care-givers. The residential units are planned to be opening in December, and the day services sometime in 2020.
The common areas will use circadian lighting, which mimics natural daylight, from bright morning light to amber late afternoon light. The common areas are set up in a continuous loop pattern to allow for safe walking/exploring. There are enclosed open courtyards which will also have looping walkways for those who may want to wander, while still being in a safe secure environment.
The whole facility will be secure.
The aim is personalized care by familiar faces.
The building meets WELL building standards for Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Nourishment, Fitness, Comfort.
The aim of connecting to nature is enhanced by the use of large windows, with courtyard and countryside views, and encouragement to access the outdoors. Artwork has been chosen to highlight natural landscapes of Washington County.
The planned 36 residents will live in one of four “neighborhoods”: Countryside, Springhouse, Fairgrounds, and Bridges. Each neighborhood will be differentiated, and each room will have a digital memory frame with individualized images for the resident. These frames will be activated to display familiar images by a specialized wristband worn by the resident. This is part of “wayfinding” for the resident to prevent a feeling of being lost.
There will be a Recreational Therapy program to keep people stimulated and engaged. Meals will be aiming at a “Mindful Choices Diet”, which uses foods known for their connection to good cognitive health: berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, but comfort foods will also be emphasized. Everyone needs mac and cheese now and then.
The Never2Late program will also be used, which uses interactive screens to tap into memories. The many offerings are music, old TV shows, games, favorite singers such as Frank Sinatra or Perry Como. Residents can also use Google Earth to revisit old homes and places they have been. 
Music and Memory is a program which creates personalized playlists which are loaded on a personal ipod for a resident.
A Discovery Room which provides physical stimulation which is effective in calming agitated persons using motions like rocking, bubble tubes to watch, a warm blanket hug. Movement, touching, calming using internationally recognized techniques.
To help staff understand what life is like for an elderly person, they will take part in a program called DementiaLIVE. They will wear glasses simulating vision problems, gloves which make manipulation of small items difficult, ear phones which simulate the distortion which occurs as hearing problems develop. 
A question was asked about cost, she explained that that was being finalized.
Carol Keller volunteered how helpful Presbyterian Care was for her in her recovery and return to her home. Susan Price, Shirley Moore, and Dorothy Tecklenburg also chimed in in praise of the care that they had received.
President Andy thanked Ms. Murray, and presented her with a gift.


Winner: Tom Drewitz 
Non-Winner: Lisa Moore, who led us in the 4-way test.
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