JANUARY 16, 2018


Susan Priest


Susan Price (no fix)
Bill Mesler….sorry Bill


Lars Lange to be inducted next Tuesday
WELCOME Erv and Paula Leppert “visiting” from NC because Erv missed the snow!


Chair Dave Hart recognized Karen Reese for another level of Foundation giving.
We congratulate Karen and Dave mentioned that Karen’s Dad, Roy, would be VERY PROUD of his daughter.


Progress Reports:  Dave reminded us that:
  • Nat Roe could use a phone call or a note to help his days be filled with a little more and encourage him to gain his strength during this long winter days.
  • Joe Gisoni had been hospitalized with pneumonia and has come home….send Joe a note or a card to help move him along in recovery…he is missed.
  • Phil Morrow is due home from Rehab today and while there they worked on his stability and now that he will be home the Physical Therapist will work on his ability to use his arm…broken arms and injured shoulders are always difficult to recover from especially when you have done this before??
  • Teen Outreach: only fundraiser is scheduled for January 28, Washington’s Got Talent from 1:30 to 4:00pm at Chartiers Houston High School. Doors open at 12:00 with the spaghetti lunch all donated by Angelo’s Restaurant. Tickets for the show are $20 and Rotarian volunteers are needed. Youth tickets are $5.00 and if you are not attending and would like to donate many Rotarians “pay it forward” by purchasing a ticket which is then given to some youth who want to attend but are not able to purchase the ticket. These tickets and information will be on the table again next week so please consider purchasing and allow someone to attend…think of it as a “scholarship.”
  • Trivia Night: Kathy Sabol gave the first update on the March 9 event. Teams are planned; workers needed; runners; bartenders; etc. More details later. PLEASE put the date on your calendar and decide before that night what you are prepared to do. This is a great event and great fun even if you are NOT on a team! Click above for the form and information!
  • Salvation Army: Jim Uram gave an update on the bell ringing. Our group collected $510.89 in one cold day and we came in 3rd place. Believe me anyone who was out there knows it WAS cold. Jim would like us to take on more days and someone suggest July might be a good time!
  • China Little Flower: Diane Ambrose is preparing tickets for the China Little Flower fundraiser/raffle coming up in February. This is a great International project and great effort so be prepared to work on selling those tickets…support the Effort and support Diane’s efforts.
  • Bill Price announced the Club has officially received the notice that $200,000 from LSA has officially been approved for our Pavilion Project. Also the ad has been running in the O-R seeking individual donations during the new tax year.

HAPPY $$$$: 

  • Christy Bean Rowing gave $2.00 to promote the Heritage Summit on January 27 with the help of the Frick Foundation. There is information on the tables and describing the event and encouraging all to think about attending. Empty Soup Bowl event (5 soups from 5 different restaurants) and all in attendance will receive a “crafted” bowl to use while tasting the soups. This is to benefit the Food Bank and will be held on February 11 at the Masonic Lodge.
  • Tom Northrop a ‘happy I survived’ dollar which made for an interesting day: Steelers lost (and it was cold), a fight broke out next to him and someone was ejected (happily), his car was hit on the way home.
  • Joe Piszczor promoted “12 Night”, an 18th Century Christmas at 2:00 this Saturday at the Cabin in the Fort at Washington Park.
  • Justin Dandoy happy to participate in “MLK Day of Service” here at W&J
  • Betsy West happy for Christy’s report; Trivia Teams are getting set and practicing at a bar somewhere “researching” for Trivia Night. Oh yes, Betsy is also selling tickets for the Empty Soup Bowl. Is there possibly some competition going on here?
  • Paula Leppert happy to be back to visit and let everyone know they are moved and glad to see Washington Rotary Friends.
  • Jim Uram an unhappy dollar to complain about the pot holes in the Washington area (complaining to the wrong group)
  • Susan Priest always happy but this time it is for DENTAL insurance….crowns in your mouth, not on your head, very pricey!


Get to know your fellow Rotarians. Justin Dandoy was the NEW Rotarian and Karen Reese the "seasoned" Rotarian. Justin shared his educational background, his love for the outdoors and passion for community service projects. Justin’s wife works at CMU while Justin is at W&J. Justin also has a passion for home brewing and the Pirates…there is a lot going on with Justin and it is great to have him as a new member!
Karen Reese is well known for her passion of family and all that it involves…with all of that family, 8 total including 2 sets of twins, it is very involved! After graduating from Cal U Karen started teaching in California, the state of, and moved back home after 4 years. She then became involved working for PONY Baseball and when it expanded to include Softball Karen moved on with it. Karen was married by none other than Rotarian Judge Gladden and after 20 years has seen 2 families come together and there are adult children, grandchildren and now 2 great grandchildren…really? In addition to all of this, Karen has been in Rotary for 23 years making all of us proud of her service and finds great joy when afforded the opportunity for the Gillespie “kids” to get together. Certainly Roy is watching over and very proud of his daughter…we are! Thanks Karen…
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