JANUARY 9, 2018



Susan Price 


Karen Reese, always a winner
Andy Goudy, sorry Andy next time


Lars Lange guest of Kathy Sabol (MIA) but covered by Dorothy Tecklenburg
Max Miller and Jim Greenwood guests of Tripp Kline and the Program Speakers


Meeting was conducted by President-Elect Bill Price and was well attended. Bill announced a “welcome back” and updated the Club on the following members: 
  • Joe Gisoni is in the hospital with pneumonia;
  • Phil Morrow fell and has a broken arm and is in rehab (third time he has broken his arm);
  • Nat Roe having good and bad days, would love to hear from members and an email would be great or a phone call or a card;
  • Andy Uram recovering from some of the illness he experienced over the Christmas Week.
Please remember these important club members…they are missed and a card would certainly cheer them up.

Foundation Moment: 

Chair Dave Hart recognized Joe Marsh on another level of Foundation Giving;
AND Dave announced that the Water Project brought in over $3000 that means 90 filters for clean water. Thanks to Aaron Wrubleski for leading this project.

HAPPY $$$$$:

  • John Quayle happy to be back and suggests members visit Phipps Conservatory and enjoy the music played by John’s daughter AND wished his wife a Happy Birthday!
  • Susan Priest: always happy but today it is for living where she has central heat…especially the deep freeze last week.
  • Karen Reese: was happy even before winning the 50/50; happy to announce the arrival of her husband’s second great grandchild and all of the family is happy! Congratulations to all….
  • Bill Allison: recognized John Quayle and Jim Uram for the great Christmas party and Mike Pecosh for an outstanding invocation…Bill thinks the great poets need not fear for their status in history however.
  • Brad Montgomery: gave $5.00 to recognize the passing of Joe Mangarella of the Northern Cambria Rotary Club and happy to have known him. We will always appreciate the financial support from Joe and his Club with the China Little Flower Project.
  • Nan Sninsky: offered tours of the YMCA on Maiden Street to see the TRIPIL progress and/or a tour of the present facility on E. Beau. This is a great opportunity…sign up for the tour or tours.
  • Tom Drewitz: happy for another grandchild, a baby girl Tom calls Izzy and we guess that’s her name. Congrats to the entire family and especially to daughter Jessica.
  • Susan Price: happy to announce the first scholarship application has been received…well in advance of the deadline!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy to have Lars with us but really happy for 30 degrees!
  • Tripp Kline: happy for the holiday party and announced that “all of the great poets are safe.”


Lars Lange was proposed for membership by Kathy Sabol. Lars is a local attorney with an office at 239 S. College Street and Lars reside on Lone Pine Rd. in Marianna. Lars is the son of Rotarian Uli Lange who resides in Paonia, Colorado and who visits us whenever in town. Lars will be inducted once the Board reviews and approves his application for membership.

PROGRAM:Washington Area Business Incubator

Today’s program was a discussion of the Washington Area Business Incubator which will become a catalyst for economic development. This small business incubator is being developed by a public/private partnership between W&J College, The O-R Publishing Company and the City and County of Washington. This incubator will help small businesses to grow and become successful through the support using the resources available through the incubator.
Our guests today play a vital part in the start-up proposal. Max Miller is the director of the W&J Entrepreneurial Studies Program and Jim Greenwood from Sanibel Island and works as a consultant in developing incubator projects. Along with Tripp Kline this program is being promoted in the city and the county.
A market analysis was done in 2013 however it is not relevant to today and a new analysis is underway to reflect the need for such a program.
Funding from various sources is available to launch the program. The actual building to house the program will be in the Observer-Reporter Print Building within the City and will be located to foster and encourage growth of existing small businesses and help to create new businesses in our region.
Right now, they want toget as much feedback from the community as possible and want everyone to take the short survey. Just Click here to take the survey!



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