January 28, 2020

Andy Uram Themed meeting. 

Today is Andy’s 99th birthday! 

Getting Started

The meeting began with an invocation by Betsey West which included a special prayer celebrating Rotarians sharing our years together with Andy Uram.
     Brad Montgomery reported that there were 33 members in attendance and five guests.
Dr. Stefan Getzik, a new chiropractor in town, who will no longer be a guest after today’s meeting, who again brought Mike Burt, with Proudfit Insurance.
Chris Orvate stood in for Lisa Hannum from Domestic Violence.
And Brandi Miller brought two guests: Carrey Richardson from CASA and Joe Milharcic from Community Options, Inc.

Club Assembly

Today is a Club Assembly and President Andy began by acknowledging Andy Uram.
  • He then called on Bill Messler for an announcement. Bill informed us that there were handouts on each table to be used with prospective members. He asked anyone with a Rotarian Magazine which he or she had finished perusing from cover to cover to bring it in. It can be used in prospective member packets. He has spoken with Bill Allison, who spearheaded the club’s most successful membership program. Bill Allison said that it needed to run over a long period, and Bill Messler said he would be happy to pass it on to Brandi Miller.
  • President Andy then called on Bill Price, who began with praise for Andy Uram, a steadfast member of the club, especially in the area of international service. He passed on a message from the last District Governor of District 7330, Cherie Sears, who had wanted to be here but was unable to attend: “Andy is the cutest PDG I have ever seen.” Bill then presented a lovely picture frame containing a picture of Andy and his three sons, taken last Sunday after Mass. He said that this lovely picture illustrated the “Family of Rotary.”
  • President Andy then gave Andy Uram several birthday cards from members and noted in passing that Mr. Uram seemed to have missed the memo that 99 year olds can’t do stairs.
  • Susan Price passed on a message from PRID Stephanie Urchick, returning from RI meetings in Evanston. She was sorry to miss the meeting, but she was actually somewhere between Evanston and Pittsburgh right now. She wanted to wish Andy a happy/healthy birthday.For this special day, the Uram sons provided a cake from Krency’s, which graced their table. Tom Uram announced that when he went to pick it up, and mentioned that it was a 99th birthday, Krency’s said it was on the house. Tom also mentioned that his birthday was yesterday, January 27th. During the rest of the meeting the cake was cut and volunteers brought everyone a slice.

Foundation Moment

President Andy then called on Dave Hart to come to the podium. Dave called Mary Jo Podgurski forward to receive a Paul Harris pin, recognizing a new level of giving had been reached. 


Then Tom Drewitz called Stefan Getzik forward and formally inducted him into membership. Stefan had chosen to wear a Cleveland Browns sweatshirt, which earned him a few digs. Tom then addressed the club. When he joined the club had about 100 members, now we have about 60. He shared the trick to recruiting: ASK.
Stefan, a local boy now back in Washington, was a Rotarian in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and told us that finding another club in his new home was a top priority. His practice is in a temporary location, and his landlord is our own Bill Messler. He already has 165 patients for his chiropractic practice and looks forward to further expansion. 


  • Brandi Miller spoke up in place of Kathy Sabol to promote the Trivia Contest on March 6. Get those registrations in folks. Also, don’t forget donations and raffle baskets. Watch for reminder emails from Brandi.
  • John Tecklenburg spoke in place of Dorothy to remind us of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day raffle to benefit the Beds for Bondo project. Held on March 15, 16, and 17, the prizes are:1 case of corned beef hash, or $150; 100 pounds of boiled cabbage, or $100; and a sack of Irish potatoes or $50. Each member will receive 10 tickets (price $5.00) to sell. They will be distributed next week, and we will have over a month to sell them.

Happy Dollars

  • President Andy was happy for a great meeting and for Andy Uram’s special day.
  • Park Burroughs was happy to report that Bob Hillberry is doing well, and that Park admires his most positive outlook.
  • Jim Uram was happy for the two family birthdays this week: Tom and Andy.
  • Bill Allison was also happy to have visited Bob Hillberry and found him in great spirits, he also asked that when Dave Hart spoke of those members with long years in the club, that Dave refer only to himself (Dave) as a geezer. 
  • Brandi Miller was happy to be introducing her two guests, Carrey and Joe, to Rotary, and vice versa. She was also happy that the Observer-Reporter had a great article on Monday’s front page on the Literacy Council ESL student, Tunisian Leila Zoubeidi.
  • Mary Jo Podgurski was happy for a new grand-daughter coming soon: in fact she was due on January 26. Someone must have told her how cold it is right now.
  • Tom Drewitz was happy for the full room. He asserted that we are NOT an old club. In fact we have a better age mix than most of the clubs in the district.
  • Stefan Getzik, who recently acted as a stay-at-home Dad was extremely happy for Mothers, they have a really hard job, he discovered.
  • Joe Marsh wanted to know the age threshold for geezers, and Mary Jo Podgurski shared that at a recent forum she asked young people when someone became an “older adult”. The depressing answer: 45.
  • Susan Price was happy to welcome our visitors and our newest member.
  • Bill Price was happy to share that in the second half of our club’s Rotary year we have two big events: the Trivia Contest and the Academic Awards. The club(actually him and Susan) will be mailing out the Awards’ applications to the school districts this week. He also informed us that the board has voted to name the scholarship to a student from Fort Cherry School District in honor of Tom Gladden, a native of McDonald which is in that district. He is looking for volunteers to read the essays which are part of the applications.
  • Dave Hart piggy-backed on this happy dollar to share that he recently got feedback from a scholarship recipient who said that every bit helps with the cost of college, a sentiment with which President Andy heartily endorsed, remembering his own college days. And Brandi Miller added that the Literacy Council is offering two $2,500 scholarships for female students. 
  • Susan Price, who had left the room for cell service, came back in at this point with the announcement that the ballroom was now booked for May 19 for this year’s Academic Awards Luncheon
  • Ken Baker was happy to promote this week’s Jazz Bruch with Pittsburgh guitarist Mark Strickland, and happy to have known Andy Uram for about 50 years.
  • Susan Priest was happy becoming a Rotarian meant that she had gotten to know the whole Uram family, including Julie, who is missed. She said she would donate a happy dollar next week if anyone could find the real goof-up in the latest newsletter covering last week, expecting people would have to go home and examine it, and was immediately met with at least three people who already knew it: Tom Drewitz and Bill and Susan Price, so that dollar got spent right away. She also was happy about the 100 objects feature from the historical society in the Observer-Reporter every Monday, although she wondered what it said about her that the only object she has been able to figure out so far is a still.
  • In a final announcement President Andy updated us on a couple of board actions taken last week and not covered earlier in the meeting. The board voted to donate $150 in memory of Tom Gladden to the Washington County Community Foundation, and to donate $250 to Washington’s Got Talent.


Winner: Lars Lange
Non-Winner: Jim Uram
Jim led us in the 4-Way Test
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