August 13, 2019


Betsy West                              


Tom Northrop was happy
Rich Podgurski led the 4-Way Test, 2ndweek in a row


Today’s meeting/gathering for lunch started slowly with construction around campus seems to be expanding rather than winding down. Those first to arrive found all of the accessible doors locked, no help to enter the building and no prior notification from those in authority that any problems existed. What will next week bring when the W&J students arrive? STAY TUNED
President Andy called the meeting to order and Brad Montgomery announce there were 31 members in attendance with Kelly Young representing the Domestic Violence Services.


  1. PONY Baseball started successfully with the joint picnic on August 9 and volunteering at the souvenir stand was covered by a variety of Rotarians…seems as though everyone showed and thanks to Club Runner volunteers were reminded via email. Tom Northrop gave his all  in service when hit by a “screaming” foul ball that struck in him while in the souvenir stand. Hearing his story today brought “painful” chuckles. Thankfully Tom seems to have recovered and when asked his response was “no I did not keep the ball”. Great organization by Bob Wicker and as there are remaining games check the schedule for your date and time. Thank you all for your service and should a game be cancelled you will be called…all volunteer phone numbers are on the schedule at the field.
  2. At the July board meeting the Board approved being a Bronze Sponsor at $500 for the Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA dinner on October 16. Sponsorship includes a  ¼ page ad in the program, notation on a sponsorship board, and two complimentary tickets. The Board will award these tickets to members closer to the time of the dinner. Let Susan Price (DVSSP Board Member) or Lisa Hannum (Exec. Director of DVSSP) know if you have questions or interest in attending this major fundraiser.
  3. Vocational Service Director John Hopper has started the process to determine Avenue of Service recipients—Nominating forms are on-line along with paper forms that are available. October 29 is scheduled as the luncheon program. Thanks to Brandi for all of her assistance with this project.

HAPPY $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Mary Jo Podgurski: happy to be here have a “good Tuesday” and supporting the Teen Center with its new activities: Book Club, Shakespeare Club and Dungeons and Dragons. They are also holding a “Fifth Quarter: after each home football game for Trinity ad Wash High.
  • Tom Drewitz: happy for the Washinton County Team winning two in a row…been a long time since they have gone this far.
  • BrandiMiller: supporting the United Way/Literacy Council fund raiser at Atrias on August 21 from 5-7. Dress for the 80s and there will be baskets to win and a prize for the best 80s costume. Brandi also helped to promote DVSSP Walk presale of $5.00 ticket for a gas grill and a “romantic night” in Pittsburgh. More details to come…Thank you
  • Betsy West:  supporting the Farmer’s Market great success with the canine officer program and “junior officers.” This week’s fresh seafood will be sold for the first time and musical instruments are again being collected for children with Dan Baker leading the group to collect and then provide music lessons for the kids who are interested. This week the kids who have been a part of this program this year will be performing. 
  • Bill Mesler: happy his son and family will be back in town visiting September 13 and we wish all of Bill’s family a great time.
  • Shirley Moore: asked Dave for $1.00 to announce a great anniversary last week and they celebrated at the Summit Inn. A special Anniversary….65 years and apologies for the error in last week’s bulletin!
  • Jim Uram: happy for the chance to meet the foreign visitors at PONY Baseball and to help them discover we are GOOD people!
  • Ken Baker: supporting Jazz Brunch August 18 with Sunny Sunseri Group complete schedule of best in local jazz on fliers Ken distributes at each meeting. Announced 16 kids in the program for music lessons and they got their instruments. (Great job DAN and KEN too)


Rotarian Joe Marsh visited pre-Brexit England in the summer of 2019. Joe gave a very interesting story of the issues involving Brexit as we Americans know it. While listening we learned our knowledge of the issues facing our most loyal ally is not quite complete. Joe visited the London Club (1911) in London City. London City is comparable to our Wall Street as the financial center of Britain. While sitting at the meeting table with financial advisors from around the world one could notice and be more aware of the pros and cons of whether to stay or leave.
Using flip charts (a staple for prominent Rotarians) Joe brought the issue of world trade and finance back in history to King Henry VIII through British and world participation in WWI and WWII. The formation of the European Union and the emergence of Germany to a strong leadership position in European economics and world trade. This is of course post World War II. The strength of the dollar and Euro and the other forms of currency in smaller European countries have contributed to the exit of Prime Minister May and the election of Boris Johnson in a close election all about leaving the European Union.
To leave or to remain will have financial issues as well as political not only around the world but potential re-birth of extreme issues in Ireland between North and South. Northern Ireland being part of the United  Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the South. The issue of Protestant and Catholic could result in the problems of the past with the IRA vs the UK.
It is my opinion we were all surprised that this trade and sovereignty issue can be traced back to Henry VIII.
NEXT WEEK:  Brook Ward. URBEX, photography of abandoned urban buildings including Chernobyl
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