JUNE 11, 2019




Bill West


DGE for New District 7305  Jim Hahn;
DGN for District 7305 Al DeLucia (McMurray Club);
DG 7330 Cherie Sears
PDGs 7330 Steve Arnowitz, Pam Moore, Andy Uran and Tom Uram
Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughn;
Rose Gillespie;
Marge and Tom Green (Lew Green Award);
James Sulkowski, Pavilion Artist;
Ken Kulak Project Architect;
Marc Scott, Olivia Scott Foundation and supporter of the project with the Washington Community Theater.

The Event

An evening meeting was held at the Community Pavilion to celebrate the change of Club leadership for 2019-2020 along with reviews of the awards received this year.
The evening also helped to celebrate the work done to help accomplish the restoration of the pavilion.
The Program was emceed by Rotarian Joe Manning. Joe brought great news with him as a member of Washington City Council. Joe announced that City Council on June 6 gave official recognition that the pavilion will now be the Washington Rotary Community Pavilion. This was a job well done Rotarians once again proving that with the strength of Rotary great things are accomplished. 

Following dinner the program included:

  1. Presentation of the Lewis Green Club Service Award. Presentation included Marge Green, wife of the late Lew Green and his son, Dr. Tom Green. President Bill announced this year’s recipient was GIST WYLIE. After serving 15 years in the Club, Gist left in 2003 due to his work schedule returning and being re-inducted on April 8, 2008. Interesting note Gist wrote on his new membership form for his classification: RETIRED VOLUNTEER. Gist has served the Club as archivist, board member, President and now as Club Steward. THANK YOU GIST!!!
  2. District Governor Cherie Sears spoke about the accomplishments of the Club leading to the Club of the Year 2019 and the pavilion project. Cherie also commented on the welcoming feeling she has always been extended by the Washington Club…greatly appreciated.
  3. DGN (7305) Al DeLucia spoke about the improving positive relationship being developed with the McMurray Club and a great example is the Grant developed to benefit the Lemoyne Community Center.
  4. Passing of the gavel and new president’s pin to Andy Goudy. Andy made remarks as to being anxious to begin “his year” and moving forward with a great group of members. Andy also introduced his family in attendance. It was great to have his family members present and we hope they will join us in our community efforts in the future.
  5. Bill recognized his board for their leadership as well as support and presented them with tokens of appreciation.
  6. Angeline East was recognized upon her return from Kenya and presented the club with the banner of the Rotary Club of Bondo District 9212. There will be much more to come on this … stay tuned.



Russell Hampton
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