Rotary Meeting November 5, 2019

Getting Started

President Andy called the meeting to order and asked Susan Priest to give the invocation.
AG Brad Montgomery gave the attendance: 33 members and 1 guest: Sarah Collier, Main Street Manager.


  • President Andy reminded that next week’s meeting will be at the Elks, not the college. The annual Joint Service Club Luncheon will be begin at 11:30 in the upstairs ballroom at the Elks Club on East Maiden Street.
  • Jim Uram announced that he had sign-up sheets for bell ringing for the Salvation Army. It will be on Saturday, December 14. We have been asked to cover two sites on that day. The first is at the Giant Eagle. If we can fill all the slots there, we are asked to cover at Sam’s Club. He passed around sign-up sheets.
  • Diane Ambrose announced that the club Christmas Party will be on the evening of December 10 at Lone Pine Country Club. There will be no regular meeting that day. Look for the invitation soon.
  • Susan Price said that she and Bill had braved the wilds of Avella to visit the Tecklenburgs. Dorothy is still very weak and would love to receive cards. At present she is suffering the after-effects of anesthesia, and cannot read or use the computer. They also visited Tom Gladden, who is very weak. Cards are also welcome for him.
  • Angeline East announced that the roadside cleanup will be on Saturday, November 16. As usual, breakfast at Denny’s at 8:00, cleanup starts at 9:00. A sign-up sheet was passed around. If you were not at the meeting, or missed the sheet, please let her know if you plan to help, since there will not be another meeting before then.
  • President Andy informed the club that at the last meeting of the board, Jay Helmer from W&J was accepted as an associate member on the W&J membership. Either he or Erin Jones will be attending meetings. President Andy presented him with a pin and club information. Jay is holding the position previously held by Justin Dandoy, and said he has been working himself into things over the last two months. He reminded us that his grandfather had been a W&J student before his involvement in World War II, so that he (Jay) feels already part of the W&J family.
  • Dave Hart was then called to the podium to present Park Burroughs with a Paul Harris plus pin for his continued support of the Rotary Foundation.

Happy Dollars

  • John Rogers was happy to receive such a personal birthday card from the club, to be seeing our lovely (although older looking) faces WITHOUT GLASSES, having had successful cataract surgery on one eye. The other eye will be done soon. He also acknowledged that HE looked older, too, according to his mirror.
  • Lisa Hannum was happy to announce that Mike Pecosh has successfully completed the necessary steps to be certified to act as a counselor in the ‘Batterers’ Intervention Program’, which we heard about in the recent presentation from Domestic Violence Services.
  • Susan Priest was happy that she now had a couch again, as it had been buried under all the donations of items for Operation Christmas Child. Her purse was at another table, and before she could redeem a dollar, Susan Price paid it for her.
  • Susan Price was happy for all the members who have active in behind the scenes efforts for the club. “You know who you are.”
  • Brandi Miller said she was “always happy” (careful, Brandi, that is MY turf). In particular she was happy for the celebration of veterans at the Steeler’s game this weekend, which included her husband. Also for the Women Only Potluck Dinner of the Washington County International Women’s Club on Saturday November 16 from 5 to 7 pm. Location is 610 Georgetown Court, Washington. Women are asked to bring a dish from their home country to this free event. A great way to meet others from a variety of backgrounds who enrich our community.
  • Joe Piszczor was happy to see his friend Sarah Collier at the meeting.
  • Bill Mesler was happy to learn that Bob Wicker was running as a write-in for the position of City of Washington Treasurer. (and this writer was annoyed to learn it too late, as she had already voted.)
  • Mike Pecosh was $20 happy to learn he would receive the Rotary Club’s award at the Joint Service Club Luncheon. At first he wondered if this was a prank by Bill Allison, then decided Bill couldn’t have pulled it off. His questions: did we alert CNN, is there an honorarium? Could he be renamed ‘The Intergalactic Baron of Awesomeness’?
  • Bill Allison was happy to announce that he was sure that this mistake (the award) will be rescinded.
  • Jay Helmer paid a dollar as a confession dollar for his cell phone, which rang at his seat while he was at the podium receiving his pin.
  • Tom Northrop gave $7.10 to honor the 7lb. 10 oz. weight of his first grandchild. The boy came 23 days early and spent a bit of time in the Neonatal ICU. He is now home sleep-depriving his new parents, since he sleeps all day, and is awake all night. (some owl DNA there somewhere?)
  • Jim Uram was happy that he and Tom were able to attend the Breeder’s Cup this weekend.
  • Diane Ambrose was happy to tell Mike Pecosh that his award included the requirement that he deliver another holiday poem at the Christmas Party.
  • Andy Uram was happy that he was chosen to lead the veteran’s parade in Charleroi.
  • Angeline East was happy for the most beautiful birthday card she received from the club.
  • Bob Wicker was happy to welcome Jay Helmer to official status in the club.

Program part one: Sarah Collier

Sarah Collier from the Washington Business District began her remarks with thanks to the club for all we contribute to the community. She spoke briefly about the upcoming Christmas Parade. She was pleased that the downtown community is so invigorated since her last stint in the job a couple of years ago. 
Thanks to the work of Cindy Fox, there will be a festival of trees in Washington. 10 locations in downtown will have trees decorated by 10 different non-profits. People will be able to vote for their favorites with cash. Money from the votes will go to the non-profits. This will start on November 23 and run through December. Look for more information on the trees and non-profits soon. (and thanks to a question by Brandi Miller, this may be expanded to 11 trees, including the Literacy Council.)
The Christmas parade will take place on Friday, December 6. There are 53 floats registered so far, including W&J, a new entrant. She had a sign-up sheet for Rotarians to help in the line-up for the parade, as we have done in the past. Volunteers are to gather at IC Church at 5:15. Each will get a lovely light-up necklace. Members who could not be at the meeting and who would like to participate should contact her at 724-288-7156.
She also asked that if anyone was clearing out Christmas decorations no longer used or needed to consider giving them to the Business District. They want to brighten up some of the underused buildings in downtown to make them and the downtown more festive.
At this point Joe Piszczor asked her to elaborate on other improvements/projects in the Business District, but Susan Priest rudely cut things short, since we still had the main business of the meeting to get to: packing Operation Christmas Child boxes. She apologized and promised Sarah she would have the opportunity of a FULL meeting in the new year.
Members then were given a starter kit of items for the Christmas boxes, and a table with extras was opened up. Judged by the noise generated, members seemed to be having a good time raiding that table for extras and assembling a boy or a girl box. When the boxes were finished the remains of the extra table were given to Dave Hart for his church which was still assembling boxes. The six boxes from Rotary will go to Susan’s church to be delivered to the assembly point with those already packed by her church.


Winner: Bill West (two in a row!)
Non-Winner: Andy Goudy
President Andy led us in the 4-way test.
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