April 9, 2019
President-elect Andy Goudy kicked off meeting.


Dave Hart

Attendance Report:

Brad Montgomery reported - 29 member and 3 guests


Ulli Lange
Brian Gorman 
Alice Burroughs with Park and Mary Jo 


Dorothy Tecklenburg – announced the winners of March Madness competition
                        3rdJoe Marsh
                        2ndDave Moore
                        1stMike Pecosh (by over 40 points)
                        Last – Liz Rogers husband, Nick
Dorothy also reported on the Bondo Beds – in order to address import issues they have invoked the aid of Brother’s Brothers who are familiar with the situation there and know who to work with to make it happen.  Good news!                
Annual Highway Cleanup:  Andy G announced that the annual cleanup is this Saturday, commencing with an 8AM breakfast at Dennys and 9AM cleanup at Jessup Park n Ride
Dave Hart is still collecting peanut butter and/or $ for Susan Price’s project

Happy Dollars:

Andy G - $2 for second meeting as President
Ken Baker - $6 – Tom Roberts this Thursday at the Library, excellent article in OR by Harry Funk
  May 17 at President’s Pub – Funky Fly
  His son, Dan played at 10thWV Jazz Society in Bridgeport WV
Diane Ambrose – thanks to the OR regarding the Roberts article and please note that it’s National Library Week.
Tom Northrop – daughter will have daughter as a ‘geriatric’ at the ripe old age of 36 (35 and older)
Brain Gorman – happy to be back and looks forward to rejoining, as long as Rotary will have him (same process as joining Fiji fraternity way back when) – Applause!
Bill Messner - $2 soon back to working ½ days
            Baker Waterproofing is finally done at this house
Susan Priest – love this weather and not needing a coat
Brandi – Harley is in 2ndplace for Mutt Madness
            Shane is coming home from deployment!
Ulli Lange - $7 for the number of meetings he has attended as guest
            Headed to Germany tomorrow
            Maybe 1 more visit as guest before heading back to Colorado
Mary Jo – Happy to be here and thanks to hubby, Rich, for driving her to conference in Newark
Rich Podgurski – multiple $ - now that house has been de-skunked
Tom Drewitz – Rich’s neighbor, happy that it wasn’t his house
Tripp Kline - $10 announcing tomorrow’s release of special Whiskey Rebellion Rye, which will be available on line for $79.94

Program: The Nonnie Series

Susan Priest introduced Mary Jo Podgurski as speaker
            Pleased to introduce for 2 reasons
  • Mary Jo has a gift for communicating with kids
  • Taking note of Alice Burroughs as collaborative artist (they’ve been doing it for 20 years)
Mary Jo started the Nonnie series in 2014 which is about the time she earned the title, Nonnie.
She works on the premise that all people have a lot of good in them, which generates her guideline of respect for others, listening, honoring diversity and avoiding judgment amongst other things
The Nonnie series is meant to take on tough subjects from the eyes of children, and Alice provides the illustrations
Mary Jo started the discussion by having club members read a series of cards that depicted questions that are asked by kids in grades 1 – 9.  The various answers were striking in their diversity.
The series addresses such topics as sex, death, coping with loss, birth, puberty, race and disabilities. Google “the nonnie series” to learn more and order on amazon or see the Facebook page
You can also visit www.healthyteens.comto learn more.
Shirley Moore won the raffle for one of the books from the series.


909 – Park Burroughs  – Winner
872 – Bill Messner
Washington Rotary
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W & J College, The Commons
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