December 10, 2019
This week was our annual Christmas Banquet, held again at the Lone Pine Clubhouse. Festivities began with a call to order followed by Mike Pecosh and his much anticipated invocation. This year he SANG the following:
(tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer)
You know Mesler, and Miller, and Minder, and Morrow,
Kathy, and Richard, and Warren, and Roger;
but do you recall, how in this prayer, I name you all?
(tune of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen) 
God rest ye all Rotarians, let nothing you dismay,
as soon as I’m done speaking, you’ll head to the buffet
to eat the food that Diane said that Lone Pine should display--
and David Moore wants to know if you paid—did you pay?
Oh, where’s Timmy Warco anyway?
In South Franklin--where Tripp Kline lives—we’ve gathered here to feast,
With Tecklenburgs and Wickers,
with Wylie, Reese, and East.
God bless our speakers brought to us each week by Susan Priest,
And all past members living and deceased.
God bless Joe Manning and Joe Marsh,
Tom Northrop and Tom Drewitz,
And Jay Helmer, our newest guy
…and nothing rhymes with “Drewitz”!
And David Hart will call you up to give Foundation praise.
Oh, where’s Christy Rowing on Tuesdays?
If I poke fun at you in this please do not take offense,
For, afterwards Bill Allison will joke at my expense.
God bless our leader Andy: he’s got no pretense.
Oh, God bless Hopper and JonesHopper and Jones,
And Lisa Moore who gives out banking loans.
God bless Ken Baker and Lars Lange and Ulli here tonight,
or as they say in German, “Gesundheit” and “gute nacht.”
And Shirley will remind you to speak up or use the mic!
Oh God Bless Hannum and HoughHannum and Hough
and where’s Gisoni does anyone know?
Because it’s …
(tune of the Bells) 
Time to ring bells,
(Phil) Rush to bells,
Salvation bells,
Giant Eagle bells,
Jim Uram’s bells,
Ring those darn bells,
Sign up for bells...
 (tune of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)
Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Wests houses are selling
 And Ellen is telling you,
“Whiskey, not beer!”
And John Quayle, calling strikes, without fear.
God bless Professor Podgurski,
the lawyer, Lozosky,
and John Rodgers—he’s in law, too.
The Prices and Piszczor,
Liz Rogers—and she’s sore:
The paper’s a zoo!
And Park Burroughs—I could not forget you.
Uram’s party--they’re hosting,
Montgomery’s boasting of Hickson’s fine office supplies.
God bless Gladden and Gorman,
Hillberry and Hollick—they’re all such nice guys!
And see now, that I’m done, how time flies.
(tune of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen) 
This is the overdue last part of this long prayer of mine,
But oops! I almost forgot to include Ms. Gretchen Stein!
And John Northrop’s the last to bless—
He’s served the longest time!
So God bless you,
And send you a Happy New Year,
And God send you all a Happy New Year!
You had to be there to get the full effect, but it was magnificent.

Happy Happy

Then Jim Uram came to the podium and announced that anyone who was happy could share without having to ante up a dollar first.
  • Susan Price was the first to speak up, to share news of absent friends.
    • The Podgurskis were out of town.
    • Tom Drewitz is not with us since at present he is bent over like Quasimodo, and cannot turn his head to the left, necessitating him discovering how to get around town without making any left turns.
    • Tom Gladden is in need of our prayers as well, as is Rachel. Keep them in mind this season.
  • Diane Ambrose was happy that Susan Price had provided us all with delicious Anderson’s chocolate bars, one at each place.
  • John Hopper was happy that he was able to make left turns.
  • Susan Priest was happy for the lovely picture of the chorale singing at last week’s meeting which graced the O-R this week on page one, above the fold.
President Andy then took the podium to thank the committee (Diane Ambrose, Angeline East, and Jim Uram), and to welcome visitors Steve and Coleen Arnowitz. He also celebrated the return of Dorothy Tecklenburg, and congratulated Mike Pecosh on outdoing himself.
Then we ate. A delicious feast had been prepared with THREE entrees and a variety of side dishes, as well as a full dessert table.
After we all finished President Andy thanked the whole Lone Pine crew for an excellent meal and exemplary service. Then he announced the winner of the 50/50. There was no non-winner on this occasion.


Winner: Dorothy Tecklenburg (Welcome back!)
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