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The Rotary Club of Washington has approved an international project to support the China Little Flower Orphanage in Northern China in the Beijing Region.
The Club became aware of the needs through the efforts of Rotarian John Tecklenburg. Prior to moving to the Washington Area, John and his family spent five years in China as a part of John’s work for the Alcoa Corporation in China.
Seeing the need for humanitarian efforts with the people of China, John became aware of the orphanage and volunteered. Upon his return home the effort and support for the orphanage continued with trips back to China to work with the staff and children located there. China Little Flower registered in Nebraska in 1998 as a non-profit organization to provide much needed care for abandoned and orphaned children in China. Its work today is in the Beijing Region where the need for services is great.
Little Flower provides round the clock specialized care to abandoned children with medical needs in China. Through our two main projects, Infant Home and Group Educational Foster Care, we provide direct care, education and support to those who have been rejected and discarded. We seek to give them a future.
Since 2009, Little Flower has received a total of 1,032 children from over 70
orphanages. Little Flower is a registered nonprofit in the US with 501 (c) (3) status, and in China through our partnership with Chunmiao Aid Foundation. 2015 celebrated our 20th year of working with abandoned children in China.
At the end of December 2015, we had 81 children still receiving care in our projects – 50 in the Infant Home and 31 in our Group Educational Foster Care Homes.
We provide 24-hour intensive care to children with complex medical needs.
Our projects are running 365 days a year.
All administrative and financial management is done by volunteers or paid for by specific donations.
100% of all other donations go directly toward childcare.
Our work includes trauma-informed practices. We recognize that childhood trauma adversely affects children and so we focus on providing a safe environment for 
For information about how you can participate in this exciting international project, please contact: