January 24, 2017

Super Bowl Pool

There are still 50 blocks unsold!

If more than 30 blocks remain unsold by Wednesday, 2-1-17, all money will be returned and the pool will be discontinued.
Get in touch with Tom Drewitz if you want to get blocks.


Tom Steele


Dave Moore

Sorry Ken  Baker….next time


Rachel Gladden guest of husband Tom Gladden

HAPPY  $$$$:

  • Susan Priest happy to be see Nat Roe’s picture in the O-R to celebrate his Birthday and everyone was there to help him to celebrate….Happy Birthday!
  • MaryJo Podgurski very happy to be back and thankful for the support given by the Club for the upcoming Washington’s Got Talent and thank you to Susan Price for being their PR Agent while they were away; really HAPPY their grandchild is due April 24 (congratulations to all).
  • Tripp Kline happily reminded  people of the upcoming Whiskey Rebellion Music Festival beginning at the President’s Pub on Thursday (1-25) from 7:30 to 9:30. This year there will be NO cover charge and there will be whiskey specials available oh yes AND good food for sale….
  • Bill Allison happy to have Tom Gladden with him to form a Trivia Team….come on Rotarians…contact Bill to be a part of the team; thank you also to those who weighed in today and NO Bill cannot be bought so let’s be honest!
  • John Tecklenburg says Dorothy is away in Costa Rica and to date has not surrendered her passport….
  • Jim Uram gave $96 happy dollars in honor of his Dad’s (ANDY) 96th Birthday on Saturday; also announced that the Farmers Insurance office  at 598 E Maiden Street is accepting clothing donations for veterans (great cause).
  • Bill Mesler gave $6 Happy Dollars with $5 being for 5 of Sandy’s students being finalists in the Washington’s Got Talent event this weekend and an extra happy dollar that last week is over!
  • Joe Manning saw Jonas Salk’s son on KDKA and he recognized and thanked Rotary for the financial help and man power in the fight against Polio. Note: 35 new cases in the past year worldwide.
  • Aaron Wrubleski happy to report he was able to golf on Saturday and didn’t have to fly to Florida to do it!
  • Ken Baker happy to support the Jazz Society Brunch on February 12 and the Washington Symphony on March 12. In addition he was happy to announce the Washington Symphony Orchestra has been asked to perform a concert at Carnegie Hall in Oakland…that is in June and is quite an honor.
  • Nat Roe just HAPPY to be here as well as for his 94th Birthday and is feeling much better and will try to be at Rotary every week and he hopes for many more Birthday Celebrations!


John Hopper was inducted into Rotary by Bill Allison and was sponsoed by Tom Drewitz. John said he feels as though he has come home and through Rotary can continue to give back to his community.

Dave Hart recognized Nat Roe on his continued giving to the Foundation and over 15 Paul Harris Fellows to family and friends. Congratulations NAT and thank you for your generosity and dedication to Rotary.

President Joe announced that the Club will host Rotary International Vice President JENNIFER JONES on February 14. Plan to attend as we were selected to host her and this is a huge honor.


Slate of officers and directors was presented to members for the 2017-2018 year. On motion by Tom Drewitz and a second by Andy Uram the following were elected:

President:  Rich Podgurski        

President-Elect:  Bill Price

Vice-President:  Betsy West        

Treasurer:   David Moore  

Asst. Treasurer:  Todd Day

Secretary:  Susan Price            

Community Service:  Bob Wicker

Club Service:  Mike Pecosh        

Vocational Service:  Brandi Butler

International Service:  Diane Ambrose  

New Generations:  Erin Jones


  • Diane Ambrose and John Tecklenburg will begin our annual February fundraiser for China Little Flower. There will be $5.00 tickets based on the PM Pennsylvania Lottery. We hope you will be able to sell 10 tickets and they will be given to you in an envelope. First prize is $150 for dinner; second prize is $50 for flowers; third prize $25 gas card. All of these are a bargain for a $5.00 ticket! Remember our Club members visit to China to see the great work done at China Little Flower??
  • Mike Pecosh  and the Biggest Loser who is NOT a loser,  Liz Rogers started again and today was the beginning weigh-in. Bill Allison  and his “infamous scale” will keep everyone on track! Participants are encouraged to have sponsors and help raise some $$$.
  • “Rotarians at Work” T-shirts are coming and will be “perfect” attire for Trivia Night! Stay tuned….

Rotary Fireside Chat

Liberty Pole Spirits
Maiden Street
February 8
5:30 PM
Come learn a bit more about Rotary and the Rotary experience in and beyond the club.
Good friends, good food and  good drink!

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