December 19, 2017

Washington Rotary Christmas Party

Jim Uram, John Quayle and Susan Price joined forces to provide the club with a fun, delicious and social evening which was a perfect way to get us all into the Christmas spirit.
The invocation, written and given by Mike Pecosh was warm, written in verse and witty. See below!
Evertone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to catch-up with old friends and make new ones. We were especially happy to have several members of the Canonsburg-Houston-South Pointe Club join us as well as District Governor Steve Arnowitz and Colleen.


We have late news! It appears that the LSA has committed $200.000.00 for the Pavillion Program for 2018! This is great news for the project and for the community. 


Mike Pecosh
It’s Christmas time in the cold December,
So we seek a blessing on our Club and its members.
God bless Gist and Brad who guard our door,
God bless Dave and Shirley Moore.
God bless Erin and Karen, and Nat and Nan,
And President Rich—he’s the man!
God bless our two Susans—Priest and Price,
God bless our five Johns—they’re also nice.
God bless Brandi Butler—this year, our best,
God bless Bill and Betsy West.
God bless Dorothy and her tender hip,
God bless Rachel, and God bless Tripp.
God bless all our Joes, our Toms, and our Bobs,
Our only Warren, and our only Todd.
God bless the Northrops and their publishing biz,
And because it’s Christmas, eh, God bless Liz.
God bless all the animals in cold fields and furrows,
And may the universe smile on my friend Park Burroughs.
Yes, bless us from Rotary, today and tomorrow,
Did I already say, “God bless Phil Morrow?”
Well, God bless our Phils, our Bills, and Christy Bean Rowing,
And Stephanie Kulla (this list just keeps going…)
Bless the snow in flakes and flecks,
God bless Mary Jo (she writes about sex!).
God bless Diane, and Roger, and of course Ken Baker,
God bless Lisa and Ellen (our good whiskey maker).
God Bless Michelle and our friend Kathy Sabol,
And God bless Denise who serves us at table.
God bless Aaron Wrubleski who from Manning won’t part,
God bless Thomas and David who “Gladden” our “Harts.”
I’m now nearly done, so don’t get too rowdy,
But I cannot forget to Bless Andy Goudy.
God bless Timmy Warco, and God bless Tom Drewitz,
God bless Justin Dandoy, our member the newest.
In closing, we ask God, for peace this New Year,
Thanks for our food and our holiday cheer,
Send down Your blessings, as sweet as any serum,
And may God bless each and every Uram.
Washington Rotary
We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
W & J College, The Commons
60 S. Lincoln St.
Washington, PA  15301
United States
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