March 21, 2017


Ken Baker  


Diane Ambrose
Joe Marzullo…$orry Joe


Dave Kemp approved for membership awaiting induction
Bob King guest of Bob Wicker
Sarah Perry McMurray Rotarian,  Speaker and guest of Tripp Kline

HAPPY $$$$:

  • MaryJo Podgurski: looking for gently worn prom gowns and usable tuxedos for her “kids”.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy to have Sabrina home for 3 days and having the opportunity to move their son from D.C. to Chicago…now their 2 adult children will be in the same city for 2  months, maybe 3!
  • Kathy Sabol: excited (and happy) for the great article on her sister and her jewelry business and being featured at the runway show in Pittsburgh (sorry sold-out); brought some cla$$ to the back table by actually having happy dollars! Thanks Kathy….
  • Ellen Hough: just happy about Rotary and its people who have been so good about helping to bring their business along…Congratulations again to Ellen (and Jim and their sons) who are working hard at this endeavor.
  • Phil Rush: happy for the great follow-up with his nephrologist who told him 45% function is great when you only have one kidney and perfect is 50%. We always knew PHIL was great!
  • Erv Leppert: he thinks he is happy that he and Paula are back from their travels…except he isn’t anticipating the few days of cold and potential snow that may be in our future!
  • Susan Priest: is always happy but especially that $pring  is officially here.
  • Rachel Lozosky: happy to be able to be out on her horse on the first day of Spring!
  • Tripp Kline: reports the Whiskey Festival is a mere 100 days away…lots to do and accomplish!
  • Bob Wicker: happy for ERV and WVU Basketball….How Sweet It Is!!
  • Joe Piszczor: it’s about those PENN STATE wrestlers…champions all.


  1. Biggest Loser Weigh in next meeting and the champs will be crowned…don’t forget your pledge sheets
  2. Phil Rush taking orders for new Rotary shirts sporting the new logo. Order sheets will be available during the next few weeks. Don’t forget to place your order and don’t forget to pick up your “Rotarians at Work” t-shirts…they are “on the house” (sort of).
  3. Roadside Cleanup will be April 22 at the Jessop exit; breakfast at 8:00 at Denny’s and 9:00 at the Park ‘n Ride at Jessop.
  4. Meeting on April 11 is off-site at the Doubletree…come…the food will be good and if you don’t come those of us who are there will have to eat our weight in food!
  5. Proposed Wild Things exhibition game for May will be dropped as a fund raising effort.
  6. President’s Recognition will be a picnic at the Washington Park Pavilion on June 6. We will recognize our current President Joe for his service and kick off our public relations campaign on the Pavilion restoration project. Oh yes…we will also induct our next President Rich who is undertaking a huge task in his 2017-2018 year.
  7. Profits on Trivia Night are now at $16,000 + and the Board of Directors will determine the use of the funds. Thanks again to all the hard workers who made this all possible.

PROGRAM: Sarah Perry

Tripp Kline introduced Rotarian Sarah Perry as today’s speaker. Sarah is with Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. She serves as Manager of Community Engagement with offices on Maiden Street and their headquarters in South Pointe. Columbia Gas serves 26 counties and has over 40,000 customers in Washington County. The company is presently in a 20 year pipeline replacement programs. All old pipes will be replaced with new plastic pipes. Columbia Gas is also very involved with many non-profit programs and will be a supporter of the Farmer’s Market this summer.
It was interesting to learn Sarah was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, a graduate of yes, WVU. Her international focus was Scotland where she visited over 20 Rotary Clubs and enjoyed and compared the culture of Scotland and her homeland. Sarah was located in Northern Scotland in the Aberdeen Area on the North Sea and she totally enjoyed her experiences. Sarah is presently a member of the McMurray Club and it is our hope she will come back to visit again!


Park Burroughs

Are emojis – those cute little symbols now being attached to text messages – destroying our written language?
That’s a question writer Steve Almond tries to answer in a column in the latest issue of The Rotarian.
Almond is the author of the 2014 bestseller, “Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto.” In that book, Almost explored not just how physically damaging the sports has become to its participants, but how morally and emotionally destructive it is to the people who watch it.
Almond’s criticism of emojis is not quite so searing. He finds them merely disturbing.
“It’s easier,and safer, to tap a button and generate a friendly glyph than it is to confess more precisely how we’re feeling,” he writes.
The use of pictographs like emojis is hardly new". Written languages began with pictures, not letters and words. It may seem bizarre that some young people texting each other communicate mainly with emojis rather than words, but there’s little threat that the written word will someday disappear. There’s a good reason why the the Egyptian’s cuneiform writing fell out of use, after all. Letters formed into words were a vastly better way to communicate information.
Let’s trust that young textures will come to that realization.


Thanks to Bill and Susan Price for the club notes and the photo!

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